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The one night of the year where every championship is up for grabs
shawn_cool_great26 June 2010
This was an excellent PPV. WWE did a solid job with the matches. The pairing of Chris Jericho & Big Show as tag team champions was a great idea. Think about it, two veteran wrestlers running the tag team division, to refresh the tag team division and get people interested in tag team competition. Also, the addition of Jeff Hardy as World Heavyweight Champion was a nice way to elevate Hardy. WWE also made some excellent choices in choosing two sexy vixens to hold the Women's title and Diva's title, with Michelle McCool and Mickie James. If you want to see action-packed competition, and caliber championship matches, then be sure to check this out on DVD and be sure to see the following Night of Champions for this year in September. You won't be disappointed.
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A Very Good PPV
rooneydardis7 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
WWE Night of Champions is in Philadelphia, PA.

Match 1: WWE Unified Tag Team CHmapionship Legeacy gets booed. Chris Jericho made the right move of choosing Big Show as his partner. I thought Kane would be Jericho's partner but not to be. The Match was okay. Legacy double teams Jericho. Big Show tagged himself in and he makes DiBiase tap out. 7/10

Match 2: ECW Championship Tommy Dreamer gets a good pop but Christian gets a louder and bigger pop. Good Match. Some slaps by both men during the match. Christian wins the ECW Title for the second time by pinning Dreamer after he hit the killswitch. 8/10

Match 3: United States Championship (Six Pack Challenge) The Match of the Night. Kofi Kingston gets a loud pop. Everyone did very well. With Big Show out of the match made it better. Kingston wins by pinning Carlito. 10/10

Match 4: Women's Championship A Bit Good. Decent Start with McCool dropkicking Melina off the apron. A lot of screaming. Michelle ends it with a roll up. 6.5/10

Match 5: WWE Championship (Triple Threat) It was very good but too long. Orton wins it with the RKO on Cena and pins him. Maybe not one of the greatest matches ever as John Cena says before the match. 8.5/10

Match 6: Divas Championship It was okay and also better than the Women's Title match. Mickie pins maryse with the DDT. 7/10

Match 7: Intercontinental Championship It was a good match but dull and slow. Rey pins Ziggler with the 619. 7.5/10

Match 8: World Heavyweight Championship Another dull, slow and good match. But I am glad that Jeff Hardy wins the World title by pinning CM Punk with the swanton bomb. 7.5/10

PPV Rating: 9/10 (Very Good PPV)
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Actually not bad
jts04051 August 2009
Match 1: Chris Jericho & Big Show (c) vs Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase for the Unified Tag Team Championship - Legacy enters. Then Jericho comes to the ring, surprisingly receiving a fair amount of cheers. Jericho cuts a promo on Edge and the video footage of Edge's surgery is shown. Finally Jericho announces Big Show as his new tag team partner. Big Show receives a mixed reaction from the crowd as he comes out holding his respective titles. The match was pretty slow and basic. It started off hot with Show dominating Rhodes, but then once Jericho got tagged in the match died. DiBiase and Rhodes double teamed Jericho for most of the match, but in the end Show tags himself in and takes it to DiBiase. In the end Show clutches on his submission move to make DiBiase tap. Jericho & Show retain the titles.

Match 2: Tommy Dreamer (c) vs Christian for the ECW Championship - Dreamer enters first to a nice pop. Christian then enters second to an even larger reception for the audience. The match was not as great as it could've been. The two manage not to really build a climatic match ending. Christian goes for the killswitch, but Dreamer reverses to a DDT, then Christian once again reverses back into a killswitch and lands it this time. Christian gets the three count and becomes a two time ECW Champion in the process.

Match 3: Kofi Kingston (c) vs Primo vs Carlito vs Jack Swagger vs MVP vs The Miz in a Six Pack Challenge for the United States Championship - After several entrances Primo comes to the ring, with Cole and Lawler announcing that he has replaced the Big Show for this match. Biggest pop was definitely for Kofi Kingston. The match was actually a very well established match for the title. All six of the men actually looked good in the ring together. In the end Kingston hits Carlito with his trouble in paradise, this gets him the pin and Kingston retains the title.

Match 4: Michelle McCool (c) vs Melina for the Women's Championship - This was definitely the better of the two women's matches on this card. McCool starts the match early by baseball sliding Melina off the apron during her entrance. The match then really sets a good pace as they battle back and forth for even amounts of time. They even take it outside and briefly fight on the guardrail. In the end Melina has a roll up on McCool, but McCool reverses into her own roll up for the pin. McCool retains the Women's title.

Match 5: Randy Orton (c) vs Triple H vs John Cena for the WWE Championship - In a repeat of the Wrestlemania 24 Raw Main Event, we see these three wrestle each other again. Orton actually received some very unexpected cheers during his entrance. The match was average at best and really had that big fight atmosphere for those in attendance. Most of the time is spent with seeing Triple H and Cena battle with Orton being out of the picture. Triple H has a sharpshooter on Orton in the ring, then Cena comes in and also locks on an STF. Orton then submits to both men. The referee, unaware of what call to make, does not stop the match. At this point Rhodes and DiBiase come to the ring to save Orton. After some brawling Cena has Rhodes up for an Attitude Adjustment, but Orton catches Cena with an RKO and gets the pinfall. Randy Orton is still WWE Champion.

Match 6: Maryse (c) vs Mickie James for the Divas Championship - This feud was built ever since the WWE draft back in April this year. It didn't start to climax until the edition of Raw that Mickie James actually earned a title shot with Maryse. With the potential of this feud, this match did not deliver whatsoever. These two put on a lackluster match at best. In the end Mickie hits her DDT finisher and gets the pin. Mickie James is now the new Divas Champion.

Match 7: Rey Mysterio (c) vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship - Good booking for this match to be on second to last. Ziggler is still not completely over with the fans, but he did fairly well for a match like this. Mysterio was off the chart, as usual. Ziggler seems to have high potential and this match seemed to improve him in a big way. Mysterio is able to land a 619 to secure the victory and retain his Intercontinental title.

Match 8: CM Punk (c) vs Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship - The promo Punk cut early in the night, received some good heat for him in this match. Hardy came out as everyone's hero to defend them from the newly heel CM Punk. The match was mainly dominated by Punk, but of course we see the signature whisper in the wind and diving moves of Jeff Hardy. Honestly this was a better choice for a main event than the WWE title match. Towards the end Punk hits a GTS on Hardy, but only gets a two count. Punk tries twice more to pin Hardy, but is unsuccessful. Frustrated, Punk takes his title and begins to leave. Hardy retaliates by running out after Punk and taking him back to the ring. Hardy hits a twist of fate. This sets Hardy up as he goes to the top and lands the swanton bomb for the victory. Hardy has won the World Heavyweight Championship.
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It probably looked better on paper than it played out
gridoon201811 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The one thing that stands out in "Night Of Champions 2009" is the Philadelphia crowd. Seemingly indifferent to many of the matches, and in those they do get into, their reactions are so mixed that it's hard to tell the faces from the heels. Perhaps the only match that has a clear audience favorite is Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler. Now, the other reviewers have gone into extensive detail about each match, so I won't bore you with that. I will say that the Triple Threat for the WWE title does not quite live up to its own hype, and although it might seem strange that they put Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk as the main event, it actually is the better match of the two. Melina and Michelle McCool put in a decent little bout, but Mickie James fails to carry Maryse in their encounter and the result is embarrassing. And of course it goes without saying that there is nothing "E" about the ECW title match.
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