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Sex & Nudity

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  • S2E1 women appear completely naked but sensitive parts are covered
  • A couple are seen thrusting in a car, and you can hear them moaning.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is shot. We see close up of bloody wound.
  • One man tortures another, dying, man to get information. He stands on a bullet wound and we see his pain stricken face and hear his screams of pain.
  • Many scenes in a morgue. The main character handles dead bodies. At one point we see him beating a body with a riding crop.
  • A serial killer kills people by forcing them to commit suicide.
  • Several characters are threatened with a large crossbow style machine.
  • A man shoots someone to protect his friend. He was about to get shot, but is not.
  • An elderly women has a bomb that is strapped to her detonated.
  • Blood is seen covering a seat. It is later found out that this is frozen blood.
  • A dead body is seen on the shore. It is found that he was killed a while ago by strangulation.
  • A man punches another man in the face.
  • A plane is filled with dead bodies.
  • A man is shot in the head.
  • A dog is shot.
  • A man is nearly murdered in the shower. A large amount of blood surrounds him.
  • A man is shot, the following sequence is extremely intense.
  • A woman goes on a shooting rampage in the street. It appears that she doesn't actually shoot anyone. She sticks a gun inside her mouth and fires, blood covers the curtains.
  • A man is shot several times.
  • A man is stabbed.
  • A man shoots himself, placing the pistol in his mouth and firing. There is a short burst of blood, and the man turns around, revealing the back of his skull completely gone.
  • A man pushes another off a waterfall. Another man jumps.


  • several uses of "shit" throughout the series
  • 'Jesus', 'Christ' and 'Jesus Christ' are heard through much of the series.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two main characters are seen smoking and they discuss low tar cigarettes.
  • A main character is addicted to nicotine patches, and overdoses at least twice.
  • Moderate drinking occurs at several points.
  • In many instances, characters are drugged in a violent manner.
  • A man's drug addiction is revealed to have began when he was a teenager. A flashback shows a man trying to help him when he overdosed.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man is shown falling down a flight of stairs and then dying.
  • A man is drugged, kidnapped, and placed in a large bonfire. The fire is lit, and the man is later rescued. Very intense/disturbing. He emerges bloodied.


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Violence & Gore

  • A man shoots himself whilst holding a gun to the roof of his mouth. He falls and a puddle of blood forms around his head
  • A man jumps off a building and we see him fall. We see the body hitting the ground, though the actual impact is just out of the frame, with the top half of the body still visible. There is a disturbing noise as the body impacts, and the body is later seen with a bloodied face and pool of blood.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The main character is shot by someone he trusted. We go into a sequence inside his head where he goes through what he needs to do to survive. Very intense.

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