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isaacochoterena6 August 2022
I didn't expect anything from this movie, especially because of the huge number of characters, but I was pleasantly surprised.

At first I wasn't convinced by the format of the film, I even thought it would work better as a series, but as the plot progresses I realized that this format was ideal. At first I was confused by the format, since it divides the stories of the couples into short films of approximately 10 minutes, but as they progress I understood the point, in these small short films, that seem that they are not related to each other, the situation of the loving couple in question is exposed, giving a broad focus on the different difficulties they face as a couple, each of these short films presents a different difficulty, and each of these is totally realistic, it is incredible how the script can expose it in such a short time, also giving a decent development of each character. It was so satisfying to see how everything came together in the end, I really didn't expect something like that, although it suddenly felt very fast how all the stories came together, it even seemed illogical to me but somehow the script was able to solve what all the stories had in common. The direction is very good since all the actors deliver the best performances they have ever done in movies, the gestures and the feeling in the dialogues are great, they all surprised me, especially Cassandra Sanchez Navarro, since I had not seen her in another role than in 'Cindy la Regia' and I thought she would get stuck in roles like that, but here she shows that she is a great actress. I must say that after an hour the format was heavy and I began to despair, but that ending was worth it. There are only two or three shorts that don't deal with couple drama, but they still add a bit to the ending.

It is not a romantic comedy and that is what works in favor of this film, exposing the drama and how sad it can be to love and be loved, the direction requires all the actors to give their best performance and the script works correctly to be a memorable movie and one that I would see again in a near future.
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