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  • Locke searches for Desmond to achieve his goal of destroying the island. Jack, the newly-appointed "protector" of the island, sets out to stop him. In Los Angeles, the survivors slowly reunite and recall their island experiences.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Previously on...: Jacob told Jack about "the heart of the island" and gave him the job of protecting the island. Fake Locke realized Desmond was gone, but he was OK with that, because he was going to find Desmond and use him to destroy the island.

    In the L.A. timeline, Desmond got himself into jail so he could bounce Kate and Sayid, with Hurley and Ana Lucia's help, to take them to a charity concert.

    The End: We opened on scenes of Oceanic Airlines cargo at the airport, and scenes of our island residents in L.A. and on the island. In L.A., Christian Shepherd's casket arrived at a church and Desmond signed for it. Desmond told Kate the name of the man in the casket and couldn't believe it was "Christian Shepherd." Kate demanded that Desmond tell her why she was there, and he said, "No one can tell you why you're here." Desmond told her he wanted to leave, and set off to show her where he wanted to go.

    Back on the island: Sawyer wanted to know from Jack "what the hell just happened." Jack said he didn't feel any different. Jack told the group about the heart of the island and that it's a light, and that's what he is meant to protect. If Fake Locke can put out the light, "that's it for all of us." Sawyer set off to find "the magic leprechaun" while Jack, Hurley and Kate were going to find the heart of the island. Hurley had a bad feeling about Sawyer taking off alone.

    Back in L.A.: Hurley and Sayid pulled up to a motel and Hurley handed Sayid a tranquilizer gun. Sayid told Hurley none of this was ringing a bell. Hurley went to the room and Charlie was inside. Hurley was grinning widely at the sight of his old friend, but Charlie didn't recognize him. Hurley tried to convince Charlie to come willingly and perform at the concert that night, but when he didn't he shot Charlie with the tranquilizer gun and tossed him in the Hummer.

    Back on the island: Jack told Kate he took the job of island protector because the island was the only thing he had left in his life that he hadn't ruined. Hurley thought it would be so sweet if they weren't all about to die.

    Sawyer watched Fake Locke from afar, but Ben snuck up on him with a gun and Sawyer was exposed. Sawyer admitted he was looking for Desmond and when Fake Locke said that Sawyer and all of Jacob's "little candidates" were going to go down with the island, Sawyer said they were no longer candidates. Sawyer hit Ben and took off and Fake Locke said he didn't need to go after him. Ben told Fake Locke he thought he was speaking figuratively when he mentioned destroying the island, but Fake Locke said it was going to be left at the bottom of the ocean. He saw a dog's paw prints on the ground and we next saw Vincent licking Desmond's face at a hut inhabited by Rose and Bernard.

    Rose told Desmond she and Bernard built the place in '75, lived there for two years and then the sky lit up again, "so God only knows when in the hell we are now." Bernard went off to get some fish while Rose told Desmond they won't get involved with whatever got him tossed in a well. Bernard came back with Fake Locke, who threatened to kill Rose and Bernard if Desmond didn't do what he wanted. Fake Locke gave his word he'd never hurt them, and Desmond went with him.

    Desmond said he assumed Fake Locke was taking him to a place with a very bright light. Fake Locke thought he heard something and scowled at Ben. Ben turned down the walkie talkie in his pocket. Miles was trying to reach him because he'd found Richard. Alpert wanted to go blow up the plane.

    Back in L.A.: Miles saw Sayid at the charity concert and called Sawyer to tell him. Sun, the only living presumed witness to Sayid's shootout, was at the hospital and Sawyer was going to check on her. Sun's doctor was Juliet, and when she began performing the ultrasound Sun had a flash of when Juliet had done the same test on the island. She also got her alternate timeline flash, which included all the good and bad times with Jin on the island, including their death, and she cried. Sun said, "I remember." And she knew her baby was a girl.

