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CRUSTACEAN is pure, simple, FUN!!
hch911 April 2012
I have always had a fascination with carnival side shows. I remember as a kid going to our state fair and seeing the "tiniest person alive" and the woman that was half person/ half snake! These are now considered "non-PC" shows, so they are not found in fairs and carnivals today. Luckily we have movies like CRUSTACEAN to get our "freak show" fix.

CRUSTACEAN is a Horror/comedy that doesn't take itself seriously at all, I mean, with a plot about a Lobster baby, how could it! It knows it is a silly, crazy, film and all it sets out to do is have some fun and entertain, and that is exactly what it does. There is something in this film for everyone. Comedy is all throughout it, but us gore hounds are not left out, as there is plenty of flowing red stuff! It is amazing how much blood comes out of a person when they are squeezed at the neck by Lobster Baby! Also, watch at the end for a great gut busting scene reminiscent of the scene from ALIEN (if the crew of ALIEN was a bunch of rednecks in a trailer home).

Also noteworthy of this film, is the wonderful music throughout. Listen to the words closely as some of the songs are laugh-out-load hilarious!

I would recommend this DVD to anyone that is a fan of the Horror/comedy genre.
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