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Better than you might think
richard-178718 July 2010
This is actually a very entertaining and, if certainly not intellectual, then nevertheless still thought-provoking movie.

It is the story of a young man from the picturesque Haute Savoie region of southern France who passes himself off as a ghetto rocker/rapper, and builds a huge career as a flashy rapper. It's all fake, though, and that's what this movie is about: the superficiality of manufactured successes in modern pop music.

At one point, when Fatal's real story is exposed, there is a moment of truth telling: Fatal and his rival express their real feelings to their public. This could easily have become a made-for-TV mess at this point. But it doesn't, because it realizes that audiences don't really want sincerity, they just want the latest manufactured hype.

Not a great movie, certainly, but a very entertaining one with some intelligent ideas well worked out. An American version of this could be very entertaining as well, but I find it hard to believe an American producer would allow it to be this cynical about the nature of modern music audiences.
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Great movie folks!
robbie_jay19838 May 2011
First of all let's make some things clear from the start: this movie looses 90% of it's charm if you're not French. Most of the fun comes from cultural references and playing with the meaning of words/names. Going even further, on the language level, one must master both English and French slang to fully appreciate the puns or the songs lyrics. Therefore I don't find it unusual that this great movie didn't received a better score, as it's targeted to a restrained audience.

I've heard people out-there saying that this is just another Jackass movie. I'd say that that's far from being true and that kind of opinion is probably the result of watching this movie without the prerequisites I was mentioning in the above paragraph. As far as I'm concerned this film is unique and like Sasha Baron did with his characters (Bruno, Borat, Ali G) so did Michael Youn by putting a lot of effort into creating a character you enjoy watching and listening to.

Every scene is carefully planned and every set is filled with details that will make you laugh out loud. You can watch it over and over again and still find something to laugh about.

I'm going to stop here as I'm under the impression that I'm preaching to the choir and those of you reading this comment already dig this movie :) For those of you planning to rent or buy the DVD, please pass the checklist at point 1) and if everything checks then go ahead with your plan and you'll be pleased with your choice!
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Killing in the name off..
Dubskanker2 December 2010
Knowing Mickael Youn style, FATAL is state of the art. In fact Fatal bazooka series where already funny, this movie is the missing cherry on the cake.

Youn has a way to exaggerate everything in the best, most entertaining way and manages to make you laugh so much, its like seeing Britney spears trying jackass stunts and thus the fun is unstoppable. Being french, I know foreigners who didn't understand french but still laughed their ass off with the series. This film should be translated to all language so that more people can enjoy it. I recommend this movie 100.
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it's true: you die laughing ! (tv)
leplatypus22 May 2015
For me, Mickael is the first talented funny guy in France. In a way, he is the De Funès of the XIth century because i'm sure to laugh loudly at everything he does ! Sure his childish humor isn't clean or intellectual spoofs but at the end, it's bull-eye as I laugh and that's the essential ! Here, he makes fun of the showbiz and especially the rap industry ! In a way, as this world is really superficial and nearly illiterate (a paradox for writing lyrics), the ideas come easily. As a director, Mickael is also inspired as the movie pulses and doesn't give headaches ! He is also a brilliant casting director because the Canadian humorist is good as his nemesis and Furnaro is indeed a sublime girlfriend…
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Two movies in one, first one is funny, second is not
romsson4 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The movie can really be split in two parts.

The first one is fast-paced, full of Youn-ish humor that mixes rap clips, exaggerating slang/ghetto talks, childish humor, parody of classic comedy moments and finally some genuine characters he has the secret to create. This part should have been the complete movie by extending the 45min into full length, and I would have given 10 stars, honestly. And this could have been made possible only by adding more music clips parodies and slowing down the pace sometimes.

But for some reason Youn wanted to shoot himself in the foot.

The second part is terrible to watch. The plot twist comes out of nowhere, vaguely related to one of Youn/Fatal song. Its slow pace, Swiss context (which is not Savoie, btw) does not match at all with the characters, even thought this was on purpose, are disappointing in so many ways I am not even describe to not re-think too much about it.

One advice: stick to the first part.
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Way better than your average french comedy! LIGHT spoiler included.
ericmarseille26 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I've read the other comments prior to add this one, and I feel exactly the same as so many viewers : this film has more style, more energy, better acting, scenario, substance and FUN than it merely suggests. Not mentioning the music, Mickaël Youn style (ah, that roaring "fous ta cagoule!")

In a nutshell : Fatal Bazooka has been for years the best, baddest, most adulated French rapper ; he's got everything : super-trophy wife (that body!), a monster truck to drive in ordinary traffic, an enormous estate... He wears the largest gold chains, the weirdest attires... But his producer, feeling a need for change, decides abruptly to dump him for another, new, fresh star in the making, Chris Prolls (Fantastic Stéphane Rousseau)...After a period of utter demise (hilarious), fatal goes back to his roots, which are in Haute-Savoie, in the Alps...From there he'll have to prepare his revenge.

In fact everything, every scene in this film is funny in one way or another...When Mickaël Youn is in his element, and he clearly is in this film, he is wonderful.

And the music, as usual with him, ain't bad either, just by judging the hit that "fous ta cagoule" has been.

A very, very good comedy...At the level of the best ones from the States.
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