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  • Glatorian: Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, Tarix, Vastus, Strakk, several Vorox

    Agori: Raanu, Berix, Metus, numerous unnamed Fire Tribe, Water Tribe, Ice Tribe, Jungle Tribe, and Rock Tribe Agori.

    Skrall: Tuma, numerous unnamed warrior and elite-class Skrall

    Bone Hunters: numerous unnamed Bone Hunters and Rock Steeds

    Animals: Click the Scarabax beetle and his swarm

    Other: Makuta Teridax (unnamed in the movie), several generic Matoran.

  • It isn't a direct sequel to any of them. The three years' worth of storyline described in the BIONICLE books, comics and serials of 2006, 2007 and 2008 didn't receive movie adaptations, and this movie was meant to follow those stories.

  • Yes, the ending very clearly indicates that this movie was written to act as the first episode of a multi-part series. However, LEGO put the BIONICLE line on hiatus shorty after its release due to declining toy sales, and so the sequel was scrapped. The story was concluded in the BIONICLE comics, the last BIONICLE novel that LEGO released for free on their website, and in other online content.

  • The opening shows the Great Spirit robot, called Mata Nui, rising up from beneath the Mata Nui island. The robot is then taken over by the spirit and mind of the evil Makuta Teridax, who proceeds to banish Mata Nui's spirit into the Mask of Life, ejecting it into space.

    This adaptation of the scene as described in the earlier BIONICLE comics and novels contains many inconsistencies. For one, the island is shown to be a lush, tropical paradise, but in the story, it had already been turned into a barren wasteland. It is unclear why the creators decided to disregard this bit of continuity.

  • The movie uses the Bone Hunters' earlier design. When released as toys, they were redesigned and the designs used in the movie became the Rock Agori toys.

  • LEGO put their BIONICLE line of toys on hiatus during the production of the film's sequel. Since they wanted to move on to other projects, the movie was scrapped along with the planned toy-line.

  • Yes, the movie's events were continued in the BIONICLE comics, novels and online serials.

  • Throughout the film, hints are dropped that there may be more to Bara Magna's villages than what can be seen. At the end of the movie, the characters discover that by dragging the villages together and joining them up, they form a gigantic robot.

    In the planned but scrapped sequel, our heroes would have tried to find a power source for the robot, using the map of a maze they discover on the shield of a Skrall soldier. After re-powering the robot, Mata Nui would have transfered his soul into it, to use it to battle the evil Makuta, who has taken over his original giant robot body in the movie's opening scene.

  • The Great Beings are the creators of the Matoran Universe, and thus, Mata Nui. During BIONICLE's earlier storyline, they were said to be beings with godlike powers, way more powerful than Mata Nui himself.

    Later on, it was established that they were mere people, the governing rulers of the planet Spherus Magna. They only had power over their creations, but not the entire world. Spherus Magna's destruction and the birth of the desert planet Bara Magna was a result of their negligence toward their planet. Instead of ruling over it, they dedicated their life to science. When war erupted on the planet, they didn't interfere soon enough, and the planet shattered into smaller fragments. That's why Kiina hates them, because she feels they were responsible for the "Shattering".

    Mata Nui and the other giant robot are not, as some would probably assume from watching the movie, Great Beings. They are Great Being's creations.


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Tuma's fate is left very vague. He is defeated by Mata Nui in combat, collapses, and disappears from the rest of the movie. He remained alive, although injured and deprived from his pride and authority. He was to appear again in the canceled sequel, bossing a small group of Skrall who remained loyal to him.

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