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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero offers what most fans of the saga come looking for, but it's sadly unfulfilling.
msbreviews22 August 2022
If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free thoughts, please follow my blog to read my full review :)

"Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero offers what most fans of the saga come looking for: energetic action, new transformations, and the classic Akira Toriyama humor that works brilliantly in this film.

The risk and courage in creating a narrative focused on Gohan, Piccolo, and Pan turn out to be successful due to the more intimate context, but it's still quite far from the epic levels and supreme satisfaction of the last movie.

Exaggerated fan service leads to unjustified, absurd new forms. The pacing and balance of the different storylines and relationships lack better control. The fight sequences have good moments, but some abrupt cuts take away some of the dazzle. And finally, 3D animation proves to be a massive decline in almost every aspect compared to the ideal mix used in recent content.

It's a pleasant, light, fun adventure but sadly unfulfilling."

Rating: B-
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It's what you'd expect
benjilee-2097919 August 2022
Solid film, reasonable plot, Sama characters as always.

Only one area I didn't like, the CG art style.

Nothing more than a personal preference.

Other than that just another good Dragon Ball film.
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Fantastic Dragonball movie
Dartsanddurrys18 August 2022
Solid film . Great action , likeable characters, and awesome moments . People will always find ways to pick apart anything dragonball related but if you go into this with an open mind and to simply just watch some new dragonball content you'll be extremely satisfied . The new animation is fantastic during fight scenes and the characters hold very true to the anime. You'll see a ton of negative reviews complaining about the new style but after about 5 minutes in to the movie you'll hardly even realise it's CGI it stays that true to the 2D animation stuff. The humour worked well and the action scenes are up there with the best in the series (have no clue why people are complaining about this). I'll admit it's not as good as the Broly movie but is fantastic in its own right . Go Piccolo and Gohan, 2 neglected characters who really show off what they are capable of.
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Super Villain
Mateo-EGC19 August 2022
GrandmaI wasn't expecting anything, but I loved it.

The CGI is something that still doesn't quite convince me, but I think they didn't do it badly. There were scenes with too good visual art, and some amazing battle choreographies and explosions.

I liked the story, but everything felt too short, I would have liked to see more and I feel that the best thing was that the main characters were Gohan and Piccoro to give a refreshing touch to the Dragon Ball story in general. The comedy, as always, is very good, the serious moments feel so good, for example the final part.

Being honest, I hope they don't use CGI again, I prefer 2D, but I loved the movie enough to watch it more than once.
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vkaranam11 June 2022
The movie serves us Dragon Ball fans just right with a proper slice of life mix with action packed fights. Walking out of this movie you'll be completely satisfied with not only the plot and fight scenes but also the animation which everyone were quite skeptical about at first.
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Surpasses my Expectations
timeblank22 August 2022
Giving the fact that you gave more screen time for the Red Ribbon organization just amazes me. Especially for Piccolo and Gohan.

I never actually thought that this movie will have a plot and connections to the original tv series. Normally Dragon ball will have comedy and unnecessary subplots.

I love the fact that this movie was engaging and the flow was spot on. The fights and manipulation were great in this movie. Seeing Gohan fight was extraordinary well done.

The only flaw was Bulma and her usefulness on the Dragon ball felt slightly annoying. However, the fight with Vegeta and Goku, in hand to hand combat made me feel very happy indeed.

