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Trashy at times, but most always funny
John22 May 2010
Seeing as there are only 14 reviews at the time of writing this, I decided to add my say.

Most importantly this movie needs to be viewed as it is intended. It is a parody of what I'll dub as the 80's action sub-genre. Parodies have to be measured on a separate scale. In my opinion they're generally silly movies with goofy characters, ridiculous plots, and a few cringe-worthy moments. They are this way because of their nature; they exist to poke fun at prior works or themes. The good parodies are really enjoyable, and I classify MacGruber as a good parody.

I saw this at my local theater last night and while there weren't many other viewers, there was an almost steady stream of laughs throughout the movie. MacGruber picks up fast and lays out the comedy. There weren't any lapses where I was checking my watch.

However, to enjoy this movie you must be able to stomach some raunch. More than once I instinctively put my hand over my eyes shaking my head in somewhat disbelief that they "went there." However, at each of these times, I was still laughing, as was much of the audience. This movie pushes the limits, but if you can handle it, you'll come out with a smile on your face and chuckle as you think back on the ridiculousness of it all.
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much better than critics or reviewers tend to believe
turkishpirate17 September 2010
just watched this, after many told me not to. got to say that it was well worth it. forget what every review and critic has said about this film. it's just silly fun and should be enjoyed as such. not since zoolander has an American comedy delivered such stylistically authentic humour throughout the whole film. I understand that a lot of critics have used the SNL link to belittle this movie. however, fans of SNL and those who have never seen the sketches will be mutually entertained. there is enough here to satisfy both camps. supporting cast play their roles well, which must've been hard given the sheer commitment to character that Forte and Wiig demonstrate. i'll never forget that macgruber introduced me to the concept of an "upper decker". I am the better for it.
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First Good SNL Film in Almost 20 Years
brando64720 September 2010
Movies based on Saturday Night Live sketches have a rough history with very few of them being anything but awful. The last good SNL film was almost 20 years ago with WAYNE'S WORLD and it's sequel in 1992/1993. I have been a fan of the show for a while but I understand how hard it can be to stretch an idea from 3 minutes to 90 or more. I'm glad Will Forte and director Jorma Taccone have come along to revive the hope for decent comedies based on SNL material. Based on Forte's sketch, MacGruber is an American war hero and MacGyver parody known for failing to disarm bombs in the nick of time. Here, he is brought out of retirement to bring down his arch-nemesis, Dieter Von Cunth. Von Cunth is the man who murdered MacGruber's bride on their wedding day and he's just stolen a nuclear warhead.

I hadn't seen much of the original sketches until a friend of mine heard about the MACGRUBER movie and sat me down to watch the sketches on YouTube. Frankly, I wasn't all that impressed with the sketches. Each one felt the exact same and it got less and less funny with each one I watched. I didn't hold out much hope for the film but I gave it a chance after seeing some positive reviews. I am so glad my initial expectations were wrong. This movie was funny and it got more hilarious each time I watched it. A lot of the humor in the film is downright juvenile ("Time to go pound some Cunth") but it works. MacGruber (Will Forte) is completely deadpan with his delivery and truly believes he is a genius hero while those around him, friend Vicki St. Elmo (Kristin Wiig) and Lieutenant Dixon Piper (Ryan Phillipe), are just as vexed as the audience as to MacGruber's insane methods.

The movie reeks of old school 80's action films and does a decent job of balancing the oddball humor with decent action sequences. Granted there's nothing too over-the-top about the action in the movie, limited to your basic gunfights. This movie is a comedy first and foremost. From the little bit I'd seen of Will Forte previously, I was never a fan but MacGruber seems to be the character he was born to play. His wannabe machismo, overconfidence in his eccentric methods, and dedication to his Blaupunkt car stereo are hilarious and his love scenes are some of the funniest I've ever seen. I love Kristin Wiig's quiet awkwardness that she brings to her characters and Ryan Phillipe did a goo job as the film's straight man, the voice of reason against MacGruber's idiocy. Val Kilmer must have had a great time playing baddie Von Cunth because he's hamming it up in every scene. Kilmer was probably my favorite part of the film and I'd love to see him do some more comedies.

