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A Hidden Treasure
jeff-coatney9 January 2011
I saw the trailer to this film online and it seemed like a funny - yet unsustainable premise. I went to see it with friends anyway and I can't remember laughing so hard at a film in years. This movie takes a promising premise and knocks it out of the park. The cast is superb in this send-up of the psycho in the woods genre and the writing and direction take what I feared was an unsustainable premise and they give it surprising energy and humor. This is not Scary Movie crap. This is inventive and fresh and it has a beautiful heart. Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk are the "Hillbillies" in this hilarious tale of prejudice and paranoia and they deliver performances that are grounded and authentic. Tucker and Dale never become plodding stereotypes of ignorant rednecks. They are portrayed with great wit and dignity and the actors never overreach or retreat into the safety and insecurity of broad camp. The cast trusts the writing and the director and it pays off. The script by Morgan Jurgenson and director Eli Craig is tight, smart and has a wonderful heart. These qualities are given life by an above average cast that includes the lovely Katrina Bowden from NBC's 30 Rock. An especially guilty pleasure is the character of Chad, brilliantly played by Jesse Moss who channels some alternate universe version of a sociopathic Tom Cruise as the lead frat-boy. Eli Craig really guided home a winner with this film. The movie sets a course at the beginning and you know where you're headed in the first five minutes-- but Craig's the captain of the ship and this journey is filled with surprises and wonderfully subtle moments that give the film a fun trajectory and a brisk pace. You breezily travel through a fantastic, hilarious and utterly sublime entertainment. Bravo!
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A must see. Instant cult classic.
bill-kercher14 February 2011
I did not have many expectations when I sat through this gem of a movie. This movie takes the horror/comedy genre to new levels. The plot is fairly simple, Lots of misunderstood situations that take place between Dale and Tucker and their fix-ur-upper vacation home, and some overly critical, unstable college kids. Very original script, good acting (Tucker and Dale are fantastic), and clever direction. How can a brilliant movie like this not make it to the big screen, yet movies like Season of the witch, Skyline, and Gulliver's Travels do. If you want to laugh till milk shoots out your nose, watch this movie. Should be on everyone's must-see list.
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UncleTantra17 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Anyone who is a fan of the horror genre will want to add this to their Netflix queue, or better, see it in a theater, because laughter shared is better than laughing alone. "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" does for the Hillbilly slasher/chainsaw massacre genre exactly what "Evil Dead 2" did for the demon possession genre and what "Shaun Of The Dead" did for zombies. It takes the well-worn, done-hundreds-of-times conventions of horror movies and turns them into side-splitting (as opposed to skull-splitting) humor.

The basic plot is that Tucker (Alan Tudyk, who played Wash in "Firefly" and "Serenity") and Dale (Tyler Labine, whose work I don't know but will look into) are two not-completely-bright but sweet Virginia hillbillies looking forward to a vacation in their "fixer upper" cabin in the woods, and there kicking back and doing nothing more stimulating than fishing and drinking beer. To their dismay, a group of spoiled, Preppie college students decide to camp next door to their cabin. The students get it into their heads that Tucker & Dale are deranged, chainsaw-wielding serial killers, and react accordingly.

The movie actually has a lot to say about stereotypes, and how people project onto others those stereotypes, and their own inner "dark sides." It's also at times hilariously funny, including an homage to the "Groovy" scene from "Evil Dead 2" (the corresponding great one-liner from this film is "Bring it, frat bitch"). There is definitely blood and gore involved, but...uh...funny blood and gore, if you're into that sorta thing. This is really a surprisingly good movie. I am already salivating at the thought of a sequel.
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Very funny, gory, with heart
CostanzaDB27 May 2010
Really entertaining twist on 'teens in the woods' horror flicks. Lots of laughs and buckets of blood. The actors playing Tucker and Dale are very compelling and believable. Their charm really makes the film and you care about their story.

The movie is basically a farce or a comedy of errors with each error resulting in a gruesome death. While the manner of the deaths is so over the top as to be funny, the biggest laughs come from the dialog. "Tucker and Dale vs Evil" excels at both physical comedy (the chainsaw scene for example) and verbal (explaining the situation to the police).

Great movie.