I was surprised that I saw this movie. I am glad I watched it again.
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"A Nostalgic anime movie Toei Animation doing what Toei does best."
electronictealfuzzy19 August 2022
I gotta say, after watching the English Dub with my big brother and my uncle last night, I have got to say... It was the best anime film I have ever seen in my entire life. I mean, look at the nostalgic, flawless. Terrific scenes and animations, and how hard Toei Animation has made them. They're magnificent. It gives out the greatest vibes especially for Gohan getting his time to shine in the film. It's good to have the Shoop Da Whoop guy back, and perfect heartwarming and funny moments, too. I'm sure this anime film is going to be the best box office hit for sure. Ready for the next Dragon Ball Super film! :)
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Better than I expected
NgaiTranAnh19 August 2022
If you had told me that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero would be a good Dragon Ball film, I would have told you that you were spouting nonsense. This film's trailers were not promising at all: the full CG animation, another attempt to bring back the Red Ribbon, and what looks to be a cash-grab given how successful anime films have been recently (e.g. Demon Slayer Mugen Train and Jujutsu Kaisen 0). I was worried about this film and the fate of the upcoming Slam Dunk film. And I am so glad this movie proved me wrong.

First and foremost, the animation. Although I liked Dragon Ball Super Broly, I was not the biggest fan of the video-game-like animation in some of the fight scenes in that film. However, Super Hero's CG animation was not distracting at all to me. Sure, it may have taken a couple of minutes to get used to it, but for the most part, I'd say Toei had done a pretty decent job. And if you have seen other CG animes like Beastars or Land of the Lustrous, then this film would not be anything novel to you. But, I'd still like to see a hand-drawn film should Toei decide to make a sequel. 2D animation just hits different.

Regarding the story, it was a pretty basic 3-act structure. But then again, no one should walk into a Dragon Ball film expecting any major plot twists or shocking revelations. There are certain nitpicks regarding Piccolo's plan in the second act or how the Red Ribbon is still a powerful organization despite the fact that it's been confirmed to be mostly gone after Goku's heroics in the OG series. You will find it quite enjoyable you don't think too hard about it.

The fight scenes were quite solid this time around. The choreography, the lighting, and camera movements were all on point. Honestly, I got chills quite a few times during the third act (or it could just be the AC in the theaters).

And lastly, the characters. If you are here expecting some Goku and Vegeta action, you may be disappointed because they were barely in the film. But I, on the other hand, loved it. It's so refreshing to see Gohan and Piccolo get the spotlight again, and the movie sure gave them the much- needed return after being reduced to mostly background characters in the Dragon Ball Super manga. The Androids looked silly in the posters, but fortunately, they were really fun to watch (they almost made me cry towards the end as well). And Pan, what a cutie! She's easily the cutest kid character in Dragon Ball since young Goku himself. More of her, please. Thanks to this film, I hope the next one will turn the attention to the likes of Yamcha and Tienshinhan (especially Yamcha) as well.

All in all, if you are a Dragon Ball fan, I think you will have a good time with this film (if you can tolerate the CG animation or don't overthink the plot).

P/S: There's an after-credit scene, so stay till the end!
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DB, has a new and freshly air
everthavg19 August 2022
First, the story is well balance and don't give less that a good history of DB show in the other movies (cannons).

Second, the way that the animation in my opinion, was a 100% compatible with the scenes of action.

Third, Toriyama made justice with Gohan... and place him at level of Vegita and Son Goku, yes I'm a fan of Gohan and wait already 30 years to see him in this level... cof cof cof.

Four, if is a movie, all effects of sounds always are better in the theatre, and you enjoy it, it's true and this is the reasons why I go to see movies in theatre, and this movie of DB has a good effects.

Fifth, I'm and fan of DB manga!!!
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Movie for the fans
i_dont_even28 June 2022
I had fun. Build up and payout was nice, animation smooth. One of the best, if not the best Dragon Ball movie to date. Was refreshing to see it focused on someone else than usual absurd beefcakes.
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A sad step backwards in visuals and originality
Abir-Xtreme15 June 2022
Out of the three Dragon Ball movies to come out of the modern era, this is by far the weakest. We have gone from the spectacular animation of DBS Broly to a CGI focused, frankly janky take on Dragon Ball.

So many movements just feel awkward and the classic impact from hits is completely gone. Any OG Dragon Ball fan will be disappointed when they compare it with any of the classic scenes and find the weight within combat sorely lacking.