I can only urge people to give the film a chance. I know the negative stigma associated with SNL movies but I'm hoping this film is more than a fluke and that we can expect some more decent films from their label. Another friend of mine fought against seeing the film but when I finally got him to sit down and watch it, his mind had changed and now we're constantly quoting it. Don't misconstrue my positive remarks as complete love for the film, as it still has it's flaws, but it's still a fun time and deserves credit for that.
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One of the most underrated comedies of the past ten years.
rexxmantooth27 June 2014
I have watched this movie more times than I can count. It is a little rough around the edges and unappealing from first glance but when given a real chance will not let down. This movie really grows on you with multiple viewings and is sure to do the same to anyone with an open mind. The first term that comes to mind when describing this movie is "cult classic." This movie is raunchy in all the right ways but balances itself out with silly humor as well. Will Forte does a great job with this movie by giving it a facade of half-wit humor and making fun of itself in subtle and also obvious ways. In short this movie is has a deeper humor than people give it credit for.
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MACGRUBER shows why SNL is not past all hope
thorneer3 March 2010
A full-length film version of a recurring Saturday Night Live sketch may seem anachronistic these days; after all, it seemed the SNL movie finally died out way back in 1999/2000 with the one-two TKO of SUPERSTAR and THE LADIES MAN. The problems were obvious: even a talented cast and crew can rarely stretch out a three or four minute skit that hinged on the personality of the performer as he or she ran through the same joke again and again. I can think of only two times it did - THE BLUES BROTHERS and WAYNE'S WORLD. These films worked because their subject matter allowed for a larger story to unfold.

Lorne Michael's subsequent production efforts have taken the smarter tack. They build new stories around established talents, with the result that we go into the film with familiarity, to be sure, but also a sense of fun and surprise at what our favorite comedians might cook up. Tina Fey has really taken the ball and run with it in her backstage-at- SNL-show "30 Rock", realizing that after a while, all comedy sketches seem the same and the audience wants a different perspective. Meanwhile MACGRUBER co-writer and director Jorma Taccone, Andy Samberg and Akiva Goldsman (together The Lonely Island), have become the most popular act on SNL by largely ignoring its conventions and doing what they want. Samberg's on-air sketches are mostly forgettable, but he shines in LI's genre-skewing short videos.

Taccone and company know how to tap cultural cliché like no one else working today. They represent a new type of humor at work in American comedy - one that lovingly wallows in cultural familiarity and the ironic potential therein. In an age of YouTube and instant dissemination of, well, everything, they know that the best way to reach the widest audience at a level that truly connects is through their pop umbilical cords.

Will Forte's "MacGruber" sketches follow an identical formula: MacGruber, a hyper skilled MacGyver parody (we learn in the opening of the film that he has something like 16 Purple Hearts and four Medals of Honor, and has somehow served multiple tours of duty as a member of every branch of the armed forces) is trapped in a control room of some bad guy's lair with his assistant, Vicki St. Elmo (Kristen Wiig) and a third person played by that week's guest star. Plus a bomb with a 20 second timer. MacGruber sets to work using household items to defuse the bomb, but invariably becomes distracted, largely due to his own hubris and general cluelessness, and the bomb explodes. Forte and Taccone wisely dispense with this template until very late in the game, instead constructing a plot in which MacGruber is free to run wild. Thus: rich evil guy Dieter Von Cunth (Kilmer, having a ball) steals a nuclear missile which he intends to use on Washington, D.C. His motives are unimportant. What is important is that there's only one guy who can stop him: MacGruber. In an opening scene recalling RAMBO III (tellingly, the stupidest one), MacGruber's former commanding officer (Powers Boothe) tracks down the titular hero at a monastery in Ecuador, where he's spent the last ten years in seclusion following the death of his bride at the altar. She was blown up by Cunth. It was messy. It takes some convincing, and a team-assembling montage gone horribly, horribly wrong, but pretty soon MacGruber's back in action and taking the fight to the enemy.

