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Loved the books
tenealesharman30 September 2022
Just finished episode 6 and I'll keep watching it til the end. I just honestly can't get over rose and her mums accent; why add an Aussie and kiwi accent? It's so distracting. Rose has been miscast, her Turkish roots play a role in the story. And I'm sorry but she's quite a weak actress. I feel like I'm casting they've gone down a run sheet and ticked a whole heap of boxes. The thing is, this story and the nationality of key characters are part of the story Unfortunately the costumes are worse then the where do you even start. A complete disaster Don't compare it to the books and it's ok.
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Had low expectations and it met them
AfricanBro21 September 2022
They make the most of it, production is a little underwhelming and budgeted but the premise is pretty decent. The ideology of the series is really the only thing that kept me watching past the first episode otherwise it's really nothing special. It starts off already in the middle of things with no introductions to the character or world the show's based in; howbeit, it isn't complex so you catch on pretty quickly on what's what. The story is close to "A discovery of witches" calibre, everything else however, the writing, acting, budget, plot and production, isn't anything to behold. A couple episodes in I let myself get invested in the characters and I'm enjoying it better. I never heard of the books until now and a lot of the reviews go on about how this is nothing like them and not as good; and I get it because in the proper hands or even just a bigger studio this really could be something better. I didn't really go in with high expectations. So from what others have said if you're a fan of the books you might not enjoy it, but as someone who hasn't read them, despite this being subpar compared to others in the genre like 'The Originals' or 'discovery of witches' etcetera, I'm still interested enough to keep on watching.

It's not great, neither is it "1/10" terrible. Just one of those typical IMDb cases were if someone doesn't like something they go straight to 1 star and if they love it it's a 10, just extremes. Objectively speaking it's probably like a 4 (or 3 if you're being really critical), just added an extra 1 as someone who likes seeing new fantasy concepts even if it's just tweaks to what's already there.
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this dosn't suck (no pun intended)
stehartley17 September 2022
If you use the books as a guide rather than a script you get a pretty decent vampire show. Ignore all the 10/10s and 1/10s and read the inbetween reviews and you will get a more honest feel of how good or bad the show is. I for one quite enjoyed it. It wasnt quite as good as the movie but it came pretty darn close. Script is pretty solid and decent performances from most of the characters. Special effects are on point. Given the state of streaming platforms and how fast they seem to cancel shows whether good or bad. I could see this show running for 3 or 4 seasons if it picks up the pace and with legacies finishing its a good way to get your vampire fix.
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Much Better Than I Hoped
meltingmel16 September 2022
I was definitely on the bandwagon that this show was going to suck and I had ALL the reasons why. NOPE ! I was so wrong and I'm really happy about that. It's done SO WELL! Do I love some of the changes? I'm not happy about them but they smooth over them very well. I think the reason why I'm so happy is that the acting is really good, and the chemistry between key romantic characters is spot on. So because of that... I'm loving it. I also can very much see the polished work of Julie Plec.

I'm shocked to see a very low rating considering I was one of the worst, loudest, and angriest protestors on the changes before the show aired... I was sure more people would come around like I did. I'm hoping it doesn't get cancelled - I'm enjoying the hell out of it.
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Never read the books
crystle071322 September 2022
Maybe that's why I like the show. I find it enjoyable and it leaves me looking forward to the next episode. I really like Rose and Lissa. I certainly hope it is renewed for a 2nd season. Does it have some cheesy parts? Of course. Even some of the best shows suffer from cheesiness once in a while. If you haven't watched it, or read the books, don't go by just the reviews alone. Watch and make up your own mind. I mean, there are some shows out there getting 7 or higher in reviews, and I found them extremely boring. I would get one or 2 episodes in, just to go look for another show, ones I've watched before. All during the past couple of months when there has been nothing on.
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Excuse Me While I Grieve . . .
India_Ana16 September 2022
I can't believe I subscribed to Peacock TV for this. I'm glad I got a discount for the year. It doesn't look like I'll be subscribing for a second year though. I will never understand why someone takes a book and reworks the characters, world, and story to create something different from the original form. The whole point of watching a book come to life as a movie or show is to see it play out on the screen like it did in my head. To see this world with my own eyes, and to see the characters in the flesh. I DO NOT want changes.