Though it must be said , the CGI IS INDEED SUPERIOR to the CGI we saw in previous movies, but it does not even touch the 2D animation peak of DBS Broly. That is not a fault of the technology, plenty of movies like the Kung Fu Panda trilogy and Spiderman have shown us amazing 3D combat in a complex manner.

The story is also just a recycled clone of older Dragon Ball arcs with copy cat moments in every step of the way, completely giving away the plot to any fan of the show and progressing in a sad manner with uninspired transformation with 0 creativity. THE BEST part of the movie is simply the growth of Trunks and Goten in terms of design and that is it.

I will not be buying this movie in physical form, 1 showing at the Cinema was enough torture for me.
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Bio Broly Part 2...literally
slickr419 June 2022
I mean, I just don't know where to start. I think the saddest part is that I no longer can trust the youTubers like Geekdom to give honest reviews about Dragonball anymore. It's clear they have to review favorably or they'll lose their access.

The story is just abysmal, flat out abysmal. How do we not just have fans writing and producing these movies? With this budget they would make an actual Dragonball movie and not something that would come on PBS in the mornings.

I apologize, I'm just so disappointed, they just proved that there is NO WAY Dragonball can move forward without Goku and Vegeta. The 5 minutes they were in this movie were the most entertaining of the film. I hope we can get back to the level of Dragonball Super: Broly or else getting another anime adaptation is going to be hard.
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A Better Than Expected Wild Ride
dalasear1219 August 2022
After seeing stills and some of the teasers, I was sure I was going to be disappointed by many things in the film (especially the animation style).

I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful and well-crafted everything looked. The fight scenes were clear and you could follow everything that was happening which is something you don't normally see in the Dragon Ball franchise. The film made me laugh me throughout and not just because of the call backs or fan service. It was genuinely funny. The music elevated the scenes instead of just having some "hype" tracks randomly play. It felt like I was just watching a fun action comedy film.

I think this really may be the best Dragon Ball movie for me. I'm looking forward to the future of the franchise.
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Fantastic spectacle, direction, and a great time.
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, whilst having probably the worst name of any Dragon Ball movie, is one of the most enjoyable Dragon Ball films ever put to screen. It cannot be stressed enough to actually watch this film in a cinema or bare minimum an actual HD screening not a camrip like so many have and only have.

This movie's animation is spectacular when it counts, the fights have a real 3D sense that Director Tetsurô Kodama takes full advantage of, giving Dragon Ball new life and originality, with previous attempts of Dragon Ball CGI not even coming close. Combined with this films booming soundtrack, the fight scenes leave a huge impact and are an absolute awe to watch.

It is not entirely perfect, and rough around the edges when major spectacle isn't taking place (ironically it looked the worst at the start where you would want to make a good impression), but 95% of the time looks great and is getting too much unfair bandwagon hate over freeze framing transition shots.

This films pacing is rocket fast never dragging, yet never feeling particularly rushed. This is impressive as this movie takes a step back from the nonstop action of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and presents with some character moments and nonchalant comedy. The change of Piccolo to leading man with the dynamic between him and Gohan works well albeit, a little Déjà vu. The movie never feels like it is missing the presence of Goku and Vegeta, however of course, they are still coerced in here. Goku and Vegeta's scenes were not needed and are purely here as they are of course the most popular characters, but, their fight is a highlight and its thrilling spectacle distracts the viewer from its non-importance.

Addressing common criticism of this film, some are fair whilst others feel very contradictory for Dragon Ball SUPER. The most common criticism I hear of this film is that it is pure nostalgia pandering and nothing more. There is definitely apparent nostalgia, but no worse is it than Dragon Ball Super BROLY, the movie that literally is about reusing a villain and was marketed around Gogeta fighting him. Regarding the final villain of this flick, he admittedly has little character and is a pure powerhouse, yet the same can pretty much be said for Broly, aside from a few lines and a pretty candid backstory, he is no different. Two wrongs dont make a right, and the Broly film was still great, but this movie is getting hate for something it equally stumbled on.