Support is provided by Kristen Wiig as Vicki St. Elmo, a woman as strangely trapped in 1989-era style as MacGruber, as well as Ryan Phillippe as Lt. Dixon Piper, who actually seems to know what he's doing, if he can ever get through to MacGruber, whose home-made tactics not only generally fail to work, but often make things worse. Phillippe, Booth, and even Kilmer stand in for the audience as straight men, scratching their heads at MacGruber's insanity. Taccone and Forte give them lines that echo almost exactly what the average audience member might be thinking when MacGruber distracts some baddies by stripping down and utilizing a piece of celery in an interesting way. And yet it works. It makes sense. What's surprising is the rawness of the film: freed from the limitations of live network television, Taccone and Forte work to earn their R-rating. Boy, do they. MacGruber is a foul-mouthed near-deviant whose dedication to his country is matched only by his penchant for public nudity.

Forte is a dynamo on screen, showing that he, like Will Ferrell and others before him, will do absolutely anything to get a laugh, no matter how potentially embarrassing. While some of these gags might push the bounds of taste – MacGruber has a thing for "throat rips" and the less said about his methods in the bedroom, the better – Forte's exuberance for the character shines through. It's this commitment to the bit that helps MACGRUBER immensely. It's all absurd, parodic, and ultimately pointless, but it's a very entertaining 90 minutes. Taccone and Forte have great fun messing with the conventions of action movies in general – and "MacGyver" in particular, though I doubt MacGyver ever offered to fellate a man to accomplish the mission. The film looks and sounds fine, and Taccone has made a smooth transition from short form music video parodies to action cinema; he's still got some things to learn, but he's definitely got chops. The best thing that can be said of MACGRUBER is that in the end, the intelligence and cleverness of its creators situate this film happily much closer to the work of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg than to the Butabi Brothers.

Let's hope this is the next step in a journey back for Lorne Michaels to producing quality comedy. Somewhere, John Belushi is smiling.
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MaCruber????... a surprise masterpiece
kmcollins299 September 2010
I saw this movie last night and it was absolutely hilarious. I wasn't a fan of the sketch on SNL and was scared off by the poor reviews and its box office failure, but let me tell you this movie is really, really funny. I suppose its not for all tastes and it was a lot raunchier than I anticipated. If you are from my generation and grew up on an action diet of Sly Stallone, Arnold, Van Damme and Seagal, you will definitely appreciate the humor in this flick. It does a terrific job spoofing that genre. There is a very funny Road House reference as well, but I wont spoil it for you. Well worth watching. Don't be turned away by the poor reviews. I have a feeling when this one goes to DVD it'll have a cult following. The best comedy since Step Brothers. A shame it performed poor at the box office, because it could have made a terrific franchise.
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Hucking Fillarious!!!
KristianKronicles9 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Oh dear God, where do I start with this one? I've seen movies that made me laugh out loud more than once before, I've even seen a movie or two that had a scene where I laughed myself to tears. But I've never seen a movie that had me laughing with uncontrollable tears in my eyes on multiple occasions before.

Then I went and saw MacGruber last night.

Will Forte and the MacGruber crew are absolute comedic geniuses. And while there wasn't explosive scenarios every 30 seconds of the movie, like their SNL skits, it still stayed true to MacGruber and what he represents (whatever that is).

That movie did things and touched areas that no human from the past could ever have imagined was possible. I mean, seriously? Humping the tombstone of your dead fiancé? I'm not gonna bother with an explanation; you can all figure out how f'ed up that is.

Thanks to MacGruber I'll never be able to think of celery, The Big Show or tennis balls the same way again.

On a somewhat more serious note (I can't believe I'm talking seriously about MacGruber). The movie was an excellent parody of not only MacGuyver, but action movies themselves. MacGruber pretty much does everything that an action hero is supposed to do completely wrong. And he's a bigger douche than most movie bad guys out there, yet he's still f'n awesome.

All the positive reviews of the movie say this is the best SNL movie since Wayne's World and the best action comedy since Beverly Hills Cop. I say screw that, MacGruber blows both of them out of the water. I can certainly see how people who don't like mind numbing degrading comedy could hate this. But for everyone else who has an open mind (or a dirty mind), you will thoroughly love MacGruber with a passion.
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Silly & Fun
Mikeltje .2 September 2010
Very amusing movie, just have to be in a silly state of mind and not expect to much than this movie will deliver a lot. A lot of silly humour which had its affect.

