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A classic mythological tale
barito-bobb12 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I will start off this review by saying this is a fantastic episode.

Why? Because it's such a simple, classic story worthy of any ancient mythology. This is why I love the sixth season so much--it has established its own mythology. My favorite part of high school literature was learning about the stories of gods and familial relationships in Greek, Roman, and Norse Mythology. Lost has created a masterpiece of a back story, telling the tragic story of two conflicting brothers and their intermediate "mother". Yes, it's slow, but that's what I love--getting to know the characters. We can't have 18 "The Candidate" episodes in a season, even at the very end of the show.

What has generated the negative reviews of this episode are attention-hungry cynics. Yes, children actors won't be as easy to direct and this is a TV show with a constrained schedule. Besides the kids, the acting all around has direction and purpose (especially Welliver). I would say the awkward style of talking is appropriate for the setting. We finally see the Man in Black's life before ultimate corruption. When his faith is tested, he gravitates away from his mother toward man, a life of science.

At the end of the hour, I'm definitely not left overwhelmed. Several hours later, though, I think more and more about the hauntingly tragic story and the answers, which are left up to us to correlate. One of my favorite aspects of Lost is that the writers expect a lot of their audience, who is left to ponder Desmond's role, where this light tunnel really is, the rules, why child-Jacob keeps appearing in present time, what Jack's initiation will be as the candidate, etc. Overall, an open-ended, classically-told back story. I am very pleased and incredibly excited for the final 3.5 hours of this masterpiece of a TV show.
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A Wonderful Look into the Island's Past
cd63719 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Finally and episode that explains the back story of this island and gives us some insight on Jacob and the Man in Black, but for some reason, no one can stand this episode. I will admit that the first time I saw this episode, I was a bit skeptical about whether or not I enjoyed it. Then I watched it again, and again, and again, and each time I watched it again, I realized that this episode was actually one of the best episodes of the series. This episode did not answer everything and even created more questions but it also gave us what we have been waiting to see, the back story of Jacob and the island. I think the idea of the light in the cave (the source) may have scared some people away, but if you think about it, it all makes sense. The source is life, death, and rebirth and throughout this entire series people have come to the island with illnesses and have been miraculously cured and we always wondered why and how that was. Well I believe the light in that cave is your answer. Also, I loved how this episode showed us how the riff in Jacob and the Man in Black's relationship started and the reason behind the Man in Black's motives. I thought this episode was extremely well acted and thought that Giacchino's score was outstanding. I think that this episode is one that will be more appreciated in time and I hope that people come to their senses and realize just how great this episode actually was. This episode gave us more answers than ever before and it is obvious that the information that we learned will be playing a vital role in the series finale and I cannot wait to see how everything ties together.
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Across The Sea There is A Better Episode...
James Hughes13 May 2010
I sit on the beach looking out to the ocean, reflecting on six seasons of Lost and the wonderful memories it has given me. I sit waiting for the Jacob/MiB centric episode to arrive and blow me away with mythology, story-telling, and the tightest script of the Lost canon. However, what arrives is soggy with forced scenes, soaked with poor dialogue, and falling apart at the seams.

Allison Janney, a usually dependable actress struggled with the foreign dialectic that resulted it some of the worst dialogue exchanges in the entire season. A season in which the writers have spoilt us with some of the very best scenes and dialogue in the history of television, and yet when it comes to the MOST IMPORTANT episode of all, they resort to the skills of an incompetent writer that has only watched a few episodes of Lost.

What has always made Lost better than any other show is the subtleties and nuances that elevate scenes into memories that will linger.

The writers and creators of this show are very intelligent people which makes their half hearted approach to this critical episode all the more baffling.

They have come out in defence of the criticisms stating that we may not have had the answers we want. But they are again missing the point. It is their show, they have every right to give us whatever answers they want. It's not the answers...it is HOW you give you them. Through tightly structured scenes laced with dialogue that portrays a deeper subtext. Something they brilliantly did in 'The Constant', and more recently in 'The Candidate.' The fans of this show deserved better and so did the hugely talented actors Mark Pellegrino and Titus Welliver. Similar in tone, clichés, and ratings to 'What Kate Does' does not bode well. In the space of 6 seasons there are always going to be episodes of 'filler' quality, but to deliver one at this stage of the story is inexcusable.

The script for this should have been worked on during the hiatus from Season 5 to ensure the glue that binds has no cracks. Unfortunately it clearly wasn't. Instead it has left a bad taste in the mouth that only a stunning finale can remove.