This film had a tremendous audience reaction at the Seattle International Film Festival. There's a laugh every minute.
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Not enough publicity for such a great film!,
markhaazen19 November 2011
I can't believe that such an amazing film had so little publicity or distribution - I am so excited that it will finally be released! As an avid horror fan, I had no expectations for Tucker and Dale. I basically watch anything and everything, and seeing as this was low-budget with very little publicity, I underestimated this. It has since become one of my favourite movies ever. Alan Tudyk is fantastic as always, and I had never seen Tyler Labine before but he basically steals the show. While the films it's ripping are pretty foul, T+D still manages to have a lot of heart, and Labine's character is so adorable! This does for The Hills Have Eyes what Shaun did for Dawn Of The Dead, while kicking Zombieland in the privates. Unmissable.

This film has instant cult classic written all over it as the standard hillbilly survival horror is turned on its head. Two lovable bumpkins have to fight for their lives when a set of misguided teens think the well meaning duo are out to kill them in Texas Chainsaw / Deliverance style. You can't help but root for the hapless pair but also groan in enjoyable frustration as the teens start to drop dead in lots of extremely gory accidents. A total joy from start to finish.
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Too Good to Not be Marketed Correctly
travelgirl92411 April 2010
An excellent comedy with terrific horror elements, this was a crowd- pleaser tonight at DIFF, here in Dallas. This is what writing is all about, old-school, when writing actually mattered, over special effects. And there are plenty of those. It is rare that I actually praise an American film, only because we no longer care about writing. It's all about star power without chemistry or talent behind the scenes, just what might make a buck. And, clearly, even clear results do not stop "the machine" from producing utter crud. Relativity Media has bought this gem, but apparently has refused to market it ala Bounty Hunter. This is such a funny film that fits into Bromance, Comedy, Horror, maybe even Indie. Did I mention there's chemistry? Talent? Yup. All there. So, get on it, Relativity! This could be incredibly profitable. Wish my blog had more power to get the word out there. Hope this does the trick.
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A Cult Classic Waiting to Happen
iggzy11 April 2010
So I was lucky enough to get to see this as my first movie at my first festival ever, the Dallas International Film Festival(DIFF) Honestly, this movie was a genius comedy, parodying classic horror to levels that could be considered even better then the likes of Shaun of the Dead.

Truly it is a perfect Indie movie, and the fact that it is only on the festival circuit is a shame. It has the celebrity power of Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine leading the film in a comic tour de force as well as quite a few lesser known young actors acting opposite. Also, the direction of the new, but highly committed director Eli Craig shines as he directs the film he co-wrote and has been trying to get made for 4 years, and that love of the material shines.

The humor and jokes just play beautifully with how the characters are made and the deaths always pay off. I was lucky enough to get a Q & A with Craig as well as meet with him afterwords and gain further insight into this movie that I already very much loved. He stated how some of he always saw this film as a comedy, not a horror film or even a parody of horror films, and as such one thing the big studios that wouldn't produce it had a problem with was the humor in the deaths. The fact however is that the way they are produced in the scenes and how the actors react just make each scene perfect.

In truth, this film fully deserves a nationwide release. It will likely still gain this Cult Classic level with that as it fits into the mold perfectly just as the likes of Shaun of the Dead did. It would be a shame for this film to end up like Boondock Saints and having to rely on DVD to get around and known as it is just what the movie industry needs.
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Crowd pleaser at the Fantasy Filmfest in Berlin
ipredictchaos27 August 2010
I've just seen this movie at the Fantasy Filmfest in Berlin and was totally surprised of the high quality. I thought this would be "just another" horror comedy you would forget instantly after leaving the cinema, but with the fantastic acting of Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine, the funny story and great effects, it works as well with the backwood slasher genre as "Shaun of the Dead" did with zombies. The crowd in the cinema went totally crazy about this film, they applauded and cheered throughout the film and after the first positive reviews by bloggers the screenings in Munich for example were sold out in just three hours after starting the pre-selling. Totally recommendable, and I really hopes this movie makes it to the cinemas worldwide.
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Awesome Movie!!!!
HebrewzHammer11 April 2010
I just watched this movie at the International Film Festival and it is AMAZING!!! Think a cross between "Shaun of the Dead" and "Wrong Turn"! The acting is excellent, the story is awesome, the special f/x are spectacular, everything about this movie is just Awesome!!! This movie is almost more of a comedy with some horror in it rather than a scary horror movie. I guarantee you will rolling on the floor laughing during this movie. Although it may be a "small" independent movie, there is nothing about this movie to hint that it wasn't a huge multi-million dollar blockbuster. It was shot using the RED camera at 4K (that is a resolution of 4096×2160!!!), so the video and audio quality are superb. This is a must see, but it needs everybody's help to get distribution or else no one will be able to see it!!! So tell everyone about this movie and demand that it gets released!!!
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Comedy/Horror Rises Again!
DarkAnnie22 May 2010
I just saw this tonight at SIFF in Seattle. Delightful! Hilarious, twisted, well-written and funny.

