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You either like it, or don't like it. Its your choice.
TheCartoonfaxuator16 March 2013
In this review I'm only talking about the facts. That should explain to you why it got a 6 instead of a 1 or a 2 compared to other reviewers.

The Garfield Show isn't a good cartoon, but shouldn't be watched as a last resort if their is nothing good on the TV. The first thing that should be said about the show is that it has very well done graphics. These are what Garfield characters should look like in 3D animation. The characters act like how they should, and have pretty good voices. Thank goodness. There is only one true problem with the show. A majority of their episode have poor stories. 35% of their plots are good. The rest are mediocre. There is this one episode where Garfield saved the Earth from alien Lasagnas. Yeah that's some story. One thing the Garfield show does perfectly, is breaking the forth wall. Even though it's way over used, It's good to know that it's never done badly. The Garfield Show is a cartoon that could have done better. In the end it stayed decent.
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Underrated cartoon
emftamatalk8 November 2014
I think this is a decent show. I liked watching Garfield & Friends when I was younger but I still like the modern show better; it seems more creative with less bland dialog. I think the voices of the characters are better now and their personalities are more lovable.

This Garfield show is quite cute and most of the episodes have really good plot ideas. You can recognize the personalities of Garfield, Jon, and the other characters from the comic strips, and they don't look too different from their original design. I like the fluid animation but I think the CGI could be done better; maybe with better textures or brighter color? What makes Garfield stand out from other modern cartoons is that it doesn't try too hard to be funny, so that you can focus on the engaging storyline without too many pointless jokes.

Overall, it's a great show for Garfield fans and I think it's especially good for children who like the comics.
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New show has NONE of the charm of "Garfield & Friends"
firefox3354 June 2010
I couldn't agree more with timgneher's review. I'll add my 2 cents as well.

My daughter was watching this show and I sat down to give it a chance myself. Although the animation was very amateurish (in the vein of "Sid The Science Kid"), I decided to give it a try. I knew off the bat that since Lorenzo Music's death, any Garfield show wouldn't be "as good" as the Garfield of the late 80s/early 90s, but I thought it might be able to hold its own. I was sadly mistaken.

Even though I was thirteen when "Garfield & Friends" debuted, the show was so well written that you couldn't help but love it. The best part about it was the tongue-in-cheek jokes and pop culture references only the adults would get.

For example: "Hello, this is Garfield your doorman." - a reference to Garfield voice actor Lorenzo Music's roll on the 70s TV show "Rhoda".

Jon makes Garfield a bet that he can't go a whole day without watching TV. The TV comes to life and tries to entice Garfield to watch it. When Garfield unplugs the set, the TV counters with "Garfield, what are you doing? We had such fun together. Gaaarrrrfiieeelld... Gaaarrrrfiieeelld... ggiiivvveee mmeee yyooouuurrr aannnsswwweeerrr dddoooo" - a reference to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The list goes on. To me it was always as if the writers were saying to weary parents, "Yeah, we know you're up early with your kids on your day off, we feel your pain." The new show has none of that. Not one bit. It's geared solely to young elementary school aged children who don't notice just how much substance it lacks. The only similarity to the Garfield of old is that this show also stars a fat lasagna loving cat named Garfield. Jon and Odie are equally one-dimensional. I'm so thankful that Bill Waterson never let Calvin or Hobbs go though this kind of indignity (although, showing such respect for his own work maybe proof that he could have gone on for decades more.) Even Berke Breathed and Gary Larson's commercial success was always tempered with respect to their creation. It's clear that Jim Davis sees Garfield as his own personal ATM. He has that right of course, but it doesn't make it any less pitiful.

Mediocrity? Thy name is "The Garfield Show."
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My childhood lies in ruins
timgneher3 June 2010
If you've been witnessing the slow but sure descent of Jim Davis's classic comic strip into repetitive, agoraphobic oblivion with the same sickening disgust as I have, well then get ready for his new TV show. I'm sure you can't wait.

You won't like this show just because you like Garfield, or used to like Garfield. Nostalgia can't win out this time. It doesn't stand a chance. There is no liking this show. It is not possible. It treats your love for its protagonist the same way Garfield treats talking scales, it stomps all over it and leaves it crushed and insulted.

I grew up with Garfield. I learned to read by reading Garfield comic books. I was addicted to reruns of Garfield and Friends, the first and only Garfield show that deserves to exist. I was all set to give this show a chance. Heck, I even found the movies tolerable. This show is not.

