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Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode to unite Time Lords past and present

BBC to air more than 20 hours of programmes, with Matt Smith and David Tennant to appear in feature-length special

The BBC has unveiled plans for more than 20 hours of programmes across TV and radio, culminating in a special feature-length edition to mark the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

The anniversary episode, called The Day of the Doctor, will unite the show's outgoing star Matt Smith with his predecessor David Tennant, alongside companions Jenna Coleman and the returning Billie Piper. John Hurt will star as the "dark Doctor" in the 75-minute episode, which will air on BBC1 on 23 November.

Rarely has the BBC devoted so many hours to celebrating a single show. Professor Brian Cox will explore the science of Doctor Who in a BBC2 special filmed in front of an audience of celebrity guests at the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Cox will investigation the science of time travel, whether
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Chris Chapman on Doctor Who, The Ice Warriors, missing episodes, Matt Smith & more...

Interview Cameron K McEwan 27 Aug 2013 - 06:46

Cameron chats to Doctor Who documentary maker Chris Chapman about animating The Ice Warriors, missing episodes, and much more...

I caught up with Doctor Who DVD documentary maker and BAFTA nominated director Chris Chapman to chat about his animated reconstruction of The Ice Warriors, which is now available on DVD (details here) and his career so far in the world of Who documentaries.

How did you get involved in the animation of the missing episodes of The Ice Warriors?

I've been a Doctor Who fan since I was a kid. And first I became a producer of documentaries and so I thought, 'Well, why aren't I making Doctor Who documentaries?' I got in touch with Dan Hall at the classic Doctor Who range and said, 'Please let me do Doctor Who documentaries,' and he said yes. And then I made Doctor Who documentaries,
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Jn-t: The Life and Scandalous Times of John Nathan-Turner by Richard Marson – review

A frank new book about Doctor Who is full of shocking claims

Doctor Who is the most documented programme in the history of television. It has generated hundreds of scholarly books and articles. Over 34 years Doctor Who Magazine has examined every episode, spin-off novel, audio drama and comic strip in microscopic detail. Remnants of rejected scripts from the bottom drawers of dead screenwriters have been reconstructed and recorded. The memories of production team members have been sifted by convention delegates and the makers of DVD extras. Every dispute, tantrum, writ and nervous breakdown; every all-nighter at the keyboard or in the Colony Room has been logged, archived, discussed. We – and when I say "we", I probably don't mean "you" – know that Ridley Scott was originally on the rota to design the Daleks, that Tom Baker looks weird in "The Ribos Operation" because a dog bit his face down the pub,
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Doctor Who 'lost episode' to be animated for DVD release

A 'lost' Doctor Who episode will be animated for release on DVD.

The Tenth Planet, starring first Doctor William Hartnell, will be reconstructed using Thetamation processes, doctorwho.tv revealed.

The episode has been missing from the BBC Archives from the mid-1970s. Other 'lost episodes' The Reign of Terror 4 and 5 have previously been constructed using the same technology.

Fans can look forward to seeing the introduction of the Cybermen in the episode, as well as Hartnell's departure.

Dan Hall, commissioning editor of the Doctor Who DVD range, told the Gallifrey One convention: "It's a real thrill to be bringing such an iconic Doctor Who episode back to life. Without the events established in The Tenth Planet episode 4, there would be no Doctor Who as we know it!"

The Tenth Planet is currently scheduled for release in late 2013.
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