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I didn't see it coming
jtindahouse8 December 2022
Wow. This is one of those genuine cases of the less you know going in, the harder the film is going to hit. Everything seems normal until along comes - a shot of a pie. And nothing is the same from there out. This was a tough watch but also a really enjoyable one.

The whole film is shot as a continuous tracking shot, similar to Sam Mendes' '1917'. I understand that the films aren't actually shot this way but it doesn't bother me. I love the raw nature it provides the film.

I find this kind of movie infinitely more scary than any ghost or monster movie. These are the real horrors of the world. These are the things you need to be genuinely scared of.

This one is heavy, tense and often a very uneasy watch. But it is a great case of getting every last drop out of a limited budget and producing a highly memorable movie that will stick with people long after the credits roll. 9/10.
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watching and squirming
ferguson-619 March 2022
Warning: Spoilers
SXSW 2022 Greetings again from the darkness. If you prefer your movies light-hearted, good-natured, and relaxing to the spirit, then you need to avoid writer-director Beth de Araujo's first feature film at all costs. I'm not sure I've ever been more uncomfortable watching a movie than I was during this one. Whatever you do, don't assume that a story featuring a group of young women meeting in a church for snacks and socializing will be cute or funny. This is neither. In fact, I'm at a loss for the properly descriptive words.

It doesn't take long for us to realize these ladies aren't soccer moms here to discuss cupcake recipes or romance novels. When Kindergarten teacher Emily (Stefanie Estes) pulls the cover back from the homemade pie she baked, the swastika carved into the crust is clear as day. Their club, "Daughters for Aryan Unity", is actually a group of racist bigots filled with extreme hatred towards people of color. Their stated mission is 'multi-cultural warfare' and standing up for the place in society they have earned. One of Emily's phrases is "feminine, not feminist", and she explains why. This conversation continues until the Pastor overhears and kicks them out of his church.

Adding to the tension and contributing to the profuse feeling of disgust is the filmmaker's decision to avoid cuts and present real time in one continuous shot. We never get a breather from these despicable people. The big concern with bigotry is that unforgivable words can shift into dangerous actions, and that's what happens here. A store confrontation over a bottle of wine leads to a prank that goes horribly awry.

I'm not sure if the film is meant as a lead-in to serious dialogue on the topic, or whether it's a cautionary tale about the dangers of racism and bigotry. Perhaps it's a reminder that racism and evil behavior is not limited to southern rednecks in pickup trucks. Whatever purpose Ms. De Araujo had in mind, the film (even with a surprise ending) is certainly uncomfortable to watch.
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How much should you know ahead of time?
jfgibson7313 November 2022
From a story perspective, this movie has a lot of surprises that you don't want to ruin by reading about it before watching. On the other hand, you should probably have some idea of what you're getting into, especially if you need to avoid certain triggers. This movie gets pretty messed up, and it is filmed in a way that is meant to immerse you in the situation as much as possible: it appears to unfold in a single, unbroken take (said to actually be four takes, which is still impressive) with a you-are-there positioning of the camera. It gets a little shaky at times, but it's not found footage--it's more like the camera feels what the characters feel, such as the motion of a car. One thing I will mention is that I turned this movie on when I was almost ready to fall asleep, but once it started, I didn't look away. It can be tricky sometimes trying to decide to see a movie that has been labeled "disturbing." Sometimes it may end up not bothering you too much, other times you end up with images you never wanted in your head. You'll have to follow your own instincts, I guess. For me, Soft and Quiet had some tough stuff in it, but it ended up being a unique experience that was worth the risk.
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I wasn't ready for it!
SoumikBanerjee256 November 2022
That's how extremists are bred, that is exactly how the notions of extremism manifest.

There are only a handful of films that make me feel nauseated and uncomfortable. I have seen tons of vile stuff in my life; but there were only a couple of instances where I flinched, where my conscience got in the way and told me to ease off and breathe.

Soft & Quiet, as it seems made its way into that list

Everything about this film had me fuming & infuriated, in a good way though! I mean all those arguments that blatantly talked about racial supremacies and ethnic segregation; they were all supposed to make the audience feel enraged and enflamed with anger and rage and now looking at the aftereffect, I must say, they did serve their purpose just fine.

I was feeling so suffocated, I was furious the whole time; the characters were meant to be detested and the actors playing those parts made sure that was indeed the case. Some terrific acting there, cause I wanted all of them to die terrible deaths. It pains me to even think that people like them exist in our society, what a shame!
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Church of the Poisoned Mind...
Xstal5 November 2022
A group of ladies is convened, they all have a common theme, disgruntled you could say, pure vitriol they spray, feel as if they've been let down, these diverse days make them frown, they don't have a lot to ask, from behind their hateful mask, so they're going to drop an anchor, that will make you grate with rancour, leave you stunned and disbelieving, as your eyebrows hit the ceiling, you may know people like this, living life in an abyss, a soft and quiet outer shell, but inside under a spell.