Try simply getting past how this show LOOKS. I go to an art school, I've seen Freshman animation projects that look as good. It's about on par with those cartoons people make. Jittery animation that looks like it's taking place in Balloon Land. Jimmy Neutron's show looked better 8 years ago.

And if you do get past that somehow, then try picking out a single joke. I sat through three episodes, I saw about four moments in total that looked like you were even SUPPOSED to laugh. I'm not sure if the writers knew this was supposed to be a comedy. Slow paced and lethargic, wandering and pointless. Paying attention to it is a chore. Even the music is bad.

Garfield sounds like he has a speech impediment. Jon looks like an insomniac or a drunk. Liz looks like Jon in drag. She's now his girlfriend, which you already know if you've abused yourself by reading the daily comics too. Figure that one out. It's like watching a new Peanuts show that takes place in college.

In summery, it looks and plays like it cost a dime to make. The end product isn't worth that much. Hooray for another cheap cash-in via Jim Davis, I thank you, the world thanks you. You've successfully proved that Garfield means as much to you as political parties mean to Arlen Specter, he's nothing but your big fat hairy cash cow. I hope he continues making you lots and lots of money for a long time, just know that none of it will be mine.

Do yourself a favor. Forget Garfield. Forget this show. Go read the older books and maybe rent a few seasons of the REAL Garfield show. You can just pretend he died of a massive coronary sometime in 2003.
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Great show though Isn't a sequel to Garfield and friends.
Bloo Guy19 November 2013
I've seen shows trying to copy or remake the old one, but 70% of the time it ends up a total failure and gets canceled after the first 3 episodes. This show however wasn't made for adults, you can obviously tell with all the cliché jokes and the same plot line.

There is one thing you have to thank this show for, keeping Garfield alive and strong. Kids aren't in to comic books, or comic "strips" as much as they were 2 decades ago, Since Garfield isn't really adapted to TV yet since the 1980s or so (sorry if I'm wrong I'm 15) The spirit of Garfield might of just died out if it wasn't for change and I think this is it, getting CHILDREN to like this show so who knows maybe one of them will carry on Garfield through another 20 years or so? we could only hope Garfield lives as long as it can even if we have to go through some change.

Oh and I never actually reviewed this show, I think its pretty funny at times I actually like the animation style its not to much I think the way Jon runs makes me laugh the most (not the way he was animated but the way he was meant to walk)I honestly think any kid would like this show, but I know really long Garfield fans would have a hard time to adjust.
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OmegaVenomous22 October 2016
I mean, it isn't the worst show ever, but it's pretty bad. I used to love this cartoon, but after a while, I realized it was a cheap cartoon to entertain 4 year old toddlers.. The jokes aren't that funny, Garfield acts WAY too savage, Nermal is evil, and it is literally NOTHING like the actual comics. You know, it could've actually been a good cartoon. But no, it had to be a bad CGI cartoon. If you have Netflix, you may see a second option called "Garfield and Friends". If you see that, watch that instead. It's WAY better. Oh, and don't bother doing "Garfield's Fun Fest" either. It's just a small movie for "The Garfield Show".

So, in my opinion, this show gets a 3/10. I can't even explain how bad it is, but please, don't watch it.
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Nice show, but inferior to "Garfield and Friends"
TheLittleSongbird28 January 2010
"Garfield and Friends" is something I highly recommend. As with most people, I grew up with it and still love it to this day. "The Garfield Show" is good, it is nice to watch and quite entertaining, but in terms of charm and fun it is inferior. It is not quite the Garfield I grew up with. That said, the CGI animation here is very good indeed, with colourful background art and sharp character features. The theme tune is nice as well, and the voice acting was decent. Frank Welker is a brilliant voice actor, and while no Lorenzo Music who owned the character of Garfield, he is good. Oadie is quite adorable, then again I have always loved Oadie. And Jon is appealing enough. There are shortcomings however. One is the writing, it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't the dry and witty dialogue that made "Garfield and Friends" so enjoyable. Garfield's asides especially weren't as laugh out loud funny here. Another is Garfield himself, as I've said Welker was fine as his voice, but Garfield isn't quite the same here. He does eat a lot, thank goodness they didn't miss out the fact he loves lasagne, sometimes mischievous and not always that nice to Oadie, but here he isn't lazy enough. Also some of the stories are a little unoriginal and predictable. In conclusion, it is nice, but is it the best Garfield show out there? No, Garfield fans may be disappointed, but those looking for some harmless fun will like it. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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Not the Garfield we grew up with
celestial-flight10 January 2010
I believe the previous reviewer is a bit misinformed. She acts as though Garfield never had a show when he, in fact, did. It was a cartoon show in the late 80s to early 90s called "Garfield and Friends." That show was far superior this one.