As I cork the wasted pages and toss them back into the ocean, I long for the next instalment and know that across the sea there is a better episode...
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Fascinating and frustrating in about equal measures
gridoon201812 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Fascinating: It was a daring experiment to do an episode without ANY of the series regulars at such a late point, but it mostly paid off. The stories and characters of the regulars are pretty much played out in most cases anyway, so it was fun to have a break from them for a while. This episode also pretty much squashes the "MIB=Evilllllll" theories; much like in chess, black & white are simply two different "colors", representing two opposing sides. If anything comes across as evil and repugnant in "Across The Sea", it's blind faith to a higher power. Killing for a "good" cause is how most people tried to justify their wars throughout history. The "Jacob + MIB = human brothers" revelation is fine.

Frustrating: The "mother", played (quite well) by Allison Janney, is the type of "mysterious" character that was more tolerable in the early seasons, but right now, with only 3 episodes remaining until the end, just makes you want to smash your screen in. Her origins are unexplained, her powers are unexplained, her blind faith is unexplained, she (of course) knows more than she's telling, and she always talks in riddles. Her brutal murder of the innocent woman who just gave birth to Jacob and MIB is yet another indication of the increasing reliance of "Lost" on cheap shock effects (I believe that trend started back in season 4, with the murder of Alex and several of the remaining background Losties, in the otherwise excellent "The Shape of Things to Come"; from then on, the writers started seeing all the characters as far more expendable). The Adam & Eve revelation is terrible, completely contradicting the clues presented to us in the original footage: Jack could have been 10, 20, 30 years wrong in his estimations about how old the skeletons in the cave were, but certainly NOT 150+ years wrong as it turns out!

Can they still come up with a satisfying ending to "Lost"? Time (less than 3 hours left) is working against them, but let's keep our faith - just not blindly! *** out of 4.
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Could be so much better................
Aris2512 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Just a few hours before the grand finale of Lost, we learn according to the description, that in this episode we would learn about Locke/MIB's true intentions. Sounds great right?? Well not really......


We find out that Jacob and MIB are brothers and are not conceived on the island, but simply born there from a woman whose boat crashed. Another woman helps her give birth then kills her and raises the kids on her own.

In an episode like this I'd expect to get answers for questions like:

--What exactly are these "rules" that forbid Jacob and MIB to kill each other?? --What is this cave of light, except "the heart of the island" and a "source of energy that every human has".......??? --Where does the power Jacob and MIB have actually come from?? --What is that wheel contraption MIB was building and how did he know he'd be able to get of the island like that?? --How are the candidates chosen?? --Why is it that Smokey must not leave the island??

Instead we find out nothing that REALLY matters.....!! I feel we're heading to a big letdown here.. Imo, they should focus on giving us some REAL answers instead of the parallel universe thing!

I'm reserving judgement till the end of the show, but to be honest, it doesn't look good and I can only hope they have an ace up their sleeves....

On a good side, the background info was cool, but it was so little.. If there were to be another 10 episodes before the finale, it would be quite alright, but with time being in short supply I'm starting to wonder whether we'll ever get our answers...
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Judge this episode when the story comes full circle
lorddnarbsy12 May 2010
Well, where do I start? I didn't have high expectations of this episode because i've been disappointed before (Ab Aeterno)! But I guess the reason why I love "Lost" is not because of the answers they give but because of the characters who are undergoing all these adventures. This episode was necessary to explain things that happened in the story but I understand why people hate it. I guess I will judge this episode better when the story comes full circle with the series finale. (and let me say, my expectations are high for the finale!!) Overall it was a DECENT EPISODE but didn't have the same tension and excitement as the last two episodes (The Last Recruit and The Candidate). But it still deserves some credit for the acting skills of Titus Welliver and Mark Pellegrino.
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An episode like this at this point?
denis-629-94343014 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers

An episode like this at this point?

In one hand it gives some answers, but in the other it leaves to much dark areas. Where did that "mother" come from? What was MIB doing with that wheel, how does it work or how did they come up with that idea in the first place, since we are talking about some ancient, low tech people? And the fact that there was no parallel story was also disappointing. The scene from a previous season, with Jack, Kate and Locke was completely confusing and out of place.

But the worst thing was this fairy tale feeling, with that illuminated cave that, in my opinion, was ridiculous. Lost has ever had a supernatural aspect, but this time it felt something from a series like "Legend of the seeker" or "Merlin", and not something that matches the mythology of Lost.