The more I watched, the more I fumed. The show writers CANNOT write this world, characters, nor story better than the author. And if they were true fans of the books, they would understand that veering away from the books is a stab to the heart. I only gave the show a chance because I wanted a better version of the movie. The movie isn't great, but I still love it dearly. I felt no love for the TV show. I'm being generous with a 3. Sadly, that will reflect badly for the look of the show, which was the best thing this show had going for it.

If you're a none reader, and you love the show, DO NOT read the books until long after the show gets canceled, you'll regret it. Or do yourself a favor and read the books, and drop the show. Your choice. I'm off to grieve for the high expectations I had that was murdered this evening.

===== ===== ===== UPDATE #1 ===== ===== =====

Since I paid for one-year subscription of Peacock TV, I will be watching more episodes of Vampire Academy's first season. I was hoping that once I had grieved the show I was wanting, that perhaps I could let it go and take on the show from a different, new viewer, perspective. Yeah. No. The fifth episode started out okay, and then more drastic changes were made. Sure, the changes were made to minor characters. But these minor characters had strong roles in the plot line of the main character and her posse. Which just goes to reinforce that the show is on a completely different path than the books. If I wanted to watch a show that was nothing like the books, I wouldn't be as peeved as I am right now. I just don't get why anyone would buy the rights to a book or book series just to change it up into something completely different. Why not just use the works as inspiration without buying the rights to it? (The built in fandom, duh! Guaranteed high ratings, at least in the beginning.) Why not let someone who will be true to the book/s buy the rights, and you just create everything from scratch that is similar to the book/s, and thus not tick off the fans. I'm not sure I'll even bother to continue to watch. I may have to find other things on Peacock to get my money's worth during my one (and only) year of subscription. Julie Plec has been added to my, "never again will I watch anything by this person ever again" list.

===== ===== ===== UPDATE #2 ===== ===== =====

I've finished the last episode, and I'm done with it. I'm hoping it doesn't get picked up for a season two so that someone else will buy the rights and give me a more book accurate version.

The best thing about this show is that it has given me an idea for how to sell the rights to future works. If the people planning to buy the rights to your work is going to make drastic changes to it, don't sell the rights to your original work . . . Instead sell the rights to a fanfic parallel world version of your original work. Make those who are planning to buy your work and making drastic changes buy the fanfic parallel version instead. Make them change the title and character names, and leave your original work free to be sold to someone who will be loyal to it. Make them pay extra to temporarily take the original work off of the market. They can pay a yearly fee, or a three or five year fee to prevent the original work from becoming competition.

I mean, if they buy the rights to your original work, and then create fan fiction with it, why not just sell them the fanfic rights instead, and keep your original rights to sell to those who want to use the original version of your work? Sounds like a win-win to me. Fans will know from the start that the new show or movie is a fanfic version, not an original version. If Vampire Academy had been sold as a fanfic version, with a new title and new character names, and the fans were made aware of it, I probably would have enjoyed it more. But to sell me a fanfic version of the original work? Nope. Never going to fly with me.
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They should have said "loosely based on" and not adaptation.
willandtruly14 October 2022
The subject matter is similar and most of the characters have the same names, but that is where the majority of the similarities to the book series disappear. The story in the show bounces all over all of the books picking and twisting the different events. These books were also for young adults and the content of the show is definitely not for young adults. I wish I had not read the books prior to seeing the show, maybe than I wouldn't be as disappointed. I read all of the Vampire Academy series books and then continued on the the Bloodlines series. I genuinely hope they do not attempt to convert those books as well.
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Just wrong
pooya-932-55889317 September 2022
Vampires that can't move fast or disappear like any vampire movie or series, they are too ordinary and teflon to call them vampires. Just fangs? Are you kidding me? Elder vampires and kids are the same in powers? The vampires do parkour only that's hilarious instead of interesting. This series is a bad joke pretending to be serious with creators had no concept or clue on what vampires are... Then it comes to elemental magic and thats another disappointment, weak vampires, weak story, weak philosophy and the whole series will lease a bad taste, with fights that looks like very bad johnwick copy fights in a vampire series thats hilarious. I should say WTF.
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Some good with the bad
tinkkytone1 November 2022
You could spend your time while watching this show nitpicking it to death...or you could just enjoy it for what it is - a vampire show that doesn't take itself too seriously. Yes, there is a stunning lack of world building which at times makes things very confusing, and the writing is...not that good, but overall it's just a fun show to watch. The cast is very easy on the eyes, if not the best actors, and the costumes for the "royals" are an interesting show within the show. The first season is ten episodes and each episode is less than 50 minutes, so I got through this fairly quickly once I stopped all the nitpicking, and just started enjoying, which s what you need to do if you are reading this.

