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Decent summary of the well-known story
Warning: Spoilers
"Schneewittchen" or "Snow White" is a German television movie from 2009, so this one will have its 10th anniversary 2 years from now. Director Freundner and writer Knaup have not worked on other of these many many fairytale films for the small screen in Germany from recent years, but they are still fairly experienced filmmakers, at least when it comes to television. And the experience does pay off as the film is eventually a success. I found the romance story honestly pretty forgettable, but the focus on the evil queen and the dwarfs was fairly decent. The cast includes known names like Berlin, Schüttauf, Michaelowski, Brambach, Schwarz and Kirchberger, who is not that bad this time and the character surely helps her as she can go very much over the top without it looking bad or unrealistic. That's the advantage of fairy tales and fantasy films. Anyway, I must still say that even if they wanted to convince us so badly that it is the case that Snow White is such a good person with a pure heart, it is also pretty naive how many times she falls for the queens disguised in costume. But that's just a minor criticism and I know it's also this way in the book, so can't blame the writer. Brambach I am usually more of a fan than here. He is one of my favorite German actors, but here his portrayal of the hunter, actually a really big character that even got his own films recently in Hollywood left me somewhat cold. All in all, this is a good film I think and I like that these are still being made because if they get new generations curious about old tales, then that cannot be a good thing. And what is even better, the quality of this film is also fairly convincing. I recommend checking it out.
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