This movie is crap in the best way, meaning you're watching and won't think good of it in the first minutes but it proves you wrong and you'll end up liking this even loving it.

All the characters have a issue that makes them fun to watch. This movie needs you to pay some attention to get some of the things.

i give this a 5 out of 5 stars !

Line 10...
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Depraved, immature, stupid, hilarious
boom-shanka11 December 2011
I've never seen SNL or know what it is as I do not live in USA... but it does not really matter, this movie does not seem to need any prior knowledge of this show.

This movie is completely depraved, immature, idiotic, stupid & warped; and i guess this is what makes it so much fun. It is not a serious movie. It does not cover serious topics & provide intellectual insight.

It is a vehicle for a premise of MacGruber, who is a kinda anti-anti-hero, whom can do no wrong and also can do no right. I loved him, then hated him, then loved to hate loving him - the actor did a good job of getting into character of this lunatic. The supporting cast were pretty much just that, to provide support & provide foundation for the slapstick.

The humour is random and very offbeat, it could be depraved at times and was base, but the jokes were laid so thick & fast it was hard for me to catch my breath in between the gags. Maybe they weren't suited to a 'mature' audience but that is definitely not who this movie is intended for. I loved it. I can kinda understand why some people may not but hey; i got to laugh (a lot) & they didn't.
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I'm somewhat at a loss for words
dtucker8621 May 2010
Movies that are based on Saturday Night Live sketches usually fall flat at the box office. Its hard to stretch one little sketch into a full length film obviously. Magruber is not a film for the sensitive. It is very vulgar and its hero is more annoying then anything else. Will Forte just doesn't chew the scenery, he grinds it into baby food! Val Kilmer pretty much does the same as the bad guy. What made me like this film isn't its star, but Kristen Wiig as Vicki and Ryan Phillippe as Lt. Piper. They both give great comic performances. Wiig has a howlingly funny moment in the coffee shop while shes wearing a wire. Actually the real hero of the film is Piper, if it hadn't been for him Magruber would have been dead several times over. In addition, Powers Boothe gives a great performance as Magruber's frustrated commanding officer. I wanted to mention that I learned something watching this film, I didn't know what a double decker was, now I do.
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Beyond Bad and almost completely Unfunny
peabody21 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This could very well be the DUMBEST movie I've ever sat through start to finish. Going in, I expected dumb. What I didn't expect was for the movie to be lifeless and almost completely unfunny. A couple of chuckles (driving around to bad 80's music or one subtitle for the word loco) can not make up for a truly awful film. This thing was all over the place trying to be part "Get Smart" part MacGyver parody but all it ended up being was a borderline offensive mess. Celery up the butt you can tolerate, some people may find it funny but horribly awkward and unfunny sex scenes (both real and with a ghost) and naked elderly people cross the comfort line and don't do so in any way that's funny whatsoever. I should have known better to go to the cinema hoping something funny was spawned by this era's SNL members.
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More than I expected.
mngo22821 May 2010
I have to admit, I wasn't to enthusiastic about this movie when I went to see it. I thought it was gonna be a fail. But I was wrong. I haven't seen a pointless comedy in so long that was actually funny. I would highly recommend this to anyone, but if you're one that has a stick up your rear, then I wouldn't recommend it. This wouldn't be for anyone that has a sour attitude that can't laugh at random things or their own jokes. But if you are the type that's kinda immature and can laugh at random things, it's for you! Also, there are more funny things than what the preview shows. Take your bros out to watch this cuz more than likely it's nothing for the ladies, unless they have a dude sense of humor!
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MacGruber is Funny
mmablaster22 May 2010
I'm guessing most of the people who are hating on this movie haven't seen it yet. The bottom line is that it is very funny. It definitely earned the R rating with loads of crude jokes, language, situations and content. If you like over the top humor, then this film is for you. It doesn't play out really like the SNL skits. The movie stands on its own, with MacGruber rounding up a team to take on Dieter Von Cunth. The hilarity ensues immediately, with joke after joke scoring big laughs. You will see MacGruber improvise, score with the ladies(live or dead) and get revenge on a couple occasions. MacGruber had our theater laughing hard throughout the film.
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MacGrubber is great! Pay no attention to the haters!
waldosanmiguel20 May 2010
I haven't laughed this much since BRUNO. Its great to see hard R rated films. Humor for adults. Kids from this generation, maybe they'll get it. It is nuts to the wall funny. Will Forte gives a comedian's star making performance. The funny thing is that it really looks like an action film. Some actors play it straight while Wiig and Forte pile on the laughs. There are a couple of scenes that are just laugh out loud funny. I gave a thunderous laugh, almost like a scream, I didn't care. Terms like upper decker will forever stay with me. It is probably the best SNL movie since WAYNE'S WORLD, strike that, since THE BLUES BROTHERS. I didn't laugh as hard watching WAYNE'S WORLD. For a great time,see this insane comedy. Classic Macgrubber!
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The Gum Holds
gnr008-321 May 2010
In 1985, a show began about a man who refused to use weapons but instead used his mind (and everyday household items, of course) to outwit the bad guys. Fast forward to the beginning of the 21st century, Will forte created a character on Saturday Night Live that would have been hilarious and relevant, in the 80's. His character MacGruber stars in a one-note riff parodying the TV icon Macgeyver. Naturally Lorne Michaels thought this 90-second sketch should be made into a feature length movie.