You probably haven't seen anything like this, top marks for individuality and the ability to get you shouting at the screen as you witness what you hope is full fat fiction but you know there are those who harbour these convictions.
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billcr124 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This is a single shot movie with the camera following a school teacher and group of fellow travelers as they commiserate on the changing times in America with all of its' diversity.

It all begins at the upstairs of a local church where the flock eat pie and cake and complain about Blacks, Jews, and Asians as "taking over America from its' proper white founders.

The women are asked to leave the church and decide to head to a store for some wine where they encounter a pair of Asian women and it heads south at an alarming rate.

The final fifteen minures or so are cringeworthy and as unforgettable as anything I have ever seen on film.

Soft and Quiet is one of the best films of the year.
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Indeed hard to watch but I liked it
MarioTee4 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, props for the entire crew to be filming it in one shot, I can only imagine the pressure they were under. This is, if I am not mistaken, only the second one (next to Birdman) I've watched.

That being said, the story is as scary as it is simple. A group of well... white women gathered together to be hateful. The things they say are only scary because we all know this kind of people, and their stupidity matches their hate.

I think that the cast did a very good job, they were believable. Some characters are less (can I even use that word?) likeable than others, some are just plain annoying. The story went in a direction I did not expect, and while the audience might appreciate the last 30 seconds or so, I did not, it was not really believable.

I would say that in a year of really good horror movies, this one might be one of the scariest. Really not for everyone.
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Hard to sit through, well-made, but not bold enough
jadavix1 January 2023
It's hard to review a movie like "Soft & Quiet" (and what a misnomer that title is). It's well made, well acted, involving, has some effective moments... but it is not in the least enjoyable. It's not a pleasant experience to sit through it. If we're rating it for its effectiveness at what it sets out to do, it gets high marks. If we're rating the experience of watching it for most people, who want to be entertained at the movies, we feel like we have to warn them. Most people will hate it and feel like they wasted their time sitting through it.

I know that there is an audience for challenging material like this. I know because I'm part of said audience. For people like us, I give the movie a seven for being well-made, moderately involving, and effective, even though the most effective moment is horrible to watch.

I don't score it higher than seven because I don't think I'll be thinking about the movie for much longer. It feels more like an effectively nasty little shocker than a strong statement about the world, despite allegedly being inspired by media coverage of race-related crime.
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Hard to watch. Hard to fathom at times.
MK_Ultra_5 November 2022
Blumhouse has a knack for provocation---and though not standardized horror or thriller in the Blumhouse mold, it lies in its own subgenre of fragile white identities gone extreme much like the fringey elements of American History X did in the past. If this film makes you uncomfortable, then it delivered its message successfully, in a one take, hardline address of racism in the US and the tendencies they bring out in what first appears to be "normal everyday group of women" meeting up for a post-workday friendly "workshop" of thoughts and daily agenda. Sounds innocent enough, but it takes no longer than the foil coming off a dessert to show what lies beneath. It's not pretty folks, but that is the gist of the narrative, that the unfounded hate and discrimination is indeed very ugly and you watch it unfold in a slick, non-gimmicky little dark film that doesn't exploit but rips the bandaid off the wound that is extremism and the violence that hides beneath. In plain sight in fact.

Does this help or heal? Neither actually, but shows what it all looks like upclose and feels all too real at times, in these times.

7 1/2 out of 10.
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A hard-hitting study of bigotry
Armin_Nikkhah_Shirazi9 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
SOFT AND QUIET is one of those movies where the less you know about it ahead of time, the more effective it is. So, if you have not yet seen it, you should watch it first before reading the analysis below.

The film begins in a, well, soft and quiet manner: A woman who obviously takes care of herself is in the bathroom of a school and seems distraught at the result of a pregnancy test. Though we do not have information about her background or even the actual result, her reaction elicits sympathy in us for her.

Next, we see her passing a janitor as she exits the school. Her body language betrays discomfort at getting too close. Not having any context, I dismissed it as possibly the woman having a wide personal space.

She then engages warmly with a kindergartner who has not yet been picked up by his mom, as it is after hours. She turns out to be his teacher and tells him to tell the janitor to not mop the floor until he is gone. He might slip, and besides, he needs to learn to assert himself. This struck me as a little odd, but I still did not connect the dots: perhaps she is a bit overzealous about her role as a teacher, I thought.

The mother arrives, looking for her son, and the teacher tells her a bald lie, that he almost slipped and hurt himself, and was talking to the janitor about it. Now the alarm bells start to ring.

The teacher's behavior at first mystified me until the infamous pie shot a few minutes later, and then everything suddenly became clear.

So many people (especially on the right) say that racism has been largely brought under control, or even that there is no racism in society today because they fail to perceive it. They do not see it, so they think it does not exist. But just because we do not perceive something, that does not mean it is not there.