The finale sequence (whilst spectacular in its grandeur) is absolute BS and not at all earned, and really feels like marketing ploys for Dokkan, figures etc. There are also a few too many retcons and "bold" statements (to say the least) that make up a major part of my negative criticism of this movie that if you know you know and/or will see, all feeling pointless and almost as if Toriyama is just trying to troll his audience.

At my IMAX screening they were only showing the dub and whilst I will always prefer the traditional Japanese voice actors, everyone does a good job here, Sabat does a great job as leading man.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is one of the easiest movies you'll ever watch, due to its spectacular spectacle and style along with its non-stop pacing. It is flawed in some of its narrative with pointless retcons and questionable attempts at appealing to nostalgia, but regardless will have you engaged from start to finish never waning. If you are at all a Dragon Ball fan casual or hardcore, this is a must see on the biggest screen you can find.

Watched in IMAX August 18 Australia English Dubbed.
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A lot of fun
rotombot20 August 2022
I love all the serious reviews haha, this movie is great and just a fun ride throughout. I like the focus on Gohan and Piccolo and the epic ending. Some nice call backs and new surprises. I found the CG very tastefully done.
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The Best Dragon Ball Super Movie
daniyalrehman10 August 2022
This Movie Is Pure Dragon Ball Funny Scenes Action Transformation Big Villain Everything Is In This Movie CGI Made The Fights Look More Amazing Piccolo Gohan Are The Main Heroes But We Get Goku And Vegeta Too Watching This Movie Is Super Fun.
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It's the best Dragon Ball movie ever
wwwgamestation13 June 2022
When I watched the cgi drawing in the movie Battle of God, I did not like the idea of the cgi in the anime, but after I watched this movie in the Japanese cinema, I was amazed by the cgi and also when it ended Dragon Ball Z, I did not see the same story power in Super, but this movie focused on the story and it was wonderful.
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Noticeable Step Down From the last Dragon Ball Super movie
hunterzdan14 June 2022
If you were disappointed in the old DragonBall Z: Bio Broly movie, then you'll ultimately be disappointed with this one. Rushed story, half decent fight scenes, mindless big bad. I'm sad.
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If you a fan you will love this movie
mrhfcb26 August 2022
A fantastic movie from the dragon ball world It's get the stuff that dragon ball fans love Fun time , a great fighting, a new levels of power, and the animation it's just beautiful and soo great, probably because of the cinema I really Enjoyed this cinematic experience And finally, I recommend soo hard to watch this movie if a fan If you not a fan I still recommend to watch it.
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A fun, story-driven experience that is some of the best content Super has given fans.
frankiesilver-9183621 August 2022
The previous Dragon Ball Super movie, Broly, was enjoyable with amazing animation, but I thought it was missing something in terms of story. Ultimately, I came out of it thinking I may have grown out of Dragon Ball a bit.

This movie, which I wasn't expecting much from, proved that thought wrong. It was hilarious, heartfelt, interesting, and filled with fan service.

Dragon Ball was getting really stale due to it just being Goku and Vegeta continuously getting stronger while everyone else was left in the background. However, this movie is basically an action-comedy about Piccolo figuring out how to protect Earth without those two around. After nearly the entirety of Super being focused on them, this was a huge surprise.

Piccolo going undercover as he tries to get Gohan to unleash his potential again is so much fun to watch. This premise also allows the movie to be a redemption story for Gohan, giving both him and Piccolo new power boosts that most likely put them back on a comparable scale with Goku and Vegeta for future stories.

Gohan is super sick here. He has had multiple arcs where he regains his strength, but here he realizes that even though his father is alive nowadays, he still won't always be there to protect Earth. As long as the cycle of Gohan lacking on his training doesn't repeat yet again, I'm really pleased with this arc.