    Sawyer ran through the jungle until he reunited with Jack and crew. He told them Fake Locke said he was going to destroy the island. Jack knew they were both going to same place, regardless of who found Desmond first.

    "Then what happens?" Sawyer asked.

    "Then it ends," Jack said.

    Back in L.A.: Jack was preparing to operate on Locke. Jack reassured Locke that he was confident the procedure would work, but admitted, "There's always a chance that I could kill you." They laughed and Locke asked Jack whether the airline found his dad. He said he hoped it would bring Jack some peace.

    "If I can fix you, Mr. Locke," Jack said, "that's all the peace I'll need."

    Back on the island: Miles found a gray hair on Richard's head, and plucked it. He handed it to Richard, who smiled and said he just realized he wanted to live. They started to canoe to the other island and a body hit their boat. Then they spotted Frank, who was calling for help. Richard told him they were trying to go blow up the plane so the smoke monster couldn't use it to leave. Frank suggested they take it, and he could fly it.

    Jack and Fake Locke's groups met at a clearing and Kate started shooting. It did nothing. Jack and Fake Locke had their showdown. They agreed to walk to the heart of the island together and Jack told Fake Locke that his plan to destroy the island wasn't going to happen. Jack said, "I'm going to kill you."

    When Fake Locke asked how he planned to do that, Jack said, "That's a surprise."

    "OK, then," Fake Locke said. "Let's get on with it."

    Back in L.A.: Juliet was revealed as Jack's ex-wife, but they were more than pleasant with each other as Juliet headed off to the concert with their son. Sawyer then showed up at the hospital to see Sun.

    Back on the island: Sawyer asked Jack how he was planning to kill Fake Locke. Jack said Desmond was his surprise. He thought Desmond was a weapon sent by Jacob.

    When they got to the bamboo field, Fake Locke said it could just be him, Jack and Desmond from that point on. They headed off and Hurley told Jack he believed in him.

    They got to the waterfall and Fake Locke tied a rope to a tree. Jack tied the other end around Desmond's waist as Desmond tried to tell him none of it mattered. He said he was going to go down into that light and end up in another place, where the island never existed, and he told Jack about what we know as the alternate timeline. Jack didn't believe him, though, and said there are no shortcuts. "What happened happened," Jack said.

    Desmond ventured toward the waterfall and looked down.

    Back in L.A.: Hurley told Sayid he wasn't allowed to tell him what they were doing parked outside of a bar. He said he trusted Sayid because he's "a good guy." A fight spilled out of the bar and Hurley and Sayid just watched. But when a blond woman came outside to break it up and got tossed into a wall, Sayid got out and broke it up himself. It was Shannon, and at their first glances of each other, they each flashed their memories of the island. Boone, who was the guy getting beaten up, was in on the plan and told Hurley it was a pain to get Shannon back from Australia. Hurley said it was worth it as they watched Shannon and Sayid kiss.

    Back on the island: Miles radioed Ben and told him they were on Hydra Island and were going to take off in the plane. Suddenly, Claire walked up with a gun and started firing at the ground. She thought "Locke" sent them to kill her and Richard told her they had a chance to go home. He asked if she'd come with them and she said no, and walked away.

    At the waterfall, Jack and Fake Locke lowered Desmond down the waterfall together. Fake Locke asked Jack if it seemed familiar, lowering Desmond into a hole in the ground. "If there was a button down there, we'd be fighting over whether to push it." Jack told Fake Locke he wasn't John Locke, and that he was disrespecting his memory by wearing his face. Jack said Locke was right about the island, but Fake Locke said that wasn't true. "When this island drops into the ocean and you drop with it, you're finally going to realize that.

    In a scene reminiscent of the Season 1 finale, Fake Locke and Jack looked down over the edge of the waterfall as the camera looked back at them and descended into the hole.

