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"When he died, his story was only beginning"
carolinemiranda1 March 2011
This movie was fascinating! The effects are fantastic and the scenario very captivating.

Sends you to a place where you can't help but put yourself in Andre's shoes and think of what you want to do with your life. As for the message sent by the movie, it is one that warms the heart and awakens questions about life, love, selflessness and how you affect your life and the life of those around you by simply existing. As a scientist I have gone through life battling with the fear of death. After watching Nosso Lar something inside me changed. I won't say I am a believer now, but I feel at least hope ...

I recommend it for anyone who one day has wondered what happens when you part.
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Universal and unconditional !
leonardofoggia30 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This great film tells the story of a man like any of us who are suddenly faced with death, and worse, he discovers that she does not exist!

Nosso Lar is a film made by courageous people, people who are not afraid of others opinions, which allows them to have a powerful force of view, devoting their talents to something that usually does not cause reactions in society in general. I'm talking about the subject that seems to be in the film: the universal and unconditional love. It is an issue that apparently does not sell, excite, does not make people move! I have the impression that this movie is to start a big and beautiful change in this picture. I think people are tired of gunfire, explosions and pain free. I have faith that hope is a theme that will also sell! Not for the sale itself, but by necessity we have today to permeate our lives with feelings of this nature. This film is able to soak up your life with wonderful values, to make you spend one month thinking on the principles that are discussed, because there are many!

Get ready to choke! Not all humans are capable of encountering its own bitterness, his own sufferings reflected on a movie screen and go through it unscathed. Apart from the subsequent discovery that there is redemption yes, although we believe very little in it.

Take the whole family to the movies!
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Enchanting Movie
evelyn-8314 February 2011
This movie is not only visually impressive but it is also the most beautiful story about the real meaning of life.

I recommend it! You have to watch it to have your own opinion since there are many moral values involved in this story making it hard to trust the reviews.

The movie tells us a story about "Andre Luis" who was a successful doctor living a rich life (rich material life) and just like many of us he did not care to enrich his spiritual life (moral values) letting the selfishness, pride and self-centeredness take over his personality. Only after death he finds out that knowledge, status and money without moral values doesn't help him to be happy in the eternal life.
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Sending a Calm and Nice Message...
xdsgn5 September 2010
This movie for me, was like felting all of my believes. with a nice calm, and slow rhythm that makes us experience this movie in a different way.

There is no rush or dialogs to explain the faith, its a matter to understand for your self, make you think things, re-think your life.

The special effects didn't interfere with the basis of the story, just make it more beautiful to watch!

People who are "Espiritas" will see their believes materialized, in gorgeous set, they use some nice locations, and transform they a little bit, but i think the idea was to show that heaven "Nosso Lar" is not so different from here on earth, on our world we just need to make it more peaceful, and less capitalist, less noise, less selfish.

i'm not a review writer (its my first) but i felt it would be important to write what i felt.
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info-466555 May 2019
One of the best movies I have ever seen about after this life. Story Also closely resembles the medium of Jozef Rulof. I hope it will be counted for sale on itunes someday.
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Best Brazilian movie in 2010
glaucorolim17 February 2011
This film was the best one in 2010 because put in the main screen the most famous book of Chico Xavier