While the animation of this particular show is nice to look at, I feel it lacks the charm of the earlier show. The deliveries are flat and in many ways Garfield is not acting himself. Furthermore, I find myself missing US Acres, which was in included in "Garfield and Friends." If you are a fan of the show, you might be disappointed, but you can give a try to see if it's your... cup of lasagna? (Sorry, that was bad.)
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Wow, this is bad.
has_no_pseudonym2 January 2011
If I could give this show zero stars I would.

As a reenvisioning of "Garfield and Friends" it's atrocious. As a new strip-to-cartoon it's poor. As a cartoon show in its own right it's pretty bad. Sort of the level of super cheap, "let's throw together some drivel, the little kids watching this won't know what they're missing" sort of feel to it.

Garfield doesn't resemble Garfield from either the original show or the strips. There's no sarcasm, no confidence, no wit, no humor. What few jokes there are fall flat. The only reason Odie sounds right is because they got the same actor to voice him. Jon, instead of being an awkward, moronic sort of man, is a flailing pushover and frankly, boring. Where's his anger and impatience with Garfield's antics? (Maybe I need to see more episodes to see that, but...I really don't want to watch more than I have.)

The animation is sub par and erratic. The writing is just...bad. If the original "Garfield and Friends" was on the same level it would have flopped and not lasted seven seasons.
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Bland and forgettable
Rectangular_businessman10 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
While I don't hate this series, I don't like it very much either.

"The Garfield Show" pales in comparison with the vastly superior "Garfield and Friends", lacking the brilliant satirical angle which made that cartoon one of the best animations from the late eighties.

While "Garfield and Friends" had a clever sense of humor which made it enjoyable for kids and adults alike, "The Garfield Show" is way more childish, with more simplistic jokes and stories.

Without being terrible,"The Garfield Show" is frankly unremarkable and easy to forget.

Well, at least is much better than the awful live action movies.
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No Reeson To Live
jakenapoli12 March 2017
This show has changed my life. Maybe not in a good way, I was so distracted by this amazing show that I have neglected my family. And on top of this I missed my son being born now my wife has divorced me I was fired from my job all I have is this laptop and a garfield DVD

signing off
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An exceptional show, with a lesson learnt at the end
karl_with-1225 July 2009
Garfield - we've seen him as a stuffed cat who eats lasagna all day. But have we actually seen him on his own TV Show? Along with his best friend, Odie the dog, Garfield finds himself in sticky situations, and going through "cat issues" and like a random kid show, learning a valuable lesson at the end of the day.

Even though I've only seen one episode of the show, I've started to develop a certain liking for it... I mean Garfield and Odie embarking on a exciting expedition, trying to steal a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, guarded by a Lephracon. Then Garfield soon learns that "wealth isn't everything" and decides to do the right thing. What could be more better?

A typical kid show I know, but I'll recommend it to any Garfield fan.


(7/10 stars)

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njnya5 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
(This is me and my friend's review).

This is the worst show since Out of Jimmy's Head. The animation... where do I start. I KNOW! I'll start with the trees....FLAT. It's animated in 3D, but most of back ground props are 2D. Plus there's pretty much no texture in anything. The grass is just a flat plane of green with a few 2D sprigs here and there. Well, at least the characters have shadows.... do they? I don't know.

Another thing is the camera angles. The camera moves around a lot, sometimes the camera will pointlessly rotate around the entire area. In one episode, when the camera stopped rotating, it stopped behind a tree and half of the screen was covered by the tree.

What about the humor?

70% of humor = Jokes about Garfield's eating habits.

10% of humor = "Fourth wall" jokes.

20% of humor = other

Ya, most of the jokes are about Garfield's eating habits with some fourth wall jokes here and there. It's only made me come close to laughing once, maybe twice. Another thing is how there's not very many jokes in the show.