    Back in L.A.: Claire went with Juliet and Jack's son to the concert and Juliet got a call from the hospital. She had to leave. Charlotte woke Charlie up backstage and then she saw Daniel and they introduced themselves. Daniel seemed to find her familiar. At Table 23, Desmond and Kate were sitting when Claire and David went and sat down.

    Dr. Pierre Chang kicked off the festivities, introducing Daniel Whidmore, accompanied by Drive Shaft. Charlie saw Claire in the crowd and they locked eyes. Claire seemed to have a contraction and got up to go to the restroom. Kate followed her.

    Back on the island: Desmond landed at the bottom of the waterfall and found the water from where the light came. There was an orb in the middle of the water and Desmond stepped in. Suddenly, the electromagnetic power seized him, but he kept walking and picked up the orb, moving it from the center of the water. After a few moments, the light went out and the water vanished. The ground beneath him started to crackle and red light broke through and Desmond screamed in pain.

    Fake Locke said it looked like Jack was wrong and the island shook as they walked out of the now-dry waterfall. Jack chased him, punched him and Fake Locke bled.

    "It looks like you were wrong, too," Jack said.

    Fake Locke grabbed a rock and hit Jack across the face with it, then he took off.

    Back in L.A.: Kate helped Claire while Eloise went to Desmond's table and said she'd made it clear he was to "stop this." He said he chose to ignore her. He said once "they know," they were all going to leave.

    "Are you going to take my son?" she asked, as she watched Daniel play piano on stage.

    "Not with me," he said, "no."

    Claire said she was going into labor and Kate began getting ready to deliver the baby. Charlie came backstage and Kate told him to get some water and blankets. Claire began to push and Kate had a flash of helping Claire deliver Aaron on the island. Aaron was born and Kate handed him to Claire, and all three of them cried.

    Charlie brought a blanket and Kate cried and thanked him.

    "It's just a blanket," he said. Kate asked him to give it to Claire. He did and Claire held his hand, and Charlie's face lit up and he flashed to the island memories he had with Claire.

    Desmond came and found them all backstage and asked Kate if she understands. She nodded and said, "So now what?"

    Back on the island: The island shook violently and trees fell. Ben pushed Hurley out of the way of a falling tree and was pinned down by it himself. Jack came to and went back into the waterfall, seeing only the bright red light and hearing no response when he shouted Desmond's name.

    Sawyer, Hurley and Kate tried pulling the tree off of Ben to no avail. Sawyer told Kate that Fake Locke must have been right and the island was going down. Miles radioed again and Kate responded, asking if Claire was there. Miles said Claire was there but didn't want to leave the island. Frank was working on the plane and said that even though he needed five or six hours to get it ready, they were leaving in one hour. Ben, still trapped, said he could get them there in Locke's boat.

    As rain poured down, Fake Locke looked off a cliff at his boat floating in the water. Jack called out and they ran at each other for their big hand-to-hand fight. As huge chunks of the island broke and fell into the sea, Locke stabbed Jack in the stomach. Locke was just about to press the blade into Jack's neck (the knife's edge had cut just slightly into Jack's skin) when Kate shot Fake Locke in the back. Fake Locke said they were too late, but Jack kicked him off the cliff and Fake Locke hit hard, presumably dying on impact.

    Back in L.A.: Locke's surgery was done and a nurse noticed blood on Jack's neck. Locke seemed to be waking up from the anesthesia earlier than expected. Locke woke up and Jack smiled.

    "It worked," Locke said. Jack said it was unlikely he would gain sensation that quickly, but Locke started moving his feet, and he flashed on his island memories, including when he first saw his legs move after the crash. Locke asked Jack if he saw that, and Jack then flashed at seeing them looking down the hatch together. Locke said they needed to go, but Jack said he needed to go see his son. Locke told him he didn't have a son.

    "I hope that somebody does for you what you just did for me," Locke said.

    Back on the island: The sun now shining brightly, Kate saw Jack's stab wound and told Sawyer and Hurley that "Locke's dead. It's over." The island shook again and Sawyer said, "It sure don't feel like it's over."

