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  • Welcome back to the "Runway," where anything can happen as long as it has to do with designing. We open in the boys' room, where Logan observes that only six remain. He tells the camera that it's time for everyone to "step outside their comfort zone." On the girls side, Irina laments that the fashion world is dominated by the men. Althea tells the camera that she thinks the strongest designers are herself, Carol and Irina (not so much Gordana).

    Cut the runway, where the contestants are forced to sit facing AWAY from Heidi. When they are finally allowed to turn around, they see a line up of the best outfits from each -- many of them challenge winners. "Allo!" Heidi squeaks. "Your challenge is to create a companion piece that compliments and enhances your best look." Irina takes the opportunity to point out that, based on their best designs, there are a "few people" who should be back at home by now.

    The sketching begins. Althea imagines her shorts pants and jacket combo as a long pants and giant jacket combo. Irina wants to make her Aspen look similar, but "completely different." "That's how you build a collection," she oh-so-helpfully points out. Christopher thinks his strength is gowns and hopes to put a different spin on his puffy, short dress from a few weeks ago. Gordana just seems confused.

    One shopping trip to Mood later, Logan sits down and begins working with the 40 zippers he purchased. Christopher, meanwhile, has 30 yards of fabric. "I'm going to go big," Christopher says. "I'm going to go huge." Althea stands at various points in the workroom, staring at her mocked-up outfit. Logan points out that they look like "Malvin pants," which Althea does sit well with Althea. "So sensitive," Logan whispers.

    We then take a break to delve into Gordana's past in Bosnia. Her parents were uneducated and poor. A black-and-white photo of little Gordana is cute. "To be where I am today is just something that is unbelievable," she tells the camera. Back to the present, the contestants deride Christopher behind his back for his 30-yards o' fun. Tim then enters to do some mentoring. He thinks Irina's tapestry-like creation with a cardigan is "completely unexpected" -- in a good way. Christopher's spin on his formerly youthful gown, on the other hand, looks like "mother" -- and NOT in a good way. And Logan's multi-zipper look? "This is definitely in the 'wow' category," Tim says.

    Ah, but there's a problem. Althea tells the camera that Logan's heavy zipper collar is clearly stolen from her look in the Christina Aguilera challenge. She huddles with Irina (natch) and expresses her concern. "I hate Logan," Althea whispers while stuffing her face with food. "I'm really bitter right now." Irina sympathizes (natch). The models enter and Althea STILL can't let it go. "He thinks because he's cute that he can do whatever he wants," Althea tells her model. "I'm really annoyed." So are we.

    The next morning, Christopher notes that he has about 100 petals to put on his creation -- the same one that Irina said looked like a dress "throwing up" another dress. Althea, meanwhile, is running out of time to hand sew her pants. Irina doesn't care, though. She won't lend out even the smallest of needles because that would be aiding the enemy. "When I want something, I usually get it," Irina tells the camera. "It's all worth it for me in the end if you reach your goal." Logan wishes Irina would be "humbled" by the judges -- just once!

    Tim enters, does some blatant product placement and then sends in the models. Althea notices that Carol is creating a dress -- again. "I'm really surprised the judges haven't labeled here a one-trick pony," Althea tells the camera. Logan also gets in on the denigrating. "My grandma has better taste that that," he says of Gordana. Irina then points out that Althea, while complaining bitterly about Logan, has actually stolen her look ... from Irina. Yes, folks, the competition is getting intense. Or at least catty.

    Runway time! "Allo!" Heidi squeaks. "As you know in fashion, one day you're in and the next day, you're out." She then introduces the judges: Nick Verreos (a season-two contestant), Nina Garcia and Kerry Washington. The show begins. Carol's dress is a poofier version of her previous sleek design. Althea thinks her look is "fashion forward." Logan hopes his zipper explosion "surprises" the judges. Gordana is very confident in her long jacket. Christopher thinks he "pushed it" (in a good way) with his big, huge dress of 100 petals.

    The show ends and the judging starts. Nina thinks Christophers dress looks like a "carnival float." Kerry thinks it looks like two different gowns. Irina is next. "Very uptown chic," Nick comments. Nina is the lone dissenting voice, saying the tight dress underneath the flowing sweater looks "cheap." Gordana's jacket-coat creation, on the hand, gets savaged by ALL the judges. "It looks like an office worker in Warsaw," Nick says. Carol's dress goes over wonderfully (Ava Gardner gets name dropped). Logan's zipper thingy is too "Judy Jetson" for Nick. Nina completely dismisses it. Althea's pants get high marks, but Heidi notices that that the sweater looks similar to one created by Irina. Althea backtracks -- and Irina goes in for the kill. "How do you not realize it when there are six people in a room?" Irina asks the judges. Still, the judges don't seem to mind. They love the outfit regardless of its "inspiration."

    One judges' confab later, the contestants line up for the final decision. "One of you will be named the winner and one of you will be out," Heidi explains.

    Carol is ... in.

    Althea is ... the winner! And guess what? Irina does NOT like it. "I'm not really exactly sure what Irina was accusing me of copying," Althea tells the camera. She is sure, however, that Irina has some character issues.

    Irina is ... in.

    Christopher is ... in.

    That leaves Logan and Gordana. Heidi calls the former's look "too tricked out" and the latter's "sad, drab and dated."

    Gordana is ... IN.

    And Logan is OUT. "I'm surprised that I'm going home for taking a risk," he tells the camera. "I'm definitely not a designer that's for middle America."

    The cute guy has left the building.

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