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Good show
perla_arabia28 September 2009
THis was a good episode. More of a mother's day special but never the less Jane impresses. But we saw less of Stacy's goofiness which is always nice. My GOD why can't we keep FRED. I really want Fred to stay. He brings a lot into the show, his presence is what makes the show hip and normal. THe rest are all suave or emotionally serious. I think the show lost a lot the first time he was gone and now i think its going even worse with Jane getting over Greyson's obsession. Please keep FRED on, or at least bring him a new search, i mean why is he just searching for love?? he is an angel make him grow into a human being, want to discover career choices. And please help Jane get more strong cases that are not so feminine, that challenge the DEB in her. Broaden your horizon.
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