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What on earth...
beccaboobear-8361917 September 2022
Did the writers of this show get handed the book only to yeet it out the window... i wish companies would stop taking books that are A plus grade and turning them into steaming hot garbage. Poor choice in cast. I just... i cant believe they did this, if i was Richelle Mead i would be so pissed off. Honestly if you are reading these reviews thinking about watching this show, this is your warnings now... DONT DO IT, ITS A TRAP. Worst adaptation of a book I think I've ever seen... the movie was honestly 100000x better than this show at least the movie followed the book more and the choice in cast was way better.
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I absolutely love it
nicholecarhart-3020816 September 2022
As a huge HUGE fan of the books I was a little concerned about this adoptation because of all the changes they announced beforhand. However after watching the first episode I absolutely love it .I just finished episode 4 it was fantastic I love all the changes it makes its own bold statement I can't wait to watch all the characters develop in the series I hope they go far and finish all the books and make a spin off series for Bloodlines .I love what they have done the filming locations are perfect I love the clothes the way the talk its perfect. Everything is amazing I can't wait to see more I highly recommend this show .Sure it's different from the books but that doesn't mean a bad thing give It a chance I did and I absolutely loved it .
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I can forgive adaptions being very different from the original material, but I can't forgive pure trash
GirlwithFlowersandBooks28 September 2022
In my teenage years I read and enjoyed the original series and the spin-off series. I also actually enjoyed the movie since it captured some of the silliness I loved about the books and I did feel the characters were portayed with a fair degree of justice.

I REALLY wanted to like this series but I don't. It's not just that the story and characters are different, but the WRITING is embarrassing. One of the worst pieces of trash I've seen lately. As a plus, I actually like the actress potraying Rose, she's feisty, tough and, above all, loyal.

I could only watch one episode, and trust me I forced myself to even finish this one. I do my best not to review things based on only one episode, but I know this is not for me.
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Enjoyed it!
paigeherberg15 September 2022
There have already been bad reviews on this show. However, it seems to be from not understanding the world in which Vampire Academy is in. Yes they are using umbrellas in the sun. If you pay attention in the show, it explains why. Yes they use sunglasses sometimes even at night; once again, this is explained in the episodes already available if they are watched.

Even with it being told before hand of changes being made from the books, this is a good show. They are adapting the changes from the books is a good way that works for TV.

Honestly, the only reason I got Peacock was for this show. I am glad I did!
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surprisingly pretty good
paulalbrecht28 October 2022

It seems like every single review here is about how this show is very far off from the books it is based on. However as someone who has never even heard of these books I enjoyed the show. With that it is most definitely a teen drama so if that's not your thing then you can skip this one.

Teen dramas are typically very poorly written and acted, this show is just average in both of those departments with some scenes feeling a little bit too corny for me but overall its not nearly as bad as it could've been. None of the romances between characters feel forced or unnecessary and the fight scenes are done very well with high quality choreography.