Didn't hurt that the filmmakers picked two of the funniest guys in the biz to play Tucker and Dale.

But this isn't just a farce. You end up really caring about the main characters.

And the scary character, when that person is revealed, is pretty dang scary.

Funniest thing I've seen since Zombieland, and I laughed so hard through Zombieland I thought I was gonna barf.

Do not miss this movie!
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An absolute gem of a film
jamboman151224 March 2011
I saw this film a few days ago for the first time and the copy i saw wasn't even finished yet (workprint) and i have still rated it a ten star film, if i had seen a finished version i would probably want to give it at least a twelve star rating.

I have since watched this film four times now and it just doesn't get any less funny.

This is the funniest film iv seen since step brothers (a film which i love) but i laughed a lt more and a hell of a lot harder watching this, i actually had tears flowing down my face a few times during the movie, especially at the wood-chipper incident.

Everyone should see this film at least once, you wont regret it.

An absolute gem.
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Bloody and Bloody Hilarious!
lornloxor6 August 2013
This is seriously one of the funniest comedies ever. I've shown this movie to many friends and everyone's always laughing like hell with tears running from their eyes. This should've been marketed more though, I don't see why this wouldn't have been a huge financial success if more people had known about it. Oh and if (or when!) you decide to watch it, do not watch the trailer under any circumstances! It spoils the movie way too much.

Now about the characters. Tucker and Dale are just so damn likable as these two clueless hillbillies. Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine act their roles so well and without these two the movie would be a whole less engaging a watch. The script and the writing in this movie is fantastic but Tudyk and Labine take the movie to a whole another level with their fantastic chemistry and impeccable comedic timing. Katrina Bowden is also great playing the more understanding college girl who's trying to defuse the situation. She was also great in Sex Drive (2008), one of my other favorite comedy movies. The other actors are also good and suit their roles well.

In its core the movie is based around such a simple idea you have to wonder why this hadn't been done before. The writers clearly love horror movies so it's not so much a parody but a lovingly crafted tribute making fun of the genre's tropes. The movie works its way through the horror movie tropes so well while incorporating them to the larger story. The deaths in this movie are inventive and absolutely hilarious. I don't know if I've ever laughed that hard, I had tears running from my eyes for most of the movie. Amidst all the fun and death there are also some good albeit obvious points about first impressions and stereotypes. Despite all the gore and dying, it's still a surprisingly warmhearted movie.

Besides Death at a Funeral (the 2007 British version of course) this is probably the funniest movie I've ever seen and it's a must see for comedy fans. You won't be disappointed.
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Masterpiece of Horror Comedy
Billy_Crash16 January 2012
Eli Craig did a masterful job in presenting the best horror comedy since "Suck."

Playing on the tried and true "Flinstones Plot" of miscommunication that may drive some viewers crazy, Craig brings the gore and the humor with great special effects and wonderful acting. Best of all, of course, the story is solid with an interesting and poignant antagonist development that is extremely impressive.

Better still, the laughs aren't cheap and silly.

And if you live in the southern United States and hate how "southern folk", "backwoods families" and "hillbillies" are exploited for horror purposes, you'll love this tremendous twist on such a overused and ill-conceived cliché.

This is one of the greatest horror comedies ever presented on film.
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NOT a horror fan, laughed like a hyena through the whole thing!
pennylane-260-2027768 January 2012
Seriously, I am not a fan of horror or spoof movies. I only ended up watching this movie because my husband was in the other room, cracking up and I had to see what was so darn hilarious.

I'm glad I didn't miss too much of this movie, because I can't remember how long it's been since I laughed this hard at a movie of any kind. I didn't want it to end.

The acting was great, and the material was priceless. Often times in this type of movie, the "ridiculous" situations and people are kind of an insult to your intelligence. In this one, they managed to do it just right. This movie deserves some recognition and I hope they get some.
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Our eyes from the hills
chaos-rampant2 January 2012
What if you showed a backwoods-horror movie where city slickers take a wrong turn from the hillbillies point of view? What if they turned out to be basically decent folks who just wanted to go fishing at their vacation home? And, finally, what if it was the hillbillies who had to fend off against a murderous psychopath and got to take the pretty girl home?