Well let's hope the last episodes will be better than that.
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Worth crawling for 6 years!
feritciva19 May 2010
This was an episode with massive info which made it worth crawling for 6 years as a viewer who is given bits and pieces and tries to get them together.

This was also an episode filled with abstract symbolism that puts everything in its place.

This is the final for me which contains the core message. I don't think any more word can be said upon this one.

And of course it might be a good idea to conclude the story for viewers with linear logic. Possibly last 2 episodes will do that, but will be insignificant compared to 6.14.
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jrosenfe12 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The worst episode, certainly, by a long shot. Does not bode well for the last 3.5 hours. I would rather have watched every single Deanna Troi-themed "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode in a row than that rubbish. And very poor acting -- does that even matter at this point? Is this what we can expect from the conclusion of the series? Answers that say nothing? Ridiculous emanations like -- I am going to put the wheel in here, add light and some water, and go home! What? Was he serious? Not only does such dialogue insult our intelligence, it devalues all we have seen previously. The only thing of quality in this episode was the music. To wit, see Alex Ross in this week's New Yorker: newyorker.com/online/blogs/alexross/2010/05/the-music-of-lost.html Appalling.
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Across The Sea
albertjr91112 May 2010
Someone before me wrote that this was not a good episode. Not sure what they watched but this is one of the best ever if not the best. I loved this story and thought the actors, especially the 2 boys did a phenomenal job.

It is episodes like this that make this show one of the best ever. I cannot wait for the final 2 episodes. The writers of this show are nothing short of genius.

Referring back to season 1 and showing a scene that related to last night's story. Pure genius.

I loved it. You can't get much better. Anyone who things otherwise doesn't know good TV.
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Unexpectedly disappointing
Erdem Hebele12 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Apparently writers did not consider "Ab Aeterno" as the best episode of 6th season and they decided to make some contributions which I could not understand.

In my comment of Ab Aeterno, I said that we haven't seen Jacob's past yet and I was looking forward to this. But after all these great episodes, adrenaline, action, drama, we got back where we started: Irritating puzzles.

There are only 2 episodes left and if writers would not reveal who was Jacob's mother and the secret of this "light", audience will not be only disappointed, also will be furious.

If this is the best effort of the writers, what did we watch until this day in the name of Lost? We all know they could have done better, we have seen this lots of times but now they decided to make the show as silly as they can.

There is a mountain to climb for writers.
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eyeisnoobfest12 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Yet another let down from Cuse and Lindelof who appear to be giving up on lost. Lazy writing and and a generally unrevealing episode which dished out some new questions and badly answered others. There's a big ball of light now that is the answer to everything. Are we supposed to just accept that as good enough......as a loyal lost fan that endured the turmoil of season 3 crawl by at snails pace i expect better. MIB gets thrown into the light as comes out as a mad smoke monster (and dies shortly after????) why? Jacob and MIB cant hurt each other because there fake mother told them they couldn't... why? MIB has built a big wheel that is going use some made up physics that he seems to know to transport him off of the island....why? how? wtf? This episode reveals nothing important nor interesting....the manner in which these things occurred makes me want to tell cuse and lindelof to go back and write it again, because this is not what I have been waiting six season for.
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The Origins of Jacob and The Man in Black
Claudio Carvalho23 April 2013
A shipwrecked pregnant woman named Claudia comes to the island and is rescued by an older woman and immediately after she delivers two babies: Jacob and another boy; then, the woman kills Claudia. She raises the boys as if they were their sons and one day they see three men in the island. She shows a cave with a bright light inside and she tells them that they shall protect this light. One day, Claudia appears to her other son and she shows the survivors of the shipwreck living in the other side of the island. She tells what happened to her and the boy calls Jacob to go with him to live with the other people; however Jacob decides to stay with his foster mother. Jacob secretly visits his brother to see where his people are bad or not. His brother tells that will leave the island and Jacob tells to his stepmother. She destroys all the humans and assigns Jacob to protect the light in the cave. Jacob's brother kills their stepmother and Jacob throws his brother in the cave, where he transforms into the smoke monster.

"Across the Sea" discloses the origins of Jacob and the Man in Black. The explanation is not bad but does not save the mess that "Lost" has become. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Across the Sea"
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Misplaced Jacob childhood story, jarring fantasy universe, rushed development and editing, rotten installment
igoatabase12 May 2010
The Candidate's ending was so intense that I was expecting Across the Sea to directly revert to it. Instead we were teleported in Jacob's past. It reminded me of Ab Aeterno but when Richard's story was well told and perfectly mixed with the on-going events this one seemed completely misplaced as we hadn't seen Jacob for weeks. And Desmond, whom I consider to be the new Jacob, wasn't even featured !

