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Swimming, snorkeling, ... - Do not risk!
cjonesas16 July 2021
Gripping, horrifying with amazing VFX.

The fact that people still go swimming, paddling and snorkeling is beyond words. Add to that, throwing food wastes overboard where others may be happily jumping up and down in the water, being one person or a dozen. These are extremely risky behaviors and more often than not, (very) bad things happen.

That mentality and state of mind are just horrendous and as one scientist pointed out, sharks are very intelligent and would go after something "thrown" into the water with a big splash, being it half a pound or 200 pounds, no difference for them. They bite first and ask questions later. After several years of that people behavior, the sharks already know that that place and many other places in the world are great sources for food.

My thoughts to the victims and hope that they recover the best way possible.

Please, do not go into any water other than a swimming pool. Once you enter the sea or ocean territory, you definitely are in the menu. It could happen or not. You will never know for sure. Do not take the risk and do not prepare recipes for disasters!
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