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MPAA Rated R for creature violence, drug content and pervasive language

Sex & Nudity

  • Infrequent mild references, all comical
  • A teenager tells a child that he can join his gang when he grows his first pube.
  • A child says to a teenager, "go and suck your mum!"
  • A man makes a joke that a monkey and a fish had sex in order to produce an alien
  • A teenager asks another teenager if he's trying to get the main character Naked
  • A teenager asks a women if she has a boyfriend and states she is 'fit'.

Violence & Gore

  • A small white dog runs away from his owner and over a hill in a park, off screen we hear him yelping whilst being killed by an alien
  • The last third of the movie has a much darker tone. The deaths get more graphic and gruesome and several sympathetic teenage characters die.
  • A man is attacked by monsters; we see him knocked on the floor, then we see his nose has been bitten off and part of his face is missing.
  • A monster chases three men into a lift, and we hear the monster ripping them apart and them screaming. We then see one of the men covered in wounds and gore, and behind him we briefly see the gory bodies of the other two men with blood spray all over the walls.
  • A man is jumped on by a monster, and it rips his throat. Then he spits a lot of gore.
  • A large alien leaps onto policeman, we hear a scream and we see a spray of blood hit a car.
  • A monster attacks a policeman and we see a large amount of blood spray on a van window.
  • A teenage boy is attacked by a large alien, he struggles as the alien smashes him against the ground and it is implied that the boy is killed; we later see three other teens and a woman surrounding what is implied to be the boy's body (the body is not shown) and we hear them telling a man that a boy had been killed by an alien.
  • An alien breaks into an apartment and pounces onto a teen wearing a motorbike helmet. It bites into his helmet, and we briefly see some gore. The helmet flies off with blood spray, implying decapitation, and the teen is killed.
  • An alien is electrocuted with a broken lamp; then, a blanket is thrown on its head and a teen beats it to death with an ice skate. We see some green, alien blood.
  • An alien breaks into an apartment and a teen stabs it through the head with a katana, with a lot of green alien blood and gore.
  • Two teens hijack a van and run over a monster; we see it go under the wheels and hear a squelch.
  • A teen's leg is bitten by a monster; we see a mild, bloody wound.
  • A teen is dragged away by an alien, biting his leg; another teen finds him with part of his face slashed apart and covered in blood, his head is bited showing gore briefly, and he is dragged away, implying he is killed.
  • Two young boys spray a large alien with gasoline, they throw a street flare, and the alien catches fire and writhes on the ground, shouting and rolling around in pain.
  • Three teen boys use firecrackers to set two large aliens on fire; the aliens scream in pain and we see their bodies writhe while on fire.
  • Four teen boys instruct another teen boy to set off a firecracker in a small shed where an alien is hiding: we see a series of small firecracker explosions, the boys enter the shed through the smoke, the sounds of hitting, punching and laughter are heard and moments later the boys carry the dead body of an alien from the shed.
  • A large group of aliens are blown up in a gas-filled apartment after a teen throws a firework in.
  • A teen boy accidentally smashes a young man in the face with a baseball bat, mistaking him for a monster; the young man shouts in pain and we later see the young man's eye swollen and his nose bloody.


  • Strong language throughout.
  • About 50 uses of "fuck", several times paired with "mother".
  • Some use of "shit" and "bullshit".
  • "Prick", "arsehole" and "damn" are used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some cannabis use and references.
  • On multiple occasions we see a teen boy smoking marijuana cigarettes, including with four other teen boys, who also smoke marijuana cigarettes.
  • A young man smokes a marijuana cigarette with a man.
  • Several teen boys, a woman and a young man are seen locked in a room filled with marijuana plants and one of the boys says how much he wishes he could smoke marijuana.
  • Two men are seen smoking marijuana cigarettes in a room filled with marijuana plants.
  • A man packages "white" (presumably cocaine) into small packets and instructs a teenage boy to sell it.
  • A teen boy is arrested and a police officer finds class A drugs (presumably cocaine) in the boy's pocket and tells him that he is going to jail for possession of hard drugs.
  • A teenage boy tells another teenage boy that another teen "only does buzz" (implied marijuana use).
  • A young man and a teenage boy say they are "profoundly stoned," and a man says that he is "too stoned" to deal with aliens.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some strong threat and intense scenes.
  • There is an intense scene in which a teen looks through a keyhole after some disturbance, and, after the music stops, the alien jumps up suddenly.
  • Scenes in the Violence/Gore section can befrightening.
  • Note: Even though the violence is very strong, there is a ton of laughs in this film that lightens the tone of the film. The film is much darker and serious than producer Edgar Wright's "Cornetto Trilogy".

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