    Back in L.A.: Sawyer arrived in Sun's room and asked if they'd seen Sayid. They were trying to protect him. Sun told Sawyer he didn't have to protect her and added that she and Jin were "safe." As the happy couple left the hospital room, Jin told Sawyer, "We'll see you there."

    Back on the island: Frank was getting close to fixing the plane. Kate wondered why the island was still shaking if Fake Locke was dead. Jack said he had to turn back on whatever Desmond had turned off. Jack told Kate and Sawyer to get on the plane. She asked Jack to come with them, but he said he had to protect the island. Ben and Hurley said they were sticking with Jack. He told Kate to go get Claire on the plane.

    "Tell me I'm going to see you again," Kate said.

    Jack said nothing, and they kissed. They each said, "I love you," and Jack walked away as Kate cried.

    Miles and Richard were fixing up the plane and Frank told Sawyer over the walkie talkie that they were going to take off as soon as they could, so he and Kate better get over there. Kate and Sawyer jumped off the cliff to get to the boat.

    Back in L.A.: Sawyer saw Jack in the hospital hallway and asked where the vending machines were. Sawyer went to the vending machine and his candy bar got stuck. As he tried to wrangle his arm into the machine, Juliet saw him. They chatted and she helped him get his candy bar. She handed it to him and when they touched, they both flashed to the island. They hugged and cried and kissed.

    Jack showed up to the concert, but everyone was leaving. Kate came out and told him, "It's over." She was talking about the concert. He told her he was looking for her son. Kate looked at Jack and smiled. He asked where he remembered her from, and she said she stole his pen on Oceanic 815. She admitted, though, that wasn't how she knew him.

    She touched his face and said, "I've missed you so much," and he had flashes of the island. She said she knew he didn't understand, "but if you come with me, you will."

    Back on the island: Hurley helped Jack back to the dried up waterfall and Jack said he had to go in alone. Hurley said, "If Desmond didn't make it, how the hell are you going to survive?"

    Hurley said he wasn't going to let Jack die, but Jack told Hurley it needed to be him. Jack told Hurley he believed in him. Hurley accepted, but told Jack he was giving the island protection power right back to him once Jack safely came back up from restoring the light. He asked if anyone had something to drink from, and Ben handed him an empty Oceanic water bottle. Jack got just a bit of water and gave it to Hurley. He drank it and Jack told him, "Now you're like me."

    On Hydra, Frank got the plane's engines running.

    Hurley and Ben lowered Jack into the hole and as the island shook again, Jack fell to the bottom. He found Desmond, who was alive and said he put out the light but "it didn't work." He thought he'd leave the place. Desmond wanted to replace the stone, but Jack told him he'd done enough. He told him to go home and be with his wife and son. He tied Desmond to the rope.

    "But what about you, Jack?" Desmond asked.

    "I'll see you in another life, brother," Jack said.

    Sawyer and Kate arrived on Hydra and found Claire. The ground shook again and Sawyer saw another big chunk of the island fall into the ocean.

    "Oh, that ain't good," Sawyer said.

    Sawyer could see the plane back up and said they had to go, but Kate was trying to encourage Claire to come with them. She asked Claire to let her help. Claire came along.

    Frank was moving the plane and Sawyer tried to contact him on the radio, but couldn't hear him. Just as Frank was about to take off, Sawyer stepped in front of the plane. Frank stopped it and told Miles to open the door.

    Jack, meanwhile, pushed the stone back into place in the middle of what was the light source.

    Claire, Kate and Sawyer jumped on board the plane and Frank roared the engines again. The plane sped down a stretch of land and the nose lifted just in time as they group looked out the windows and left the island behind.

    Jack watched and waited to see what would happen at the bottom of the waterfall and water began to pour down on him. Soon, the light illuminated again and he smiled. Hurley and Ben were amazed that it worked, and they pulled up on the rope in anticipation of seeing Jack. Instead, they pulled Desmond up to the surface. Hurley called out for Jack, who was still at the bottom, laughing in wonder at what he'd just done.