Its by no means a show that is Emmy worthy but its a fun watch if you're looking for a bit of romance, a bit of action and some vampires.
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Really stupid
tranat7118 September 2022
I don't care about the skin colors of the actors or their sexual preferences or whatever.

I just care about great writing, directing and acting.

And this series has absolutely none of these.

The writing is atrocious. Things don't even make sense. For example, the reason for having a strong big security gate is to prevent intruders or prevent your enemies from easily attacking you. So what do these idiots do when they hear some strange sounds outside the gates? They freaking immediately open the gates so that intruders could easily attack them. So stupid.

The directing is atrocious.

The acting is atrocious.

You get the point.

Everything is just terrible.
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A different spin on vampires
Wameup16 September 2022
Just another vampire show from the producer who infamously does vampire shows? Think again.

The bad: The pacing in the first episode was off. The scenes were too quick because they tried to pile so much information and introduce so many characters. This started to improve by episode two.

The good: The introduction to the world of VA made it easy to understand the different races of vamps and what their special abilities are. I really liked this for those who are new to the VA world.

The themes they're exploring, such as social hierarchies, are all relatable to the real world in a vampire setting. I'm especially fond of how they've portrayed it.

For book fans (like myself), I think it truly is a good balance between following the books and having an adaptation that is suitable for screen. The changes they've made allow us to see more of the characters and explore different sections of Moroi society. Casting is never going to be exact, but the cast play the characters amazingly. The acting and chemistry is next level.

Definitely recommend watching.

And yes, there's female leads.
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This was a good start
therock6630 October 2022
First let me get out the way that people that come on here and review stuff typically will have a strong opinion one way or the other. With VA, many people had specific expectations that the show would follow the books, just like the movie. Ask yourself, how well that turned out (check the sales and reviews on that). So, now we have an experienced showrunner who once again will turn a vampire book series into a tv show. She isn't going to make it like the books or the movie. She is going to make changes to give new viewers and the book lovers a different perspective. Take the characters down different paths. Switch things up. Sometimes, change is hard. I don't mind following this journey. The show is exactly what is needed now and it's good. It has room to make improvements and can get even better. Just needs a bit of patience and support. I am here for it and I support this series. Rating it high for the first season as I know it has potential and I wish it the best.
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Didn't like at first but it's growing on me!
cari_carter27 October 2022
I feel like it's coming full circle and while it started as eating up the entire book series storyline, it now almost seems like a prequel at the same time. I don't like a few things about the relationships and how Rose sometimes acts which is completely out of character for her in the book. While I didn't like the changes, I'm coming to be okay with them. We'll see how this season ends before making any final judgment. I'll watch it regardless because I Love VA! Totally different but similar at the same time. Hated it but now am okay since I kept watching! Give it a shot and don't take any reviews too seriously. I know it's tough for diehard fans but I think we'll get to the stories we love eventually as long as it continues!
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I created imbd just to review this
alicianone15 September 2022
I like the work of Julie Plec but sweet Lord of Potato, this is horrible. I loved the books and I wouldn't personally mind some changes (from the books) in the TV show (they are necessary I think). But this? This is so disappointing. The characters of many were completely ruined, the story sucks, the choice of actors is honestly not good in the most cases even though they are good in their other shows or movies.

Other than that - Dimitri Belikov is supposed to be Russian - it is actually very important for the story (of course story of the book) and not to be played by the actor with heavy British accent. It just doesn't make sense.

This is just sad.
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xqwwczb15 September 2022
Absolutely loved the first four episodes of VA!! I had the chills all the way through and the aesthetics were amaze BALLZ!! It's also not that cheesy mean girl vibe! It's life or death, you see the inner workings of what a society goes through! You see royals, non royals, and dhampirs clash in societal status!! You get the chance to experience the journeys two young women take to make their worlds a better more functional system. You also get those little details that make squeal like a little girl and melt your heart into mush! I love the books and I love the movie but this adaptation to the Vampire academy has blown itself out of the water! It definitely deserves a watch!
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A worthy watch thus far......
skpn12318 September 2022
I love the book series - it is a fun ride with some good messages about friendship and diversity. I also like the movie. So far the series is a worthy watch though there was a small problems.... I was getting quite confused and though WOW this series is a bit of a muddle - then I realised my program had jumped to Episode 4 instead of the Pilot Episode 1.....