Along with Forte, fellow SNL cast member Kristen Wiig is thrown into the mix as MacGruber's daft gal Friday, Vicki St. Elmo. A nuclear warhead is stolen and of course the only man for the job is a stale 80's parody. In this film it actually works. Stuck together like makeshift crossbow made out of Bubble Yum and a paper clip, Macgruber mixes realistic action with over the top crude, childish and witty comedy. The movies gags are a lot like Macgruber himself. When he wins, he wins big but when he fails he falls flat on his face. The hit and miss comedy will leave you cackling and rolling your eyes. The movie's strength is its repetition of jokes, which surprisingly, make you laugh harder the second time.

Forte plays Macgruber with the same weak acting as that of MacGyver. Some of his nonsense rings true and some of it makes you wish he'd shut up. Val Kilmer is given surprisingly little to do as the movies villain. The funniest thing about him is his name. All together it leaves us with a mish mash of epic proportions. Though uneven the film does reward its audience with laughs. MacGruber has parts that shouldn't fit but by some miracle the Bubble Yum holds.
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Sick and Disgusting Do not waste time
rem101022 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
If you like butts with celery stuck up them, then you would love this movie, otherwise it lakes any redeeming humor whatsoever. I stayed through it to make sure I did not miss anything that would redeem this movie and nothing ever appeared. The attempted humor is very lacking and nothing does seem very funny at all. There are a few stars in this movie that really makes me wonder why they are so hard up as to have taking a role in this garbage. Sure there are those that say disregard the HATERS!, I do not hate this movie, I just see no reason to waste one's time watching it. The previews show only excerpts that appear to make the movie funny, but they are so off base, it is a total waste of time and movie. Do not take any kids to see this, as you will be embarrassed and would have to walk out at the disgusting topics --- Like the "Upper Decker" they refer to and think is funny --- crapping in the toilet water reserve rather than the toilet bowl --- how funny is that??? Also, killing all his team and then making another funny moment about that? MacGruber's only apparent skill is ripping out a person's throat and they show several of him doing so. Of course there are those of you that have nothing better to do and will enjoy this movie. For those of you that do, I feel sorry for you, as there is much more to life than this crap. Bob
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Absolutely Hilarious
John28 August 2010
I can't believe some of the reviews for this movie, they missed the jokes and the point completely. This movie is so ridiculous, so over the top, of course you're not supposed to take it seriously. It's goddamn hilarious stuff though, best comedy I've seen in a while. I watched it with three other friends and we were dying, laughing to tears constantly. I think that if you're old, or not into uncomfortable humor then you won't like this movie. If you're in your 20's or 30's then this movie is for you. Do you like the lonely island stuff, snl's digital shorts, the new skits they're doing that are really geared towards younger people? If you do then watch this movie, you'll love it. This should definitely have over a 7 rating here.
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One Big SNL Sketch
bkoganbing22 May 2010
Will Forte of the Saturday Night Live troupe of strolling comic players gets his chance to star in MacGruber a satire on those action heroes who accomplished impossible feats. For some reason this film propagates the notion that this started during the Reagan presidency. Personally I think this could have been set in any age when film was an entertainment medium.

