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eric-w-higgins18 November 2011
This may seriously be the worst movie I have ever seen. There is no content! Everything that happens in this movie could be summarized in a single short paragraph. The dialog is horrible, the acting is worse, and everything happens at a snails pace. This may be the only western movie I've watched where you never see a horse run. A character commands the other to "get moving" and they respond by spurring the horse into a slow plod. Completely ridiculous. The "gunfights" in this movie even prove to be dis-interesting. I use the term cautiously as there are no actual gunfights included - they are, in actuality, executions.
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Better then most of the new westerns, but still boring and acting is very flat. For hardcore fans only. I say C
cosmo_tiger11 November 2011
"Nobody needs the trouble but we all need the money." After a local bank is robbed a group of outlaws begin a chase to find the money. There is not much to say about this movie. Like most of the westerns lately it is flat, pretty boring and full of bad acting. This one is not as bad as most mainly because it is so boring and the acting is flat and emotionless there is really nothing to talk about. This one has quite possibly the worst "duel" gunfight scene I have ever seen it's almost worth watching just to see that. Overall, better then most of the newer westerns that have been released, but still for the hardcore western fan only. I give it a C.
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it is bad, but fun.
yfrank1418 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I will give a spoiler alert, but, since i don't know what is going on in this movie, i am not really sure if it is a spoiler, or a mistake in the movie.

first, the plot summary has nothing to do with this movie. "Hobbs, a notorious wanted bandit, gets caught up in a violently competitive hunt for stolen cash when he finds out outlaws have robbed the local bank. While trying to get back what's his he must saddle up to stop these outlaws leaving whomever stands in his way dead! "

Hobbs is the leader of a gang that robs a mining office. No one ever hunts for the stolen cash. No banks get robbed. Hobbs never lost the money he stole, so he never had to try to get it back. Hobbs never tries to stop the outlaws, except for members of the gang who do not stick to his plan. No one stands in Hobbs's way, except for one gang member.

so, ignore the summary and watch the movie.

yes, it is a bad movie, reminds me of the spaghetti westerns. it looks more like a series of outtakes. It is a lot of fun noticing all the mistakes with riding horses, firearms, etc. in one scene, the guy riding the horse looks like he is trying to figure out what the reins are for. then he apparently remembers a Budweiser commercial and thinks he is driving a beer wagon with 6 Clydesdales. watch what he does with the reins. also notice the horse poop everywhere. in two separate scenes, two different guys check a hand gun and see that only powder was loaded. meaning the gun would only make noise and not fire a bullet. but, they looked in the gate, the bullet is in the other end. and, it was a cartridge style firearm . so, you cant load just powder. and he had the patch box on his belt for a muzzle loader. and the guy with the shotgun seemed to have 410 shells on his belt and was carrying a 12 gage. one gang member arrives by train with a lot of luggage. the luggage is never seen again. microphones were apparently placed everywhere because you hear every creak of the leather as they shift their weight in the saddle. even walking sounds like they have microphones in their boots.

if there is a plot, i could not find it. apparently, Hobbs gets a gang together to rob a mining office in an elaborate plan to distract the town's people and control the entire town during the robbery. however, while the robbery is being planed and executed, a mysterious man is tracking and killing the gang members. unfortunately, it is never explained why this man wants every gang member dead. revenge for Hobbs being in on the killing of a family many years ago is hinted, but never fully explained. It is also never explained why the mysterious killer kills those who he does not seem to want to kill. he seems to view them as victims, as getting involved with the wrong crowd. not everyone in the gang was a ruthless killer. why the mysterious man would want to kill those who never killed anyone, is never explained. one gang member runs off with most of the cash and no one cares. not Hobbs, or the mysterious man. when Hobbs is the last man in his gang alive, he just hangs out at his camp waiting for a bus or the tooth fairy or maybe he ordered a pizza. I mean, if my gang was dead , i had the stolen cash, and a mysterious stranger was trying to kill me, i would leave the area.

I think the funniest scene was when the mysterious stranger unties the gangs horses and he shoos them like you shoo a cat and the horses just look at him like " you are supposed to smack our butts or fire a gun to make us run". the horses just look bored and start grazing. a few minutes later the gang cant find their horses. also interesting in that scene is the very fancy leather strap the gang used to secure the horses to a bush.
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Bad, really bad.
peter-883-377922 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so bad that it appears that Elizabeth Obermeier, Marketing Manager for Grindstone Entertainment Group who wrote the "Storyline" for the movie didn't even watch it. I don't blame her. She says that "Hobbs, a notorious wanted bandit, gets caught up in a violently competitive hunt for stolen cash when he finds out outlaws have robbed the local bank ..." Hobbs actually gets killed by "Marion" before the credits even run and the rest of the Storyline is equally inaccurate. I think it is for another movie. Marion is a completely undeveloped character in the movie who wanders around killing off one of the most inept gangs I have ever seen in a western for a reason we never learn. He does it in a deadpan manner that can't even get the attention of the horses standing beside his victims when the shots are fired. It is obvious that the actors have very little skills riding a horse and, in fact, it appears some of them have never been on a horse before filming this stinker. Lionel sits on his horse holding the reins like he was behind a plow and nobody breaks into a trot let alone gallop. It is hilarious, I am sure unintentionally, to see the bad guys fleeing from the scene of their robbery at a plodding walk. But maybe it wasn't unintentional, maybe this was meant to be a comedy.
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No action. No plot. No adventure. No point.
Michiganian9 December 2011
Where do we start? The music doesn't fit the film. Hugo Montenegro has nothing to worry about. The actors, trying to sound grave and important, like Eastwood, miss the mark horribly. The plot, not exactly original, is carried out with a level of ineptitude rarely seen these days. The only thing left to the imagination is what the plot is supposed to be about. Listening to our "German" safe-cracker absolutely butcher his "German accent" when he spoke was the most entertaining part of the entire flick. It almost hurt to hear him talk. Recommendation: Rent it for a dollar, microwave some popcorn, sit back, and be almost entertained...
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Painfully bad in parts...not so bad in others!
andell1 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Sitting through "The Righteous and the Wicked," I kept waiting for some kind of "eureka" moment where there would be a revelation or some kind of detail that would come out to explain why things happened the way they did. Sadly, that moment never came.

So lets get to the film. It starts with a grey haired man seeming to be living a relaxed life...until another man shoots him dead. In perhaps the most intriguing moment in the film, the older man was still alive when his killer was digging his grave. In one of the colder moments that I can think of in recent westerns, the dying man begs the other not to bury him alive...thereby inviting the inevitable kill shot.

The rest of the film features a gang of six who plan to rob, and then rob a mining company of it's money. It is at this point when things just get really weird.

Six becomes five when one gang member kills the other in a gun fight that was supposed to be staged to distract people. The odd thing is they pick two gang members with a tense relationship: the younger one impregnated the teen daughter of the other! Really? The gang leader couldn't determine that that was just a bad idea? Five becomes four when the grim reaper from the first scene turns up and kills the young security guard who was always part of the gang and helped them with the heist. The weird thing is that the young guard never hurt or killed anyone...and for a time, his killer seems to be trying to talk him into stopping. Then he begins prodding him...and ultimately, he kills the young guard.

Four becomes three when the gang's leader kills the young guy who killed the other gang leader. They have a protracted conversation about whether to split the money six ways, five ways or four is as dull as it sounds! I didn't make it to the just got too lame! I love Westerns, but I can't recommend this pile of horse manure! A couple of cute guys in it, but for the most part, just boring!
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