First its surreal fantasy universe jarred with the past episodes even if there's nothing realistic about Black Locke. However it made me regret the mind blowing flashbacks of the 3rd season and Daniel Faraday's twisted theories. Second I didn't like the mother nor the actress who portrayed her. I just found her character unauthentic and not charismatic enough to be Jacob's mum. Third the transition between his childhood and adulthood periods was too brutal. Wait, there was no transition. One minute he was a boy, the next a man. I wish we learned more about what he did to become a man : Hunting, exploring, building crazy inventions… Fourth the editing was so poor that it almost ruined the creativity of past installments. But no I can't accept that such an awkward work shadows the astonishing results we had to experience so far. Mirror connections ? Gone. Dual stories ? Gone. Synchronized editing ? Just forget it ! Mixing some scenes with first season ones was just plain lazy. Jack and Kate popped up from nowhere and their magical appearance felt like an annoying subliminal advertisement. These scenes were so rushed that it made things even worse when I thought the episode had already reached the bottom of the barrel.

Was it Lost ? Definitely not the one we have been accustomed to. Season 6 had been so strong and captivating so far that I never thought I would have to endure such a disappointing illusion. Of course the whole yin-yang and quest of light elements were interesting but I just didn't like how they were served to us. To sum things up I prefer when the story wilds my senses and mesmerizes my imagination than getting cold and questionable answers. Maybe the upcoming What They Died For will make me regret my decision of rating it so poorly but for the moment the best word to describe how I feel is deception. A tremendous and bitter deception !
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Pretty disappointing
Alexandra13 May 2010
For a season in which answers were promised, the series' antepenultimate episode poses three questions for every one it answers. And if it ''weren't'' the series' third-from-last outing, that'd be just fine. But it is, and the answers we get in this episode aren't really even answers (Jacob and the Man in Black can't kill each because their fake mother said so....um, what?). The genesis of the Smoke Monster is no clearer now than before we actually saw it took place.

Mark Pellegrino and Titus Welliver did a great job with what they were given, and Allison Janney was pretty delightfully creepy in an important one-off role. Definitely the high point of the episode.

I have confidence that the series will go out with a bang and leave everyone mostly satisfied, but this episode was a pretty big dud all in all.
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6 seasons worth of episodes & this is, without a doubt, the worst
Bastard_Samurai11 May 2010
Forget "What Kate Does" this, my friends, is THE episode that contains all the marks of BAD television; redundant twists, stale acting, terrible child actors, wretched dialogue. Without a doubt Lost has seen its moments of teetering on lame, but this goes over the line and falls down flat on its face.

Incredibly lazy writing on the part of Lindelof and Cuse, as if they're saying "can this be over now?" Patton Oswalt has a bit where he lambastes George Lucas for the prequels, and I'd like to steal a line from his bit: "I don't care where the stuff I love COMES FROM I just love the stuff I love."
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Could have been better!
shanc_sk12 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The second episode totally dedicated to the island mythology after "Ab Aeterno" comes nowhere near it.

Its good as a standalone one, but when u draw comparisons keeping in mind the approaching series finale, the Candidate & Ab Aeterno, this one falls. Tucker Gates fails to recreate the charm.

Some questions answered, but new ones still crop up at this stage of the series.

Well, the first thought that sprang up on seeing the opening scene of the lady coming out of the water is - hey, is it Sun? did she make it?But no. It's a new face. BTW, it didn't act as a surprise for me that the pregnant woman is Jacob's mother, as i had easily guessed that or so could any LOST fan.

Some of the acts failed like - at the brother's first confrontation, what made Jacob so furious that he drew blood out of his loving brother. Simply difficult to understand.

few more to go. as i said before, please do not make it lame. LOST doesn't deserve that.
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Wasted potential
ultra_mafic12 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Though they've been few, the scenes we've had with Jacob and MIB in the previous episodes have been, for me, some of the most interesting and electric scenes in all of Lost. But they took everything good about these and did the opposite for Across the Sea.

Too much time was spent on the mother and on their childhood. Limited interaction between Mark Pellegrino (Jacob) and Titus Welliver (MIB), who have fantastic chemistry and are fantastic actors, weakened the episode.

