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Season 2

27 Jul. 2010
A New Beginning
Seven strangers from all walks of life enter a ground breaking real life experiment to see if they can survive and rebuild after a simulated global viral outbreak wipes out most of humanity.
3 Aug. 2010
After the Fall
To secure their house from a new hostile threat, the colonists try to make an electrical power plant from rotting pig carcasses and an old tractor. And with food running low, Jim and Deville hunt game in the bayou.
10 Aug. 2010
The Colonists look toward sustainability, but dwindling resources and the introduction of two outsiders to the experiment upset the balance. Later, the Colonists are attacked while scavenging for supplies outside the Colony.
17 Aug. 2010
To Have and Have Not
A massive fire forces the Colonists to rethink their internal security options and Reno comes up with a creative way to build a huge windmill out of scrap found in the compound.
24 Aug. 2010
The Abduction
In a post apocalyptic world, the Colonists' negotiating skills are put to the test when one of their own is violently abducted and the ransom note demands their precious resources of medical supplies, fuel, and food in exchange for their missing member.
31 Aug. 2010
While trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, the Colonists discover their water source has been heavily contaminated and a leadership issue breaks out.
7 Sep. 2010
The Colonists deal with deception in the fight for food resources, as a stranger living among them reveals himself.
14 Sep. 2010
VOPA returns with unexpected consequences. Focus then turns to arming the Colonists for an impending attack and to finalizing the scout boat for exploring the bayou in search of food, resources, and an escape.
21 Sep. 2010
The Virus
A militia of outsiders attacks the Colonists and their newly fortified compound. Then, the group divides, some taking the scout boat out to do reconaissance for supplies and a place to escape to. But not everyone makes it back from the mission.
28 Sep. 2010
Don't Look Back
The Colonists mount a counterstrike on the militia who have been attacking them. Then their focus returns to finishing the escape boat. But before they can leave, VOPA presents the Colonists with one last difficult choice.

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