The Plots: I NEED LASAGNA, I NEED PIZZA, BUY ME FOOD, I'M FAT, I NEED MORE FOOD, I NEED SOMEONE TO COMPLEMENT ME ON HOW SKINNY I AM( His owner: Loose weight Garfield)! Also he can be kind of a jerk to some of the other characters, For example: beating up Nermel, throwing Odie out of the house ext. Other than that, the plots are mostly average like some guy being mean to his animal and then getting arrested.

Color scheme: The colors are mostly off like one scene (as seen by my friend) John's shirt was light blue in one scene and then dark blue in the next.

My friend says the character design is ugly because they are all round, and they lack shading.

It's hard to believe this show has over 150 episodes.

Over all, this show lacks in most categories. It's basically just your average kid's show (and below average in animation). Me: turns on TV, TV: Next up, back to back primers of the Garfield show, and after that, Johnny Test, and after that, more Garfield show! Me: Uuggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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I can't believe they keep showing this godawful show on Cartoon Network!
James Sims1 October 2011
Remember Garfield and Friends? That was awesome 80s and 90s nostalgia! I expected this show to be like that, but what I got instead was an ugly looking disaster.

First of all, it was made in France. Why would Cartoon Network show a classic American comic adapted by French?! That's the equivalent of Americans allowing a godawful German film about American history to hit the States. That was the horribly animated The Magic Voyage. This show fairly isn't as bad as that Dom Deluise atrocity, but it's still godawful.

Another problem is the animation. it looks cheap. especially for 2008.

Another problem is the target audience. The unfunny Garfield live-action movies were strictly for kiddies, but this show lacks any charm for adults. I liked Garfield and Friends because it was charming for both kids and adults.

The only thing good, is Garfield's voice. Frank Welker still has the ability to live up with Guy Lorenzo and Bill Murray.

Bottomline: It sucks. I would have given it 1 stars if it weren't for Frank Welker's decent voice.
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The Garfield Show
DCfan11 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As I have mentioned in the 2D movie reviews I was a massive Garfield fan as a kid. I really loved this show when I was younger and it was one of the things whenever I had a bad day at school then I would turn on the TV and laugh at this show.

Ignore the poorly bias bad reviews, I don't under why there are so many bad reviews and the majority of them are complaining because it is not like their precious Garfield and Friends. I am 18 and I have never seen that show because it had came out in the 1980's and I was born in 1999. So I guess it is too old for it.

The Garfield Show is not meant to be a sequel or a prequel to Garfield and friends either. It's meant to be a reboot for the newer generation.
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How can anyone write a bad review for this show?
matthewmichael4 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Just love this show my kids are hooked on it. These other reviews complaining about the animation....could you do better? I love the's not too busy like other cartoons..simple, family friendly story lines I think it is great! All the characters are funny and the town they live in is simple. I wish they could make more episodes! I remember watching the older Garfield show And I think this show is better. Garfield up to all his same adventures...alien catchers etc. Give this show a chance and after watching it I'm sure you'll agree. My kids watch them back to back all day on Saturdays. Also glad Netflix has this show.
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One of the best CGI shows ever made.
chaofreaks119 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
For any of you who imagine a Garfield TV show with CGI? Well, look no further, this is one of the best cartoon I've ever seen, well, Garfield, and Jon may have different voice actors (because the older ones died), but that still doesn't disappoint me.

Everything I almost like are the animations, they're pretty good! The jokes, one example is Garfield breaking the fourth wall like his comics,

that's very usual.

One of my favorite moments was on Virtualodeon episode, when a stranger gave Jack his bean, and realized he's been had XD, and also the episode when Garfield tells the audience, "It's a cartoon, I'll have my fur back," but when it was the other time, like Garfield getting crushed, he said "Like I said, it's a cartoon, I'll be back to normal," when it went to the screaming part, Garfield was still flat and said "So much for cartoon physic."