I couldn't care less about the answers about the metaphysics of the island--I'm happy with what was revealed. But I wanted more answers about what makes these men tick-- a real in-depth look at how they became who they are and why they are motivated to do what they are doing now--a personal, deep story. Instead we got a very on-the-surface kind of explanation. The writers are the ones who introduced these two as central to this last season and the island in general, so it's up to them to give equally deep insights into who they are, even if they only had an hour.

And they stopped at the most interesting part. What about after MIB became Smokey? What was that first interaction like between the man who had just killed his brother and the monster he had become? Was Jacob riddled with guilt? When did they decide to start playing the game spoken of in the fifth season finale?

Where was the subtlety and nuancethat we've previously seen in the interactions between these two characters? Having a young Jacob say, "You don't love me as much as him, Mother," is lazy writing. SHOW US. "This island is my home," is not enough to just say. SHOW US. This ep is riddled with similar dialogue meant to hit us over the head with what Damon and Carlton wanted us to know, rather than showing us how the characters interact with each other and with the island and letting us draw conclusions for ourselves. This episode was not crafted as a piece of storytelling but as an info dump.

What kills me about this ep is that it could have been so much more. It was a complete waste of potential.
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Big Disappointment although it could have been better
kastri_gr12 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well the episode starts like this''once upon a time there was an island where there was a strange woman and a ship around 24 BC lands by accident (see Black Rock,Desmonds boat,Oceanic 815,Aijira) where a pregnant woman gives the birth to 2 children (see Jacob and Man in black)and unfortunately she dies by Claudia the woman who was on the island already but we learn why these 2 people cannot heart each other and how The Orchid Station was built and the Wells also but we don't know who built the Statues,we don't know anything about Claudia or the real name of Man in black and the mysterious light the power of the island as the writers said but we have a sweet surprise where we have found a clue by the first season at the caves where Jack had found two dead bodies (see Claudia and Man in black)''.Many questions without answers but i hope the last episodes will reveal us more informations after all this is the reason that Lost became a great show.
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So...Jacob & Esau (from the perspective of writers smoking PCP)
s k5 April 2018
Wow. Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any worse. There's this travesty. Jacob & Esau...as told by some really warped, unclear, irresponsible minds. As I stated in the title...whoever wrote this crap must have smoked a lot of PCP first. There is one amazing thing about this series, however. It is true to its name. It continues, against all odds. to get more lost week after week after week. So...with regard to "Across the Sea"...we have achieved a NEW all time LOW. Keep up the really bad work folks. I can't WAIT to see you outdo yourselves in the final, merciful last episodes of this utter embarrassment.
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Seyyed Jamal4 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Just one of the best episodes I've ever seen in my entire life. Everything in this episode was perfect, acting. filming, and what can I say to explain about the fantastic writing and directing…unbelievable.

While answer to lots of secret in "Ab Aeterno" given, but many many other things in this episode revealed. About Jacob, other man and about black monster. Lots of things you always especially in this season wanted to know. However, of course this episode leaves some unanswered questions remain…

I still cannot believe it how much an episode could be this incredibly fantastic, I have no doubt this episode was flawless at any aspect; you just want to follow without boring which makes an episode excellent. That's it.

And finally, I wish I could gave a twenty out of ten for voting to this episode.

**** out of **.
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It's a Clunker
mtmason-5433824 August 2016
I'm re-watching all the episodes online for the first time since watching the show religiously as it aired on network TV and am surprised at my reactions. It definitely has a different feel watching Lost like a really long movie as opposed to waiting a week (or more) for each new episode.

This episode is the first where I just wanted to turn it off. It breaks the flow of the series pretty seriously and tries to replace the organic mythology built by the show with a hasty and uninteresting mythology which seems thrown together for the purpose of answering things which are better left as mysteries. Everything here (pacing, dialogue, characters, etc.) just works poorly for me.
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Across the sea review
espenalfons12 May 2010
Starting with this beautiful woman in the water, but on from that.. Some green stuff on the beach, might be interesting:) Allison Janney, i love her, but i think a "unknown" would be better here. (error 1) Allison tells species of plant she is crushing, poles. Babies! "I only picked one name." Stupidest line in the series. (error 2) Kids who look like they belong in High School Musical... (syntax error) Mark Pellegrino is always interesting in my eyes, especially in Mulholland Dr. and most memorable from Lebowski. But this might be superseding it, just have to wait.. Anyway, eggs are eggs right, so two more weeks and we have the answer to what eggs really are.
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