Of course, what makes the story possible is the villains who are a pretty cool concept. The Androids are my favorite villains in all of Dragon Ball, so more of the Red Ribbon Army is great. Their secret base was cool and their viewing of the Z-Warriors as evil alien invaders was very entertaining.

I thought Dr. Hedo was silly, but Gamma 1 & 2 were way cooler than I thought they would be. Their superhero gags were hilarious.

Admittedly I didn't care for Cell Max. He felt like Cell version of Bio Broly which isn't ideal at all. However, he fulfills his purpose in this story. While it may have been less creative and switched the focus, I would've liked to have seen the return of the original Cell.

Another thing I love about this movie is that on top of Gohan and Piccolo being the protagonists for once, we actually get a large cast here. This is a big improvement over most of Super.

Seeing 18 fighting (though I wish we got more about her reaction to the return of the Red Ribbon Army) was awesome. So was seeing grown-up Goten and Trunks. Pan was super cute and likable. We, of course, also still get to catch up with Goku and co. On Beerus' planet, which was a fun side plot that excited me for what's to come for these characters.

There were still some oddly omitted characters like Tien and especially 17. Plus, I'm so sick of Buu falling asleep every single story, but you can't make the cast of a single movie too bloated I guess.

Anyway, everyone gets their time to shine in fights, and there are some super unique moves and camera angles. This is due to the pseudo-3D animation giving them a lot of liberty to allow for cool effects and visual depth. However, at times it borderline looks pixelated and like a video game. Still, I wouldn't hold the animation style against the movie too much. It's passable and at some points, I understand why they chose the look.

Overall, this is definitely the best Dragon Ball Super movie and one of my favorite Dragon Ball movies ever. An amazing time for any fan!
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A good addition to the series
FeastMode19 August 2022
DBS Super Hero is a fun and awesome movie. The action scenes are great. It's really funny, I laughed out loud numerous times. There is some clever self-referential humor. It takes it's time developing the new characters and feels like a full movie rather than a few combined episodes.

I like DBS: Broly better and was a bit disappointed certain characters take a backseat, but this is definitely a good time and worth seeing on a premium screen. (1 viewing, opening Thursday IMAX 8/18/2022)
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WATCH THIS MOVIE. Don't let bad reviews turn you off.
itsoferrall19 August 2022
This is a great dragon ball film. It's got substance and you truly don't know what's going to happen. For a dragon ball movie that's saying something, it's not supposed to have a big plot. Dragon Ball is power ups and energy blasts. This movie does WAY more than that. I'm not saying it had a deep story because it doesn't but it's not stupid and it kept my interest. One of the best dragon ball movies I've ever seen. I'd give it 10/10 if the story was more complex. But it set the future of dragon ball up so well, I'm so excited.
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The Best
malmuhaini-7937219 August 2022
The action scenes in this movie are unbelievable FINALLY GOHAN IS BACK And You'll know more about Piccolos relationship with Pan !!!

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Yeah, baby, Yeah!!
subxerogravity19 August 2022
So, I saw this in Regal's 4DX experience. It did not make the movie better, but it made it a memorable ride.

It feels like I've not seen Dragon Ball in a while but not too long because I know all the characters not new to this movie but some enemies I can't recall when they became allies.

Anyway, first time I'm experiencing Dragonball with this CGI blend, which I thought was really cool, and the first Dragonball I watched in which Goku was not the main guy, so that was really interesting. Despite Piccalo doing a few things that seemed out of place, it was cool to see him take the lead in this one.

These Dragonball movies are made to be a quick fix to the episodic series. In my opinion this film actually did a good job in capturing in story development how it can take 5 to 6 episodes before the fight breaks out.

Overall, this was a lot of fun to watch.
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Something different, but totally fun for a life-long DB fan
tomtay-120 August 2022
I grew up watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. I enjoyed DB Super but was admittedly disappointed by Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F.

Super Heroes was a bit of a departure from the norm both in terms of animation and writing but it was the best new piece of dragon ball content to come out since Goku finally took Kid Buu down.

I loved it.
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