Val Kilmer who played in a few such films back in the day is the evil villain who has a stolen nuclear missile planned for Washington, DC. He also is a personal enemy of MacGruber so when General Powers Boothe summons him for the mission, Forte has a lot to make Kilmer answer for.

MacGruber is not much more than a lengthy Saturday Night Live sketch given a big budget. Still that's not bad and Forte does go way over the top in this part. The kind of role where it is impossible to overact, the kind you generally find in horror films.

Fans of Forte's work on Saturday Night Live should enjoy this and others shouldn't take it too seriously.
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Consistently mediocre
PWNYCNY31 May 2010
Those who choose to parody a genre should know what they are doing before they proceed. The producers of this movie did not know what they were doing. Proof of that is this movie. The humor is flat, the lead actor not funny, the supporting cast unimpressive and it's not even campy. But at least the movie is consistent - consistently mediocre. It's never quite bad enough to write it off as a total loss but it never rises to the occasion either as a funny movie. The movie attempts to be silly but instead it's boring. It tries to borrow from other action-adventure movies but succeeds in being a travesty. This movie fails where a movie like Tropic Thunder succeeds. Why this is the case is a matter for speculation. But one thing is for certain - this movie is destined for a quick trip to DVD land, the place where even a bomb like this can finally have its chance to explode.
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Incredibly Funny!!!
Pumpkin_Man25 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this a few hours ago with a friend, and I thought it was very funny! Will Forte and Kristen Wiig were the perfect comedic team. It it filled to the brim with comedy, and action. This is now one of my favorite movies of the year. The jokes were very dirty, very silly, and very dumb, but I loved every minute of it. A man named Dieter Von Cunth is in possession of a X-5 missile, which contains a nuclear warhead. Colonel Faith needs the help of MacGruber to stop him. MacGruber teams up with his long time friend named Vicki St. Elmo, and a rookie named Lt. Dixon Piper. Piper respects him, but doesn't always agree with his silly unorthodox techniques. Will MacGruber be able to save Washington D.C. and stop the bad guy? I highly recommend MACGRUBER!!!
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Funniest Movie I've Seen For A Long Time.
djsneakypeaky30 August 2010
I saw a trailer for this film which looked pretty good so I decided to watch it.

The trailer doesn't do it justice. Absolutely Hilarious is the best way to describe this movie. I had seen the previous sketches and the film is so much better.

Don't get me wrong many will probably be offended by the coarse language used (hence the bad reviews) and the antics MacGruber gets up to. But if you are not easily offended I'm sure you will enjoy this movie as much as I did.

A Cheesy, Offensive, Action Comedy that I couldn't stop laughing at. Definitely one to watch again and again.
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Changed my mood! (insert smiley face)
mikabreto4 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I went into the theater in a sh*tty mood: I had to pay for tickets, drinks and snacks, plus my hemorrhoid was flaring, so I was not in a mood to sit. It all changed for me after the first 2 minutes of the movie. I daresay it cured my medical condition right up, since I was clenching my buttocks so hard in laughter. This movie's mission is to make you laugh and laugh and I swear this one lady p*ssed her pants. Just to give an idea of how crass the humor is, think of the dirtiest humor you've ever seen and double it. The back-to-back over-the-top sex scenes are hilariously well-timed, and the little touches like the Blaupunkt motif and the hilariously outdated eighties music are also great reasons to recommend this movie to Mature audiences.
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Better than the box office numbers give it credit for.
It seems to be the hidden goal of every idea in the universe to end up in movie form. Whether it started as a TV show, comic book, video game or an action figure (possibly featuring kung-fu grip); everything strives to be blown up and projected to a captive audience. Many of them fail, in extraordinary fashion (ahem… McHale's Navy, Steel, Double Dragon and Masters of the Universe, respectively), but some break through the barrier of novelty and succeed as memorable theatrical experiences (the recent J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek deserves mention, along with the Gothic wonderment of The Dark Knight). In the particular world of translating comedy skits, Saturday Night Live takes center stage as the longest running live comedy show with a continually growing treasure trove of material, but they are equally challenged with bringing about quality movies. While many will celebrate the original Wayne's World and The Blues Brothers, we also hope beyond hope to block out train wrecks like It's Pat. The newest effort to come out of the SNL think-tank, after a decade-long hiatus, seems primed to ride the wave of 80's nostalgia, but will it catch hold? Read on… MacGruber is an absurdist parody of the 80's adventure show starring the jack-of-all-trades namesake, MacGuyver. In the original SNL skits, each one only ran thirty seconds while MacGruber would ask for random knick-knacks in order to build a bomb-defusing device and save everyone trapped inside a repeatedly locked room. He never fails to distract himself past the point of detonation, killing everyone. The feature length version finds MacGruber yanked out of seclusion into the armed forces as the only one who can track down his arch-enemy, Dieter Von Cunth, who gains possession of a nuclear warhead and plans to reduce Washington D.C. to tiny piles of radioactive dust.