  • brings a new spiritual way to see life (not so new for 'espíritas'= a philosophical movement born in France, but Brazil have the main followers today, see 'Allan Kardek' for more information) - it doesn't have violence (common in 'good' films today) - actors were very good and the history was perfect showing the spiritual growth of a person (André Luiz) - the special effects were superb, carefully done - music by Philip Glass, no comments... very beautiful This film is controversial for many people because brings subjects as reincarnation, life after death so on
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To understand this movie you must have previous knowledge of chico Xavier
diegooommm22 September 2019
To understand this movie you must have previous knowledge of chico Xavier... this is more a documentary. Amazing representation of what happens after death... do your research and you will se.... I was a skeptic... chico Xavier's work changed my belief system... this is more than a movie
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Do you know what happen after death?
ccardozo20035 September 2010
The base for this movie is the spiritual reality. It tries to explain what does happen to us after the death of our body. Where do we go? How is it like? Do we eat? Do we have to work? Do we feel pain?... You will find very rational answers for those and much more questions that may come along with the movie. It is based on a real life experience of a doctor, Andre Luiz, and is told by himself. He lived his life quite as we all do and after a gastrointestinal problem he does not resist and die. After that, he goes through very tough moments until he finally recognizes the importance of God and asks for help. That is when he is taken to "Nosso Lar" - a spiritual colony - and starts seen things from a different perspective beginning to understand life and its mechanics. Based on the best seller "Nosso Lar" psycho graphed (channeled) by Chico Xavier it is a great opportunity for us to know what does expect us "in the other side".
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fabioborghesi-17 December 2012
I have been touched very much by this movie. It puts together many different books and philosophy i have been in contact with in the last 20 years in a logic understandable frame that is based on consistent information. If you think reincarnation is absurd and there is no meaning to life you probably are not interested in watching it, and it is OK like that. If on the other hand you feel there is more to life than eating, sleeping, having a job and making a family and that which you learn at school, take the time to watch it...it will make you question and understand many things of your own life. And the quality of it...it is the most expensive movie done in Brazil to date..
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This touched my Soul
seidimeri-6072426 January 2020
We need much more movies like this, to really believing in creating a world in Harmony how it is in the Movie. The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. So if we dont believe in a world like this, we never will be able to create a world like our home. We and the next generations need this subconscious believe to create a world in Love and Harmony. Thank you for this Great Movie and remembering the power of Love. Sending Pure platonic Love to everyone.
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Beyond what we can see...
cammyy198021 September 2010
A very well-done movie that show us a little bit of what a lot of people don't know yet , don't believe or don't have information enough. We are talking about what happen after death. Rich in details, "Nosso Lar" show us that the spiritual life is much, much more than just "ghosts" hunting houses or lost in cemeteries; it's beyond the idea that after death, the spirit stay scaring people or causing poltergeist phenomenon and other superficial thoughts like those. Yes, in the life after death, when the person reaches the Spiritual Plan, we find houses, Nature, people working hard and receiving benefits for their works and for the result of their jobs. We find relatives living together, we find technology, government, administration. We find schools, communities, people teaching and people learning...Teachers and students. All descriptions based in a truthful psychography sent directly from Andre Luiz to Chico Xavier, the most worldwide famous and known medium of all time.
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Excellent Example of what Spiritism has to teach us!
editor-51-33025011 May 2011
This is an excellent movie, based on the true-story novel, by the same title, written, by the spirit, Andre Luiz, through the Brazilian medium, Francisco Candido Xavier. Andre Luiz is considered, among Spiritists, as a beloved "reporter" from the spirit realm, due to the wealth of knowledge he has brought us about life if the spirit realm and the interactions between the material and spiritual worlds. "Nosso Lar" was the first book in a fascinating series of enlightening and inspirational novels from Andre Luiz. You would be surprised and intrigued by the treasures in each of them!

If you like this movie, or if you even would just like more information about Spiritism, you can check out: http://www.ExploreSpiritism.com (also find "Explore Spiritism" on Facebook!)

This is a really nice video about the medium, also known as "Chico Xavier": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txa_gBNkvdU
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The Most Expensive Film of Brazilian Industry
claudio_carvalho23 November 2010
The selfish Dr. André Luiz (Renato Pietro) dies and awakes in the limbo called "Umbral". After a painful period in the gruesome swamp, he is rescued and brought in a white light to "Nosso Lar" (meaning "Our Home"). He finds a place of harmony, where people live in peace awaiting for the resurrection. Sooner André Luiz changes his behavior becoming an altruist man.

"Nosso Lar" is the most expensive film of Brazilian industry, with a cost of about eleven million-dollars, most of it invested in special effects. Based on the novel "Nosso Lar" written by the medium Chico Xavier in 1944 and with the soundtrack of Phillip Glass, this new-age film about spirituality is a great deception, with a corny and lame melodramatic story. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Nosso Lar" ("Our Home")
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An enjoyable movie that makes you think and chat about with your family and friends
nunes3317 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Impressed with the first exceptional visual effects movie ever produced in Brazil (post production was in Canada). Most impressed with the records this movie is breaking:

1) Most seen movie ever in the first weekend after its launch;

2) Surely will be the most seen movie in all Brazilian History;

3) Most expensive one to produce;

It is loyal to the book (I've read 4 times), and it was made thinking on all audiences, not only the spiritists one. Interesting how children behave watching it. I noted my daughters were asking me things about moral, life after life, clothes worn by spirits, food on the spiritual world and so on. With some time watching the movie, I realized many other parents were having the same situation (explain children about life after life). For those who don't believe any life after life (death), maybe this movie isn't going to be any enjoyable. For all others, I recommend!
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One of the worst films I've ever paid for
kategubarev9 September 2010
I am enthusiastic about exploring spirituality, and finding out about what it means to be human. But this film is a most convoluted collection of poor acting, cheap melodramatic moments, horrid set design, and weak directing I've had the misfortune to witness. It assumes that the audience is so dumb that it needs dramatic pauses and zooming in on the tears of the actors at proper moments to guide them and show them when to feel sad.

The film is full of cheap tricks to lead the viewer to the conclusions instead of giving him/her the luxury of making up their mind. It's a soup of all religious beliefs that tries to deliver the overall positive message that people need to live for more than material goods.