But of course make it so that our surrogate watchers, a bunch of college kids out in the woods, should presume to know that hillbillies are a bunch of violent inbreds because they're familiar with the same movie lore we are, say Deliverance onwards. Make it so that a man with a chainsaw whizzing above his head recasts the most epochal scene from Texas Chainsaw as accident. Our enjoyment is that we're always placed a little closer, watching for a little longer, to know that there is no horror movie outside what is being imagined.

So there you have it; a Two-Thousand Maniacs with misunderstood maniacs. It's a clever idea, and new as far as I know in this field.

Now if horror is generally looked down upon, even in cases of solid craftsmanship, I wager it's for how it posits a battle with evil in absolute terms. We know that life is more a complex struggle than Hammer served us. Every horror film that matters has innovated by placing us one step closer to where real horror is assembled. Vampyr posited that it happened because we wanted to. Psycho moved the monster from the swamps to next door, and that was important enough at the time. Night of the Living Dead posited an entire world of insensate havoc but with no malice in the instinctive drive. The Tenant and later Videdrome transferred every visible distortion back in the retina of the mind's eye. In Possession, horror was the visual representation turned inside out from tortured soul.

This is just as good in this way. There is no evil outside a series of unfortunate events, we come to understand. There is only circumstance and our built-in notions of what any set of circumstances ought to mean. With film having saturated so deeply the world we know, in a lot of these cases what we claim to know we know from movies.

Our loss is that the idea must have seemed so striking and novel to whoever was approached to fund, that the project was rushed ahead before there was a chance to iron it out. So the first joke, a great joke, is played over and over again and wears itself thin. The finale resolves with just sparks flying from a chainsaw fight.

The extra layer that was probably tucked in at the last moment, is that the massacre backstory that we understood was just a campfire tale improvised on the spot, and was generic like a Wrong Turn sequel, is supposed to be culled from real life. So there was truth behind the legend, mangled many times over in the telling, that powers the chain of events to replicate it.

It makes sense then that one part of the movie, where evil is imagined, always plays out like a movie. Every time he appears on screen, he swirls everything into the narrative he was taught to have sprung from. It's pretty nifty.
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cameronsmith9230 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A slasher with a twist this does for the horror genre what Tremors did for the creature feature. The film keeps a steady pace both in body count and laughs as Dale and Tucker a couple of lovable hillbillies visit their "vacation cabin" in the woods. The film manages to successfully send up every slasher stereotype including hillbillies, college preps, local sheriffs, and insane killers. I viewed the film with five friends and it took all six of us to catalog all the physical comedy, dialog and subtle plot twists that writer/director managed to utilize. I suspect that I will find more when I get the opportunity to see the film for a second time. Of course a good script still needs execution and the location work and special effects are excellent.
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Bloody and Bloody Hilarious.
Spikeopath31 October 2011
Tucker & Dale vs Evil is directed by Eli Craig who also co-writes the screenplay with Morgan Jurgenson. It stars Alan Tudyk, Tyler Labine, Katrina Bowden and Jesse Moss. Music is by Michael Shields and Andrew Kaiser and cinematography by David Geddes. Plot has Tudyk and Labine as two harmless mountain/country men who head to their newly acquired vacation home in the woods to fix it up and get some R & R. But after a misunderstanding at a roadside store with some college kids, who think Tucker & Dale are hillbilly psychopaths, the wheels are set in motion for a bloody battle for survival….but who for?!

In 1996 Scream came slashing forward to inject witty life into a fading horror genre, with freshness and inventive splinters from the slasher formula, Wes Craven's movie rocked the horror faithful's world. Tucker & Dale vs Evil will not have the same impact, it's limited release and low budget worth ensured it never had a chance of being a big thing, but still it's the freshest horror/comedy to have come out since Scream made its bloody bow at the box office.

It's such a simple idea at the core, you have to wonder why it wasn't thought of before? Craig and Jurgenson have flipped the age old Hillbilly Killers vs Preppy College Kids idea on its head, and in the process smothered it gleefully with dark humour, laugh out loud moments and inventive deaths. There's also some social comedy nestled nicely in the narrative, big points about first impressions and ideas of stereotypes, and hell yes! There's even an opposites attract arc, though that admittedly helps to bog the picture down as the central joke premise runs out of steam towards the end. In fact were it not for a relatively sloppy finale, this would surely be falling into sub-genre classic status. Thankfully all that comes before it is so full of vim and vigour, blood and bluff and fun and frolics, it's not hard to forgive the debut director his one misstep.

