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MPAA Rated R for language and some violent content

Sex & Nudity

  • Two men have a telephone conversation where a man explains that another man's job has been terminated because he had engaged in an intimate relationship with a co-worker, in violation of company policy, though the man denies anything other friendship.

Violence & Gore

  • Overall, the violence is pretty mild for the R-rating, which is reasonable since the film's main focus is suspense, terror and tension and as it is set inside a coffin. Blood is mild.
  • A man holds a knife to his hand and pushes down (his screams are muffled by a rag he put in his mouth), he draws back his hand, covered in blood, and we see a severed finger laying on the sand; he then wraps his hand in a bandage which becomes soaked in blood.
  • A woman is recorded being shot in the face on a very grainy, unclear cellphone footage.
  • A man, his face is bloodied and is lying in a coffin, holds a knife to his throat, presses it against his flesh and pulls it away moments later.
  • A man, blood on his face and neck and a bleeding cut on his forehead mixed with dirt, is seen in a coffin, with his mouth gagged and hands tied together; he struggles and pants as he tries to free himself from the restraints and tries to kick the roof of the coffin but accidentally hits his head on the ceiling of the coffin and shouts in pain.
  • A man is seen, face bloodied, in a coffin that shakes as two explosions are heard above him; the man shouts and we see sand pouring in the cracks of the coffin (we hear that the bombs were dropped by the military and that they leveled more than half of a city).
  • There is a tense scene with a snake in a coffin, involving fire.
  • A man, seen with his face bloodied and covered in mud, is seen in a coffin and we hear his telephone conversation with another man; they shout at each other and the man on the phone says the man in the coffin has to provide money for ransom or he will allow him to die.
  • Two men have an angry phone conversation, and one of the men is seen, face bloodied, struggling in a coffin as sand covers him.
  • A man threatens to kill or injure another man's wife and child.
  • A man tells another man to record himself cutting off his finger and send it to him.
  • A man says that he witnessed eight people being killed, and he thinks the man he is talking to is willing to let him be killed as well.
  • We hear that a convoy of trucks was attacked as they drove through Iraq; the group was first attacked by a group of boys throwing stones at the trucks and when the drivers got out, one of the trucks was blown up and six drivers were killed by men with guns, who appeared from behind houses and opened fire.
  • We hear that a coffin containing the body of a dead young man is found.
  • A man asks another man why a woman was allowed to be killed and the man explains that they did not know she had been taken hostage.
  • A man sees a grainy cell phone photo of a woman with a gun held to her head


  • It was the language that gave the film an R rating in the US and the MA15+ (restricted) rating in the Australia. The violent content was mild in comparison.
  • 1 sexual reference.
  • 11 uses of sh*t.
  • 3 anatomical terms, including *ss and *sshole.
  • 7 mild obscenities, including b*tch.
  • 2 religious profanities, 7 religious exclamations. This includes taking the Lord's name in vain and godd*mn.
  • About 36 F-words and its derivatives.
  • 1 use of cunt.
  • Name-calling (criminal.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man takes multiple pills, which he identifies to be for anxiety.
  • A man drinks from a flask that contains an unidentified alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie is about a man that's trapped inside a coffin and is buried alive. That concept alone would be frightening, oppressive and distressing for viewers. There are a lot of scenes with the man panicking and crying, just to get out. At times, sand falls in the coffin putting the character in an even more peril. In one scene, a snake appears out of nowhere in the coffin.
  • The ending is very depressing.
  • The following contains a MAJOR spoiler, and an extensive description of a very emotionally disturbing and intense scene.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Sand pours in the cracks of a coffin where a man shoves a piece of fabric; it is implied that the man suffocates to death as sand completely covers him, forcing him against the ceiling of the coffin .

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man gets a phone call with a man saying he's coming to get him, while he's on the call the man's wife calls, he answers and tells her how much he loves her and that he is coming home, he does this while sand his filling up his coffin. The man on the phone says he's almost there, apparently they led him to the wrong coffin. The film ends on a very depressing note with sand slowly covering up the coffin until the screen goes black and the film ends. This ending is really depressing.
  • In the last scene of the whole movie, the man who is buried is on the phone with a man who is engaging in a digging excursion with a team. The buried man then switches his call to a woman he loves and tells her he loves her. The buried man becomes frantic as the coffin is filling with sand. The movie closes with the still-buried coffin filling up completely with sand, as the main character is very obviously implied to die because his mouth is shown uttering profanities and the light from the phone is shown to be covering up very slowly, and as the sand covers the light of the phone, and the main character's mouth, the screen goes black and the film ends. This scene is most definitely very hard to watch and the movie leaves the viewer very blankly.

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