    Back in L.A.: Locke showed up at a church at night and found Ben sitting outside. Locke, in a wheelchair, asked if everyone was already inside. Ben said he thought they were. Ben apologized to Locke what he did to him, and said he was just jealous and selfish. Lock then said "I forgive you Ben." Locke asked Ben what he was going to do now and Ben said he had some things he needed to work out and was going to stay a while. Ben told Locke he didn't need to be in that wheelchair anymore, so Locke stood up and said goodbye. He went into the church.

    Back on the island: The water was flowing again and Desmond seemed to be OK, but Hurley was sad that Jack was gone. Ben said Jack did his job, and Hurley said, "It's my job now. What the hell am I supposed to do?"

    Ben told him to do what he does best: "Take care of people. You can start by sending Desmond home."

    Hurley said people can't leave the island, but Ben said that was how Jacob ran things and suggested, "Maybe there's another way -- a better way." Hurley asked Ben if he could help, and Ben said, "I'd be honored."

    Back in L.A.: Hurley stepped out of the church and told Ben, "We're all inside." Ben said, "I don't think I'm coming in." Hurley told Ben, "You were a real good Number 2."

    "You were a great Number 1, Hugo," Ben replied.

    Jack and Kate rolled up and Kate asked Jack if he knew where they were. Jack said it was where they were going to have his father's funeral. She told him he could go around the back. She said she was going inside.

    "We'll be waiting for you there, once you're ready," Kate said.

    "Ready for what?" Jack asked.

    "To leave," Kate said before stepping out of the car and walking into the church.

    Back on the island: Jack woke up above ground, next to the waterfall and all by himself.

    Back in L.A.: Jack went into the church through the back. He saw a casket and walked around it once. He placed his hand on it and had his flashes of the island, starting with his opening moment of the entire series when his eye opened after the crash, and continuing through various attempts to leave, being held hostage and finally kissing Kate on the cliffside. He opened the casket and it was empty.

    Then he heard, "Hey, kiddo."

    It was his father. Jack asked how he was there, and Christian asked, "How are you here?"

    Jack realized he'd died, too, and began to cry. His father hugged him. Christian said they were both real, and that everything that had happened to them was real, and all the people in the church were real. Jack realized they were all dead, too.

    "Why are they all here now?" Jack asked.

    "Well, there is no now here," Christian replied.

    Jack asked where they were, and Christian said this was the place they'd all made together so they could find each other.

    "The most important part of your life was the time that you spent with these people," Christian explained. "That's why all of you are here. Nobody does it alone, Jack. You needed all of them and they needed you."

    "For what?" Jack asked.

    "To remember," Christian replied, "and let go."

    When Jack said that Kate said they were leaving, Christian said, "Not leaving. Moving on."

    "Where are we going?" Jack asked.

    "Let's go find out," Christian said.

    They walked into the church and Jack saw all of his friends from the island, smiling and hugging.

    We flashed to Jack, beaten and injured, walking through the bamboo field.

    Back in the church, he saw Desmond and gave him a big hug. He saw Boone, and they hugged, too.

    We cut again to Jack, struggling to walk on the island.

    In the church, he saw Kate and she smiled. They held hands and walked together.

    On the island, Jack leaned on a bamboo shoot and crumbled to the ground, holding his stomach wound.

    In the church, everyone began to take their seats as Christian walked down the center aisle toward the back doors.

    Back on the island, Jack laid on the ground as Vincent barked and licked his face, then laid next to Jack.

    Christian walked out of the church and the doors filled the space with light.

    Jack, laying on the ground on the island, saw the airplane pass overhead and smiled one last time as the camera focused in on his right eye and it closed. The screen fades out. It's over.

    (As the end credits roll, we see the Oceanic wreckage from season one, reminding us where this all started.)

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