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15 minutes in, did Anna's mum just tell her to be a hoe?
AfricanBro6 July 2022
Anyway... the movie; I've never used wattpad but this is what I've always assumed it's like. The movie starts out alright, I didn't have any expectations going in. Nothing original but I like it for some reason, probably just because I love movies about love. About 15min in, Anna's mum tells Anna to be hoe, insinuates it at the least and repeats it later in the movie. That was my least favorite part of the film.

There's a story about love and another about family. More often than not movies tend to focus on the main protagonists' love interest while this focuses on everything else affecting it just as much. That was great but I think that's one of it's major drawbacks, it holds on to all these little subplots at the same time and that doesn't allow any of them to develop. So it has a good premise, but it's just lacking a little everywhere, melange of sort. We get the story, but I don't feel as invested as I should be with the characters because they lack depth.

Still have some feelings towards them though. I'm mostly mad at Anna's mum for the advice she gave, understood where she was coming from but could have been worded better, wouldn't have been as mad; sounds like that person who was hurt by or missed out on love so she doesn't want anyone else to enjoy it now, can't stand anyone having a good experience with it because she couldn't. I'm mad at Anna for listening, but she didn't know any better.

And I'm mad Jim for not forgetting about Anna(his friend's advice), but since when has forgetting your first love been easy🤷‍♂️. I'm all for hopeless love and lost causes but Jim's friend is the best bit of dialogue in the movie when he says "why get back into that? Lesson learned... we're young" just move on man. He did essentially gave him the same advice as Anna's mum, difference was Jim was already hurt and trying to get over it while Anna's mum's the one who led her to hurt Jim. I think the only reason I'm mad at Jim is I'd have done exactly what he did, picked up the phone, still in love with her.

There were so many moments in the second half of the movie where I thought the story was done but it kept going but the ending's worth it. For the most part, the movie's just alright, but the end tempts me to rate it slightly higher than it deserves, it's probably a 5/10. I think you need to already like these sorta movies for you to enjoy this one.
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Jim saves the film
Lolo13419 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I love the character of Jim so much. Hero Fiennes Tiffin did a great portrayal of his character. I loved the dynamic between him and his parents on screen. The let down of the movie for me was the lack of chemistry between the two romantic leads. There was no spark or and Ann's character was pretty unlikeable and treated Jim poorly. It made you not want to see them end up together which impacted the enjoyment of the movie.
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Something missing
Kerr112 August 2022
I'm a huge fan of the After series so when I heard Hero had a new movie out, I had to go and watch. Hero really carries this film and I was impressed with his range as an actor. Diane Kruger was fantastic as always. There was however something missing between the two romantic leads as others have pointed out. It's a shame the chemistry was lacking a little, but overall an enjoyable movie!
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I initially gave this a 4.
wachawachawant3 August 2022
I initially gave this film a 4/10. After a beat, I realized I rated it that way because it didn't make me feel the way I wanted to feel and that isn't quite fair.

There are some parallels in the main characters stories as well as a bit of exploration and commentary from secondary characters that show many facets in regards to a first love and our varied views and opinions about relationships. I had to sit with it for a moment to realize there are more levels to this film than I originally thought.

If you're looking for the feels you got with Hardin and Tessa, this is not the movie for you! No wonder so many think Jim and Ann lack chemistry! It is because the graphic desire depicted in the After series' books and films walks you right through their orgasms. While this film, does not, sorry. All romantic and potentially sexual scenes were very tastefully understated and implied. Which I appreciated because that's not the point of these stories.

It's straight forward. From shots, to wardrobe and location.

Not a ton of dialogue.

The tone and color really set the time period for me as well as the economic issues.

All the space in shots made it easy to breathe and recall on the past and focus on the intent of the scenes.

All the actors did stellar acting, go figure with a cast like that.

It was minimal, and simple and lovely.

And for those reasons I felt like I should add 3 more stars. Because there isn't actually anything wrong with it. (except for it not reading my mind on how I wanted to feel).

It was like watching a bulleted list of plot points. It feels to me like a snapshot of a part of (recent) American History. I imagine it might be how someone would recall events for retelling purposes. So if you watch this and you think 'how am I gonna tell so and so', you'll know what I mean.
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