I'll fully admit the first time I heard they were pushing forward with the idea of a MacGruber feature film, I thought it would be a waste of time, space and celluloid. Yet, months later when that first trailer rolled out I found myself shocked to actually be chuckling and thinking it actually had a shot at being something worth watching. Many people believed it couldn't be done, that an absurdist parody born from a 30-second skit could never last for over 80 minutes, but writers John Solomon, Jorma Taccone and co-writer/star Will Forte succeeded at just that. As numerous film business outlets have reported by now, the opening weekend box numbers were dismal and some are already calling it the 'bomb of the year', a moniker I strongly feel is undeserved, at least not in terms of quality. One of the keys to triumph was pushing each and every joke just a handful of beats past the point of normal, 'safer' comedies. Both of the main SNL alums, Will Forte and Kristen Wiig held on doggedly to drain each moment of the last possible chuckle, which for some audience members actually makes it even funnier. I felt Ryan Phillipe was an odd choice for the straight man because I didn't think he could hold the screen against Forte, but he grew on me during the film and in the end proved that he was indeed willing to 'go there' to get the laughs. As for the villainous Val Kilmer and his portrayal of Von Cunth, he's at his best when his characters are smarter than the rest of the people on screen, and the crowd, and the writers (see Real Genius or Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang). While Kilmer doesn't come near that level of comedic ownership, he does balance out nicely with the rest of the cast and digs into the second-grade humor when it's called for.

While it may play out to be one of the year's biggest box office disasters, MacGruber will ride on and gain a solid life on DVD as a cult comedy, not unlike Hot Rod, starring Andy Samberg, another SNL superstar. No matter what happens, they can always rest easy knowing it's still better than It's Pat.
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MacGruber: Throw Your Money Out Instead
missmascotto24 May 2010
I find it unfortunate that this site does not allow you to give a vote of no stars. This movie certainly didn't earn any. From the offensive naming of the characters to its overuse of bathroom humour (which, let's face it, was never really genuinely funny to begin with), MacGruber was the worst movie that I can recall seeing since the days of Leonard Part 6 and Howard the Duck. It was obvious from the beginning that the only types of humour that would be used throughout the film would be unoriginal, offensive and desperate. Never before have I had such an overwhelming desire to get up and walk out of a movie theatre and demand my money back. A friend and I sat and exchanged disgusted looks as we prayed for the movie to end. Genuinely horrible.
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Ripping throats
tphart8823 May 2010
I saw this going in with low expectations. Maybe it was because I had such low expectations, or maybe it was because. Was with my best friend who has the same sens if humor as I, but in the end I thought Macgruber was hilarious.

This much dirtier than the past SNL movies, movie, takes the Macgyver spoof clips and creates a feature length film. The common ideas between the sketches and the movie are that Macgruber is a loser trapped in the 80s who is successful about 10% of the time . I kept thinking that I had no idea how they could make an entire movie of a guy getting blown up again and again. I guess I just had no idea that an actual plot could be created. And for most of the movie Macgruber is a loser, but once he starts ripping throats, s*** gets real.

With the recognizable homage to the SNL sketches near the end many laugh out loud moments such as; the old celery trick, humping a gave stone, and multiple intense orgasms, Macgruber did it's job. The creativity and surprisingly enjoyable performances make one forget the few slightly awkward less funny scenes and walk away smiling.

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