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  • [Mera and Arthur find an Atlantean device in the desert] 

    Mera : [can't activate it]  Nothing.

    Arthur Curry : Of course it's not working. It's been sitting here gathering dust since before the Sahara was a desert!

    Mera : Before the Sahara was a desert... You do your best thinking when you're not thinking at all. Hold still.

    [extracts sweat from Arthur] 

    Mera : We need water. You're the closest source.

    [uses the water to get the device working] 

    Arthur Curry : Show-off. I could've just peed on it.

  • [Mera destroys the device] 

    Arthur Curry : WAIT! Shouldn't we have written it down?

    Mera : I memorized it. Didn't you?

    Arthur Curry : Uh, yeah.

    Mera : What did it say?

    Arthur Curry : Something something trident.

  • Arthur Curry : We should turn back. We can still warn the surface, try and prepare them for what's coming...

    Mera : Turn back?

    Arthur Curry : Look, I learned from a young age not to show weakness, okay? I solve my problems with my anger and my fists. I'm a blunt instrument and I'm damn good at it. I've done nothing but get my ass kicked this whole trip. I'm no leader. I'm not a king. I do not work or play well with others. And I can't let you die, trying to turn me into something I'm not.

    Mera : You think you're unworthy to lead because you're of two different worlds? But that is exactly why you are worthy! You are the bridge between land and sea! I can see that now. The question is, can you?

  • Mera : [introduces Arthur to Atlantis]  Welcome home.

    Arthur Curry : This is bad-ass!

  • Mera : [browsing a bookstall on Sicily]  I just learned something very interesting.

    [holds up a copy of "Pinocchio"] 

    Mera : "Pinocchio." You risked our lives based on something you read in a *children's book*?

    Arthur Curry : Wait, it's a book? How about that? I got it from a movie.

  • Mera : Atlantis has always had a king. Now it needs something more.

    Arthur Curry : Well, what could be greater than a king?

    Queen Atlanna : A hero. A king fights only for his own nation. You fight for everyone.

  • Arthur Curry : What's the plan?

    Mera : The plan *was* to get the Trident first, *then* challenge Orm for the throne!

    Arthur Curry : So we did things out of order, shit happens!

  • Arthur Curry : We got a bogey on our tail!

    Mera : What does that even mean?

    Arthur Curry : Bad guys behind us!

    Mera : Why didn't you just say that?

    Arthur Curry : Bad guys behind us!

  • Mera : [in a plane for the first time]  I've never been this high before... or this far away from home.

  • Mera : Atlanteans are many wonderful things, but forgiving is not one of them.

  • Arthur Curry : I don't even know your name.

    Mera : It's Y'Mera-Xebella-Challa. You may call me Mera.

  • Mera : You must defeat Orm.

    Arthur Curry : And what if I can't?

    Mera : Last time you fought him on his ground. This time, fight him on yours.

    [Mera kisses Arthur] 

    Arthur Curry : [stunned]  What was the plan again?

    Mera : [smiles]  The plan is not to get killed.

  • Mera : My obligation isn't to love; it's to my family and my nation, and I've turned my back on both. Sometimes we have to do what's right, even if our heart aches against it.

  • [a tidal wave levels the coast] 

    Mera : This was Orm's doing. Worse is to come.

  • Mera : [to Orm]  Your Highness, there is no victory in vanquishing the foolish! Your brother is clearly an imbecile!

  • [inside a whale's gullet] 

    Mera : How are you even doing this anyway?

    Arthur Curry : I don't know. I can hear them sometimes, and they can hear me.

    Mera : Right, because you're both big, dumb animals.

    Arthur Curry : Hey, I saved your life!

    Mera : I saved yours first!

  • Mera : [as Arthur communicates with a whale]  What are you doing?

    Arthur Curry : Listen, it worked for Pinocchio.

    Mera : Who?

    Arthur Curry : Never mind, come here, get in. Come on!

    [the whale opens its mouth, they swim inside] 

    Mera : Great, so we're getting eaten.

  • Mera : Those were Orm's elite commandoes. The one who led them, he wasn't Atlantean; I've never seen him before.

    Arthur Curry : Yeah, I have. He and his father were pirates. And he blames me for his father's death.

    Mera : They picked a dangerous line of trade. It's not your fault.