I usually support Brazilian cinematography (2 Filhos de Francisco, etc), but this was an insult to any intelligent viewer anywhere.
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Excellent interpretation of the after life
bhw1114 July 2013
I had two near-death experiences and went on to do research on the NDE. I have written several books on it too. I think this film does an excellent job of explaining what is really unexplainable. The only thing I didn't like was the name! It's so much better than "Astral" or maybe "astral" has been over done by the new age genre.

The acting was good and I didn't even mind needing to read sub-titles after awhile.

Really worth the watch. I'm even going to look up the books to see if they have been translated into English. Just so clever, I will be thinking about it for a long time.
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A good attempt to widen the reach of an important subject.
luks9319 September 2010
Nosso Lar (seen yesterday) is an adaptation of a book written by André Luiz himself through spiritual medium Chico Xavier, hence it's a shortened version of what the book really represents. Also, we all know that book adaptations almost always fail to deliver to the fans the expected experience and hardly ever entertain the ones who haven't previously read the book that's being adapted. Nosso Lar is also kind of boring and confusing. In the beginning of the film the narrative will constantly change between different parts of the main character's life and his physical and spiritual state after his demise. There are several long speeches that break the pace of the film, but funny takes relieve the boredom making the film more watchable.

The film has directing, role cohesion and visual effects problems, but it does well in delivering to the spectator some more advanced notions of spirituality, an issue that's recently been brought up much in Brazil through films and soap operas. It may be entertaining and inspiring to those who have interest on spirituality but if you don't believe in those thoughts you probably shouldn't watch it, since it may be a not so good introduction to this wonderful subject.
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A Good Try
david-952-6025019 March 2014
I read The Astral City many years ago, and it helped inspire me to learn Astral Projection. The Astral World is very different to the physical world. For example you see by sensing energies, as opposed to trying to look at them. This is not so easy in demonstrate in a film. If you want to know how to visit the Astral City then you will find practical projection techniques at GreatSimulator.com Its good to watch a film such as this because it drives you to explore. One of the best aspects of the whole story is the way in which it makes you realize the importance of learning what lies beyond death. Visiting the Astral World through Astral Projection at least shows you what the reality beyond death is.
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Must-See Movie.
bruno-rac127 November 2013
When he opened his eyes André Luiz (Renato Prieto) knows that he is no longer alive, despite still feeling thirsty and hungry. Around him he sees only darkness and a desert plain, characterized by shouting and beings who live in the shadow. After going through too much suffering in purgatory (which is called Umbral), André is taken to the city of Nosso Lar. There he has access to new lessons and knowledge, while learning what life is like in another dimension. Nosso Lar is not heaven, it is like a hospital, a school, a transit area. It is an incredible world full of life and activities going on all the time, organised in an exemplary way by the Spirits. Allowing us to foresee the Spiritual World that awaits us.
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nightcrawlercyp28 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Seen as just a movie, without taking into account the message, the movie is extraordinary in many ways. But once you look at the message things change. What ideas does the message transmit? To put it simply it transmits the same new age crap TV shows had tried to brainwash us for a long time. But let's take it one at a time: MSG1: You can be Hitler , as long as you feel good you will eventually reach something similar to Nosso Lar MSG2: Reincarnation is the basis of reality, so no matter what you do in your life, don't worry, you'll get a second chance. So kill, rape, still, everything is permitted. MSG3: Jesus was into the new age BS (a blasphemy that should take the movie out of circulation since 60% of earth's people claim to be Christian) MSG4: The devil does not exist. It is a figment of the imagination. MSG5: channeling really creates a connection with the ones that died (in reality it makes a connection with demons)
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an image
Vincentiu7 June 2014
more than a film with its good parts and errors, it is an introduction in a way to discover and understand the life. envelope for a profound message who has status of seed. artistic it is far to be great. but it is source of questions, sketch for a different manner to discover the existence and the death and this fact does it almost special. almost because it has a precise target. and because the message is sent for a form of faith who is more complex than a collection of rules. out of that, it is a decent movie. boring of fantastic for a part of public, seductive for others, confirmation for few viewers. a film who reminds soap opera style and a genre of documentaries. and who can be start for search of new proofs, meetings of a genre of literature. short, maybe not the best form /adaptation but good start for discover a new image about reality.
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Five star for the original music
maxvartuli18 April 2019
I give five stars to this movie only dua to Philip Glass remarkable original score. For those outside Brazil, this movie is like those "christian movies" backed by churches in US. The difference is that instead of an evangelical church, the brazilian "kardecistas" (a religion whose exists almost exclusively in Brazil and is based on an almost unknown french author called Allan Kardec) who backed this movie. Skip the movie and jump to the original score on Spotify.
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