The neat trick is having the film unfold from the Hillbillies viewpoint, where the carnage that unspools gets increasingly difficult for them to explain, this in spite of their innocence. Each death is logical to the college kids who go on the attack when one of their number, they think, is kidnapped. And it's logical to us the audience as well, were it not for us being privy to these wonderfully funny sequence of events, we too would have them hung, drawn and quartered after a guilty verdict was reached in 10 seconds. This is the ultimate horror/comedy flip-flop movie. So many funny sequences light up the picture, with a chainsaw scene one of the finest moments to have ever graced a horror comedy movie, but the dialogue, too, is not found wanting in the fun and charming department. Cast are on top form, with Tudyk & Labine a most agreeable double act, where their comedy timing is impeccable, and Bowden & Moss are more than just pretty faces.

Craig (Sally Field's son) has started with a bang, if he can top this then he is a name to really get excited about. If he can't top it? Well he will at least always have one of the best horror comedy movies on his CV. Yes it's that good, fans of Scream, Severance, Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland should seek it out post haste. 8.5/10
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Redneck Rampage.
HumanoidOfFlesh1 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Two sympathetic yokels Tucker and Dale bought the vacation home of their dreams:a run-down lake front cabin in the middle of the woods.Dale is very shy when it comes to talking with women.A group of college kids are going camping in West Virginia.Dale rescues Allison after her fall into the water.The college students see Dale and Tucker dragging Allison's unresponsive body into their boat and they assume that Allison has been abducted.Soon they attack the cabin with Dale,Tucker and Allison inside(or outside)and bloodbath ensues...Vastly entertaining horror comedy with fantastic main characters,plenty of humor and a good deal of cheesy gore.The film is very original as it turns the traditional view of horror-movie heroes and villains upside down.Rednecks are good,students are bad and the blood begins to flow.8 hillbillies out of 10.
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Great Movie!
discombobulated_uber19 March 2011
I had a chance to view this movie, and I give it 10 out of 10 stars. Dale & Tucker vs. Evil is pure genius. You can not compare this movie to Shaun of the Dead or any other Comedy/Horror film. It is in its own genre. Purely original, purely great from start to finish. I recommend this movie to ANYONE with a sense of humor, and also to those without, as this movie may create one.

I was very impressed as I, like others, had little hope for this movie when I started watching. I figured it would be another failed attempt at a Comedy/Horror flick. But I was blown away by the originality, and humor that this movie portrays.

Like I stated before I recommend this movie to ANYONE looking for a laugh. I give this movie a 10.5/10.
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I haven't laughed this hard in a long time
michael-350118 January 2012
This is my first review ever. I thought this movie was good enough to motivate me to register with IMDb and make the effort to post a review. I admit, I didn't watch this movie when it first came out because it looked like a stupid un-funny comedy. I was completely wrong.

I just happened to catch a short clip of the movie somewhere on the Internet; which motivated me to rent it. I had no idea the movie was going to be this entertaining. Me and my wife laughed so hard throughout the movie. I haven't laughed this hard from a movie since the first Harold and Kumar. There are some really funny scenes in this movie; starting shortly after the beginning of the movie. I definitely recommend this movie.
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A great movie in the disguise of a couple of hillbillies
jmarti44532 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Going into watching this film I didn't know what to expect. I've seen some horror comedy movies which I liked and some ones that were just pure stupidity to them. Based on the trailer I thought OK, this was going be just a couple of rednecks in the woods making mistakes...but there is great character development in the movie and a great message in the movie that makes you feel good while you are watching the film. I don't want to give away any spoilers but lets just say if you see this movie you will laugh a lot and you will come out feeling good at the end of it. There is a lot of gore in the movie which just adds to the film rather then take away from it. Yes Tucker and Dale are hillbillies but they are far from the most ignorant(with the exception of why the deaths around them are occurring) characters in the film. If you see this film you will be surprised, it is really well done.
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Do Not Watch the Trailer!
chilichilipepper28 September 2011
This movie was exceptional, no doubt about that. In "satire" films such as Shawn of the Dead, Kick-Ass, and Zombieland, I would have to put this second to only Shawn of the dead.

