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Season 3

17 Oct. 2012
Episode #3.1
Kim and Den start work on a new geriatric ward with baffling new equipment though Pippa is happy that her divorce has come through and she is launching her project on female genitalia. Former matron Hilary is back in a consultative role and tells Den he is going to be tested for HIV,advising her to do the same after their fling. Whilst Kim and Den argue over whether or not new patient Mrs Dethick is a time waster Den talks of moving on in line with her husband's new job but is shocked to learn that she may be pregnant.
24 Oct. 2012
Episode #3.2
Pippa does her best to impress Dr Kersley and his commissioning consortia with her project Vag-At but has trouble squaring her divorce settlement and is dismayed that desirable Dr Kersley is married. Den tells kindly matron Damaris Clarke of her pregnancy and is delighted to hear of the perks this will give her. She has changed her mind about leaving the area and asks if she can move in with Kim but gets knocked back as Kim wants to devote her time getting an academic degree in nursing. Meanwhile a voluntary care assistant sent by the agency is mistaken for an ...
31 Oct. 2012
Episode #3.3
The hospital embarks on an energy saving initiative which Hilary takes far too seriously,creeping around the ward to turn off electrical appliances and sorting rubbish into different coloured bags though he does give Den a present for her baby. Den tells Kim she cannot be her mentor for her degree course so Damaris steps in instead after a patient who is a doctor has given Kim tips on presentation. Mrs Dethick is readmitted and diagnosed with hypochondria whilst Pippa gets advice from an unexpected source over her divorce settlement.
7 Nov. 2012
Episode #3.4
Den gets a new fridge for her breast milk and is asked by Hilary for recommendations regarding job cuts. On the day her mother is admitted to casualty Kim decides to quit smoking but with Damaris criticizing her written work for her course she finds it an uphill struggle. Pippa,holding a torch for Tom Kersley,tries to impress him by putting new admission Mrs Dingsdale in a private ward whilst getting legal advice from lawyer-turned- cleaner Hansley.
14 Nov. 2012
Episode #3.5
With Damaris gone to another hospital and union rep Megan unwilling to mentor her Kim considers giving up the idea of a degree course whilst a grateful Pippa gets Hansley an internship with her solicitor. The nurses are also encouraged to take part in an inter-ward contest to design a Christmas card but somehow Kim's inexperience on the computer means that for a design she submits a photo of a coma patient's crotch,rather than Den's snap of her holiday in Norway. Fortunately the patient's daughter finds it hilarious. Mrs Dethick is readmitted and is thrilled to learn ...
21 Nov. 2012
Episode #3.6
The ward is invaded by a party of school children led by pretentious artist Dylan Schwartz who are collecting patients' stories for a class project and who interfere with the nurses' work. However the patients are delighted with the eventual results. After they have gone Hilary is shocked when Den tells him she has lost the baby but Dr Oxford's scan proves otherwise whilst a newly glamorised Pippa is taken aback when her ex-husband arrives to say he has cancer.

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