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  • The hairdo of Alice in the 'Hard News' studio references the 'White Rabbit Girl' in the Matrix. The white rabbit and the name Alice, reference Alice in Wonderland. So far, so good, but the reference goes further. The name of the White Rabbit Girl is 'Dujour'. There is a style of sensationalist journalism whereby the journalist fabricates a story, then seeks comment about it. This then gets reported as a bona fide story, such as: "Scientists deny link between sofa beds and cancer." This usually increases ratings in the short term but is usually short-lived and results in ratings which are lower than those which stimulated the style of journalism in the first place. This type of journalism is called 'Du Jour Journalism'; 'Du Jour' literally means 'of-the-day' and is used to describe something that enjoys great but probably short-lived popularity or publicity; Exactly Alice's style of journalism. Edit

  • As Bridget's mother points at the shocking resemblance with the father when she first saw the baby, it can only be a long time family friend.

    Also After the wedding Jack is playing with the baby, Mark jokingly asks him whether he is traumatising his son - revealing that Mark is, after all, the father of Bridget's baby. Edit

  • A newspaper's headline reveals that Daniel Cleaver was found alive in the jungle. Edit



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