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Arizona Republic
Like a good episode of "Smallville": You may feel a bit silly watching it if you're past high-school age, but you just might have a good time.
Orlando Sentinel
Brit hunk Alex Pettyfer has grown into a solid and quite interesting lead to build this potential sci-fi movie series around.
Boxoffice Magazine
While Caruso will fail to win over adult reviewers, I Am Number Four will connect with teen moviegoers anxious for a new young adult fantasy fix to hold them until the next "Twilight Saga" hits in November.
The movie is a mixed bag, with many of the elements fun and intriguing, but since this is also a Michael Bay-produced movie, CG monsters and cartoon bad guys gum up a third act.
A flashy, lunkheaded sci-fi extravaganza sure to appeal to teenagers who like their interplanetary warfare bloodless, their high-school soaps squeaky-clean and their numbers countable on one hand.
Village Voice
Nothing but a million little pieces from prior superhero series and the "Twilight" saga.
Producers Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg deploy an arsenal of noisy special effects to demonstrate the invaders' high-tech superiority, which makes Olyphant's inability to breach an Internet firewall look pretty silly.
I found the mythology of I Am Number Four vague and sloppy.
What we have here is a witless attempt to merge the "Twilight" formula with the Michael Bay formula.
Check the credits: That move is ripped straight from producer Michael Bay's playbook.

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