Note to self: It helps a lot for the coherence of the show if you commence at Episode 1 ha ha ha. However it made little different - it is still somewhat disjointed, relatively unconnected and engaging......

I must say, Dimitri Belikov is my favourite character in the books and thus far in the series he is not grabbing me.... and I am not feeling the Chemistry with Rose..... Onwards and upwards....... there is plenty of time for that chemistry to build and become what it will.....
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Better than expected
jasminelouis-7592415 September 2022
This show has already surpassed what I expected it to be. I also believe it's nothing like the books but also there's a familiarity to it that feels like home. Don't go with a certain expectation instead go in with an opened mind. And I believe many will like like this series. I do hope there's a season two which will allow the writers a bit more time to develop the script but the chemistry between these actors and how they are portraying the in book characters makes it all worth. I will say I am not the biggest fan of shows mainly focused on politics I feel as tho we already experience that in the real world but the writers have done a good job at trying to balance,politics,love,sex and horror all at once.
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Enjoyable despite book differences.
mercedeszerbini18 September 2022
Into episode 4. Not going to lie, the differences pulled me out of it a bit, but it is still enjoyable. I'm annoyed when interrupted and can't wait for the next episode - means it's great for me. The characters are likeable and dialogue flows. The drive for what they're doing doesn't leave me perplexed. The chemistry between the couples is there and I'm drawn in. It's good so far and I'll keep watching. I'm already worried it'll be canceled because of the negative reviews that want/need the books to be replicated. If I want what I've already read/seen in my head, I'll re-read the books - but I guess that's just me.
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Showrunners will run out of material in about 10 episodes
irnbondar13 October 2022
I have read the books many times and I am here for some changes. But here's the deal for anyone who didn't read the books: get ready to be disappointed soon - the showrunners will run out of material in approximately 10 episodes. They will start coming up with new non sequiturs - and it is not news that when show runners try to write their own stories, it just is never good and reads as fan fiction. Unless you like that sort of writing.

From the very beginning of the show new characters have been introduced one after another. By episode 6 I forgot what was in the episode 3. By episode 7 we are introduced concepts that do not show up until book 5 and it just feels irresponsible to burn through material. The pacing of the show is unbearable. For how many gorgeous sets and costumes they have - they could have at least doubled the show time, instead of fitting the exposition for one story or another in a 5-line dialogue.

Based on the previous things Julie Plec did, I can see that they took the route of explaining everything at once and then having to come up with new stories in the future if the show takes off.

Show runners made some questionable choices by confusing the names of characters, for example queen Tatiana suddenly became queen Marina, but there's now another Tatiana running for the throne. This just feels intentional to anger the og fans.

To address the changes in the character backgrounds - I could care less. I like the cast, I like Rose and Dmitri's chemistry, for most parts.

Big thanks to hair and makeup - I LOVE seeing pores on character's skin. Thoughtful costumes for guards, and the costume department went all out for over the top gowns.

Final thought: looks great, bad pacing.
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cuzinit-9083824 October 2022
Honestly, I love this show! It does an amazing job at giving suspense and some seriously interesting plots and twists. Alot of people who like the books don't seem to like it much, but honestly I never expect a tv show to be a word for word of books or to even follow the entire storyline of a book. That's just not how it usually goes. If they did, it would just be another book. It wouldn't be a TV show that is inspired by the books. I can't wait and hope there is another season because I am in love with these characters and the actors playing them! MORE PLEASE!!! I really do find there to be quite a bit of great effects in this too that seem really well done.
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