    Arthur Curry : That's not how it feels. It was up to me, and I let him die. I could've saved him, but I didn't. And now I've made an enemy. And he could have hurt you. And that would have been my fault.

    Mera : Well, he's behind us now. It's what lies ahead that should concern us.

  • Nuidis Vulko : If we're going to prevent this war, you must dethrone him now.

    Arthur Curry : I've already told you, I don't want to be king!

    Mera : You don't understand! Once he is named Ocean Master, it'll be too late! The power at his disposal will be unlike anything you've ever seen.

    Arthur Curry : I'm from the surface, no one's going to take me seriously. I don't even know where to begin!

    Nuidis Vulko : By winning the hearts and minds of the people, by proving to them that you're worthy! And retrieving this.

    [opens a scroll showing a drawing of a trident] 

    Arthur Curry : [shows off his trident]  I already got one of those.

    Nuidis Vulko : Not like this one you don't. This is the lost Trident of Atlantis.

    Arthur Curry : Oh, another fairytale?

    Nuidis Vulko : It's more than a story, it's real. It was forged by the greatest weapon masters in history. Crafted from Poseidon's steel for King Atlan, the first ruler of Atlantis. Legend says, the Trident was built with the power to command the sea.

    Arthur Curry : So what happened to it?

    Nuidis Vulko : To know that, is to go back to the time before the Great Fall, when King Atlan ruled over all that was, the Kingdoms of Atlantis were one. It was a time of great prosperity and technological advancement. We had unlocked the secret to unlimited energy at a time when the rest of the world still thought the earth was flat. But we became too ambitious, too hungry for power. The ocean swallowed us and Atlantis sank. But the very power that collapsed our civilization also paved the way to our future. It gave us ability to breathe underwater. And so, we evolved. Others regressed, became savage. And the king lived out the remainder of his days in self imposed exile. Neither he, nor the Trident were ever seen again.

    [holds up a device] 

    Nuidis Vulko : One of our archaeological teams uncovered this a few months ago. It's an ancient recording dating back to the first dynasty. I believe it contains Atlan's final message to his people and the whereabouts of the sacred Trident.

    Arthur Curry : So what does it say?

    Mera : We don't know. The technology's too old.

    Nuidis Vulko : The cylinder bears the marking of the Deserter Kingdom. You must take it there and retrieve the message. The clue to Atlan's final resting place is inside this.

  • Arthur Curry : Where to?

    Mera : To that ocean of sand your people call the Sahara.

  • Mera : Your half-brother, King Orm, is about to declare war upon the surface world. Billions will die, your people and mine. We must stop him.

    Arthur Curry : And how do you propose we do that?

    Mera : You are the firstborn son of Queen Atlanna. The throne is yours by birthright. The only way to stop this war and save both worlds is for you to take your rightful place as King.

    Arthur Curry : [laughs]  You think if I just show up, Orm will give up the throne? I'm the bastard son of a queen your people executed. Trust me, I'm no king.

    Mera : I agree.

    Arthur Curry : That's awesome.

    Mera : But, Vulko seems to believe in you for some reason, and that's why I'm here. Vulko has learned of the location of the lost Trident of Atlantis.

    Arthur Curry : Fairy tales. It's a myth.

    Mera : It's not a myth. With the sacred Trident, people will listen to you. You can then claim your birthright and dethrone Orm.

    Arthur Curry : My birthright? It died with my mother. But I'll promise you this: if Orm attacks, I'll treat him the same way your people treated her, with no mercy.

  • [in the middle of the Sahara desert, Mera checks her tracker again] 

    Arthur Curry : No, no, no, no! Will you just stop it with that? No!

    [slaps it out of her hand] 

    Arthur Curry : Your stupid Atlantean GPS just told you to jump out of an airplane over the middle of a desert, and now we are stranded...!

    [a sinkhole opens beneath him, and he falls in with a yell] 

    Mera : [sighs]  If you're the next true king, we're doomed.

    [jumps in after him] 

  • [after falling down a sinkhole and finding the entrance to the Kingdom of the Deserters] 

    Arthur Curry : [laughs]  That was awesome. Oh, look what I found.

    Mera : [raised eyebrows]  What *you* found?

    Arthur Curry : Yeah.

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