It is witty, creatively gory, and downright hilarious at times. The main problem I found with it was that the Redband Trailer revealed basically the entire movie. This movie is a must watch for anyone who enjoys horror and comedies. But I suggest to stay away from the trailer, and enjoy it without any previous knowledge.

The acting is surprisingly good, especially from the supporting cast. The pacing is fast, frantic, and fun. There is no shortage of gore and even then, it's more of an Evil Dead 2 type gore that is so over the top it's hilarious.

All in all I give this movie 4/5, or on IMDb 8/10. It isn't a classic, I was tempted to give it a 7.5, but I rounded up considering this is the first movie the director has done. Like I stated though, go in and watch it without watching the trailer, the trailer plays out like a condensed version of the movie.
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Teenaged Evil In The Woods
Chrysanthepop10 May 2011
There have been many horror/slasher spoofs made within the last ten years and some of them have been very good, while a few are, in my opinion, classics (such as 'Planet Terror' and 'Shaun of the Dead'). That doesn't stop 'Tucker & Dale vs Evil' from being fresh, funny, inventive and clever. 'Tucker & Dale vs Evil' even goes a step further as to making the film look like a 'bad rough cut' where even the special effects haven't been applied, the storyboard drawings and production notes appear on screen.

Eli Craig's creative thinking is impressive. I like how in the story the roles are switched (as in, the teenagers are the ones playing the evil guys) while the innocent truckers are being attacked. The film definitely pays homage to cult hits like 'Friday the 13th' and 'Cabin Fever' (just to name a few). As a movie, it's actually quite superior to the aforementioned two examples. I also liked the execution especially how the film is deliberately made to look like a B movie.

Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine form a hilarious buddy pair on screen. Both actors have a great flair for comedy. Katrina Bowden is competent as the sexy blonde heroine. The rest of the cast perform adequately.

'Tucker & Dale vs Evil' is an excellent choice to consider watching with a group of friends or a date night.
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A Comedy of Errors
ZombiGurl1 January 2012
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale are two good old boys heading up to their cabin in the woods for some vacation time. Tucker has recently bought a fixer-upper Cabin and the two friends want to spend a week working on their "Vacation Home" and some fishing. The Cabin looks like something out of Wrong Turn or Evil Dead 2, But Tucker and Dale are not deterred from fixing it up. Pretty soon a group of College kids show up at a nearby camp and immediately wrongly assume Tucker and Dale are psychotic "Hillbillies" out to murder them. Considering that the Cabin and property are filled with tools for a Reno, such as Chainsaws and a Woodchipper, it's not long before the comedy and gruesome carnage start to ensue. This was one of funniest and surprising movies that I watched this year. A comedy of errors that results in lots of gory and creative deaths for the dim-witted college kids. What makes this movie special is the relationship between Tucker and Dale. They are two sweet, helpful, and hopelessly clueless guys that get caught up in the disaster that the College kids created. This will be one of those movies I like to watch again and again when nothing else is on. One message that certainly comes across loud and clear is that appearances can be deceiving and that the Frat Boys shouldn't have judged the proverbial book by the cover. People are individuals and not just their stereotypes.
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The Greatest Horror Comedy I Have Ever Seen!
unchunate-643-58878024 February 2015
I would give this film a 20 out of 20, if that stars went that high. It's hysterical, clever, original, and at moments even touching. Everything about this movie is spot on: the story premise, the characters, the dialogue, the pacing, the effects. I could watch this movie a hundred times, and never find a single flaw.

Best friends Tucker and Dale are a couple of lovable and kind-hearted backwoods hillbillies, working on fixing up an old creepy, cabin and making it they're vacation home. Their plans are unfortunately interrupted by a bunch of preppy, college kids who have seen too many horror movies. As one of their group is hurt, and the two rednecks run to her rescue, her friends mistakenly think that she's been abducted. Hilarity, mayhem, and dismemberment ensue, as the college kids set out to "save" the girl from her "captors."

If you are looking for an original film with great characters, a bit of well executed gore, and laugh-out-loud moments, this is definitely the movie for you. I can't say enough good things about it. Everyone I have recommended it to has had the same reaction I did. It's one you will want to watch more than once, and will definitely be telling your friends about.

**Just a little tip. DO NOT watch the trailer first. Though it won't by any means ruin the film for you, it does give away a few good surprise moments**
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