I highly recommend people from the old ages(I was born in 2001) from Garfield & Friends to take a look at this show, there might be moments they enjoy.
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this show an extremely utterly horrible abomination since Back at the Barnyard
kiti2230 November 2014
This Show is a Disgrace to the Garfield Franchise the First Garfield The Original Garfield Cartoon that first aired in the 80s was such a Classic

but this one is Bad The Characters Look Terrible in CGI The Soundtrack is Terrible the Episodes are awful and the Animation was Horrible talk about the characters, Garfield was not funny in this CGI Cartoon hes rude, loud and very annoying but hes seriously not funny Nermal Ruined the series because hes one of the most annoying characters ever and this show has no plot at all

this is one of the worst cartoons that first aired in the Late 2000s so Stay away from that cartoon

want to watch a cartoon with your young siblings try avatar the last airbender or my little pony friendship is magic
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The Annoyance Continues
GolddarnBTaintnone10 August 2015
My son uses our Netflix account to binge watch whatever cartoon series he finds. This week it is this piece of garbage excuse for a revamp. Take this sentence as a repeater symbol which essentially plays the same past reviewers' comments about the show in general.

What I want to rant about for a minutes is the horrible theme song. Why is it so damned action packed? This is supposed to be about a lazy fat cat. I don't get the relevance of this two step country rockish crap. There is a mini-guitar solo about halfway through that is atrociously out of tune. Every time I hear it I curse Jim for pissing all over the memories I had of this comic strip (not show, PRINTED COMIC). Wasn't anyone there in the studio to flag that while editing? Didn't they notice it? You'd have to be a tone deaf codine addict to deem that as passable in a real television show.

I wish Davis would have taken a cue from Bill Waterson and just stuck to the actual comic publications.
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Brett Burnes16 November 2014
The animation is just terrible. I'm not an artist, an art student, an art school drop-out, or a TV exec, but This Garfield lives in a peculiar world with no right angles at all. It's as if they are trying to simulate clay-mation with CGI. Everything has a weird rounded softness to it.

And the lip-sync is just wrong. The mouth movements have only a passing relationship with anything being said. Something went tragically wrong with the animation on this show. Everyone looks like they've had a couple dozen facelifts when they are speaking. And, while we're on it, unlike the comic strip and the older TV show, Garfield speaks his lines rather than "thinking" them, thereby treating us to even more of this atrocious lip-sync.

So the look is like the script--not too sharp. The writing captures only the most obvious things about the source material. The comic strip and the Garfield and Friends offered jokes that worked for the kids as well as jokes that work for the adults. I *think* The Garfield Show thought the 4th Wall-breaking asides would be sufficient to service this need, but they do not work.

Every so often we get a brief scene in which Garfield and Odie sit down to have a serious chat with us to remind us to not feed "people food" to pets, and to always eat healthy. These little treats play as condescending and insincere. Like a lawyer is making them cover their asses to lower the insurance rates.

In fact the entire show reeks of a low-budget money-grab. There is not art here, just someone managing risk, and milking money out of a character beloved by many.
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Worst show I have ever watched!
Bored Ham27 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I grew up reading the Garfield comic books. I used to watch Garfield and Friends on TV but I found this sh-- on Netflix and I decided to give it a shot. The animation is ugly as crap and looks like cheap plastic, especially for something that aired in 2008. Another thing, they copy other episodes that they did. There are 2 episodes where Jon wins the freakin lottery! And they actually "lose" it in both of the episodes. What else... Oh yeah! They even reuse the characters you see walking in the street! I usually see a guy in a green shirt with glasses and gray hair. You see him in a TV show playing his guitar. Then, you see him dating someone inside Vito's. Then, you see him in a game show and then you find him eating ice cream in a buffet not minding his own business which looks nothing like a f--king buffet. Oh yeah! The show is very cheap and probably costs $100 to make. The facial animation looks like sh--. Sometimes, you see the characters head go through a wall. The voice acting is poor.
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Boring, clichè and random
joachim00514 October 2013
I've loved the Garfield specials and the TV show, Garfield and Friends. I am a huge fan of this lazy, orange cat and looked forward to this new 3D-animated show. It was a mistake I should've never done. The first episode I watched was about invading lasagnas. The episode airing on TV now is a recent episode about robots invading the earth. It's basically the same episode, just slightly altered! The next episode was about Odie falling in love with a hair-brush (A watered down version of Rocko's Modern Life, perhaps), not to mention those horrible "pot of gold" and "dog contest" episodes, which has already been in countless cartoon.

Garfield talks in this show by moving his lips, which means humans can understand him in this show. This makes it a lot easier for the writers to solve his problems in the most typical ways.

There's very few reasons to even like this show. It has everything you've watched on TV before, but sugar-coated by using a popular cartoon character. The writing is horrible, the voices are annoying and the animation is mediocre at best. You can clearly see why they chose 3D- animation (Psst! Low production costs!).
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