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  • John Marston is being blackmailed by government lawmen to hunt down his former partners-in-crime. Driven further into the American Southwest, Marston soon finds that Williams has crossed into Mexico, a country in the throes of a civil war. At every turn, Marston must choose whether to side with outlaws or innocents in the crossfire.

  • John Marston, former outlaw, is forced by the federal government to hunt down the members of his old gang.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • The game begins with John Marston stepping off of a ferry in Blackwater. He is guided to the train station by two federal agents. He boards the train to Armadillo and meets up with his escort to Fort Mercer. He explains on the way there that he needs to capture or kill Bill Williamson, a former member of the gang he was in. He also explains that if he did not comply, his wife and son would be punished and he would be killed. John arrives at the Fort and is greeted by Bill with hostility. John tries to reason with him but is then shot in the waist and left for dead.

    Hours later, Bonnie MacFarlane finds John and takes him back to her ranch. John then wakes up at The MacFarlane Ranch, he is greeted by Bonnie. She tells him that the doctor spent fifteen dollars fixing him up (this being alot of money in 1911). He chooses to repay her by helping around on the ranch. Eventually. you come in contact with Marshall Leigh Johnson in Armadillo. He assures you that Bill will be brought to justice, as long as John agrees to help him around Armadillo. Soon after working with the Marshal, John rescues Nigel West Dickens from death. After he recovers, West Dickens says he will help you assault Fort Mercer if he can help him seel his "ailments". You also work for Irish, who gets you a gatling gun for the assault, and Seth, who will proide the distraction. Soon after you complete all of these tasks, you can go to Fort Mercer to start the mission.

    John, Marshall Johnson and West Dickens storm the fort, only to discover that Bill left for Mexico the night before. This means John must travel to Mexico, to find Javier Escuaslla, another former gang member who may know the whereabouts of Bill.

    You cross the border with Irish on a raft, but you are greeted with gunfire and must fight back. Once you get into Mexico, you can work for the following people: Landon Ricketts, you get a new gun and a deadeye skill from him (I suggest you visit him first), and DeSanta, a part of the Mexican army. DeSanta has you work with him many times with the promise of finding Bill and Javier. But to your surprise, you are betrayed by DeSanta and must work for the rebels, which is led by Abraham Reyes. He promises that Javier and Bill will be found. Javier is found first, and he tells you that Bill is hiding with Colonol Allende, the leader of the armed forces. John and Abraham storm Allendes villa, and chase after them. Abraham will kill Allende to gain power, and John will kill Bill(ha ha). Allende betrays Bill and pushes him out of the carriage they were in. Allende holds Bill at sword point, John kills Bill, and Abraham kills Allende. With Bill out of the picture, John returns to West Elizabeth to find the former leader of his gang, Dutch Van der Linde.

    Edgar Ross, the man who had you set out on your quest tells you that your family is safe in an undisclosed location. apparently, Dutch has been a public menace to society lately, and the federal agents are taking every chance to stop him. After many attempts to stop Dutch, he is finally cornered at Cochinay, a mountainous village where the local indian tribe is occupied. John chases Dutch through a cave that leads up to a dead end cliff. Dutch tells John that their kind is gone, and that Dutch is tired of running, and gives up by throwing himself off the cliff. With Dutch dead, John can go home.

    John is greeted with smiles from his wife Abigail, and his son, Jack. After the West Elizabeth missions, the rest are very easy, mostly herding cattle, hunting with your son, breaking horses, regular ranch type things. One day Uncle is inspecting the fields when he sees men with guns on horses approaching the house. John tells Jack and Abigail. A battle ensues with the U.S. army and federal marshalls. Halfway through, uncle is shot and killed. John tells Jack and Abigail to get on a horse and ride away. There is only one horse left, so John cannot go with them. Jack and Abigail flee from the back door of the barn. John turns around to the front of the barn. He opens the door a crack and sees U.S. army and marshals surroundin the outside of the barn. Remembering what Dutch says, John stops running. He opens up the barn door and confronts the men. It is possible to take out a few soldiers. The men open fire on John, firing repeatedly until John falls, to the ground. He wheezes and coughs, but then falls backwards, dead. Edgar Ross holsters his pistol, showing that it was Ross's plan to extirminate the gang once and for all, by using John and then turning on him.

    Jack riding away, hears the gunshots and rides back to the ranch. Abigail and Jack discover Johns body, and begin to cry. Shortly after, John is shown buried on a hill nearby the ranch.

    3 years later...

    Jack is seen standing at his fathers grave once more. This time, he had to bury his mother. Jack turns around and gets on his horse.

    (I just want to make this note because I STRONGLY suggest that you do this stranger mission. It can be found in Blackwater under the name of "Remember my Family?". It is the revenge mission for Jack)

    Jack goes to a marshall and asks where Edgar Ross could be. He tells him he retired to Lake Don Julio 2 years ago with his wife. Jack travels down ther and meets Ross's wife and brother. They tell him he is hunting ducks on the other side of the river. Jack confronts him and they duel. Jack kills Ross, and then looks at the gun he used to kill him with. This is a shallow victory however. John so desperately wanted a better life for Jack, not the one that John grew up with. By killing Ross, Jack was only beginning his forthcoming life as an outlaw.

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