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  • This unaired pilot of "You Must Be Joking!" was released on the "You Must Be Joking! The Complete Series" DVD by NetworkOnAir. It was never broadcast, and many of it's sketches were re-shot later for the first proper episode of the show. Some of the sketches were performed live while others were filmed and shown to a live audience. The show features two main teenage actors with several supporting children and one adult. Some of the shows key features are present even in this early stage, musical interludes, links sketches, news type interviews, school and parents sketches. The shows funny nature gets put on hold several times during this episode, to present serious subjects that might interest children. This was later toned down for the production series. Even in this early stage the viewer can see the formula that would later be used by shows like "You Can't Do That On Television".


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  • The show begins with two janitor women (girls dressed as older women) cleaning a 'Thames' television studio. Next comes the titles, and credits. There is then a sketch about a investigator and a person being interrogated. There is then a musical number. At a monastery master and student meet. Next comes a doctor sketch. In the audience two actors, an adult and kid discuss where their past and where they come from. Then a sketch with students and a teacher in class. There is another monastery sketch. In the audience once again there is a survey about leaving school, followed by a {not for laughs} interview on stage, of a real life MP 'Member of Parliament' about the subject. In the audience an actor talks about leaving school and employment. Then a sketch in an employment agency. In the audience an actor gives an announcement for younger viewers. Next a guy reads "Christopher Robin" in a stereo-typical gay voice, about wanting a solider. Next there is a sketch at a dinner table with a small mother and tall child. Then a {not for laughs} discussion of money that schools pay for things, and its wastefulness. A song is then preformed. At a bus stop sign, a woman gives her child to a charity collector. Next there is a sketch interview of a car accident victim. There is a return to the monastery once again. Followed by a teacher giving out test results, while getting stuff dumped on him from behind. On a television screen the actors watch the audience, and the credits roll, slightly longer then before, now including studio personal. Lastly there is the 'Thames' logo which a boy walks in front of with a dynamite plunger, and blows up the logo.

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