The ingenious prologue gives an eye-opening example of this: the racist behavior was there right in front of my eyes, all along, but because I saw a classy-looking woman in emotional distress who was quite warm to her student I failed to perceive it, and whatever red flags appeared I rationalized away. And I am actually someone who tries to keep eyes open.

It is easy to perceive racist or bigoted behavior when the person engaging in it is already recognized to be so. Where is the boundary between insight and rationalization when a person is not already labeled in our minds as a bigot?

The pie shot is just a prelude to show that what initially seems like a mixer between nice ladies in a church turns out to be essentially a nazi brainstorming session.

What impressed me here is that the movie allows each bigot/racist/nazi to express themselves without it turning into caricature. Real people talk like that, and it helps make the film more believable.

The women have various levels of skill at putting a nice face on their ugly persuasion. At the abrupt conclusion of the meeting, we still wonder how much evil these ladies are really capable of. How much of it is just empty talk, and how much of it can translate into evil deeds?

The question is answered in the second and third act in a shocking sequence which could barely be more horrific. But rather than recounting events, I would like to focus on the careful study of the faces of bigotry presented here: there is the ideological bigot, the protagonist teacher who turns bigotry into a formal belief system; the cowardly bigot, who talks a big talk when bullying someone as part of a group, but is the first to pull a gun when things get heated and the first to break under pressure; the classist bigot who always blames her own problems on others, and cannot tolerate the targets of her hate having it better than her, and the bigoted sociopath, for whom bigotry is not so much an end but a means to an end, namely an arena for indulging in sociopathic behavior.

We also have a different kind of cowardly bigot in the form of the teacher's husband. He is the most clear-headed of the group and tries to dissuade the others from acting on their impulses, but his motivations are not altruistic. He is driven by a fear of consequences, the trouble it will bring with the law and his employment, and not by moral compunction. The lack of moral scruples and the power his wife holds over him makes it relatively easy to turn him into an accomplice.

There is an interesting dynamic between the couple whereby the ostensible efforts of the teacher to build up her husband to her ideological ideals, such as demanding that he avenge disrespect toward her because it means disrespect toward him, end up emasculating him. A brilliant scene which encapsulates this dynamic shows her slapping him, which he answers by slapping himself even harder.

The film is shown in one apparent continuous shot, which greatly increases the urgency of the events, and is especially well-suited for the story. All the actors are convincing, and in all other aspects the movie is well-crafted.

The sociological depth of this film is matched by few others I know of, but the sheer horror in the third act tends to overwhelm it. On the other hand, the title, an allusion to how the teacher sees her approach to spreading her ideological beliefs, was clearly intended to be ironic, and so the horror was necessary not only to show how evil talk breeds evil actions, but also that beyond a certain threshold, evil can never be soft and quiet.
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One bad idea spiraling out of control
EntertheRaptor12 November 2022
Can't really rate this as it is more of a social commentary about the world today.

Most of the movie is difficult to watch since the main focus is on racism. From the get-go, it's clear that hiding their racist inclinations would be a challenge for the lead characters. I watched the trailer first so I was expecting the worst, but I'm thankful the director didn't show some of the graphic parts cause just the thought of them is gruesome.

Would definitely not recommend this to anyone hoping to watch a good movie.

There is a lesson hidden in there somewhere: Choose your friends wisely. When you begin to believe that another person is less of a human than you are, it's only a matter of time before you act on it.
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Not horror, just really bad
RandomTard6 March 2023
Well it's not a horror movie, nor is there any mystery. I guess you could call it drama, there are idiots screaming at each other - but honestly, I struggle to even call this mess a movie. There's no start, no story and no ending.

Acting is pretty bad and the camerawork is appalling. One handheld camera that a lot of the time just shows us furniture or floor or something else like that. When the night comes it's too dark to see anything but flashes when the camera momentarily catches a lightsource.

Was there supposed to be some kind of a political message here? I don't know or care. I just wanted to watch a horror movie, I didn't get that but this horrible piece of trash instead.
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Timely and well-intentioned but winds up consuming itself
bob_meg12 November 2022
Beth de Araujo's Soft & Quiet is getting a lot of positive buzz since Blumhouse picked it up and is mass distributing it. I've seen the film twice now --- just to make sure I'm not missing something really revelatory --- but it consistently appears to fall apart at about the halfway mark, after a squirm-inducing, provocative, and relatively well-performed first half. It's really kind of a shame.

Unfortunately, movies that are this high-minded and well-intentioned --- it's obviously intended as somewhat of a microcosm of the 1/6 riot at the Capitol --- often wind up writing themselves into corners.

Stephanie Estes gamely plays Emily, a kindergarten teacher (not by chance, you'll see) who we follow to an inaugural meeting of like-minded white women in the deep south. Their first meeting is definitely the best thing in the movie, and by far more frighteningly (and saddeningly) real than anything that follows it.

After the meeting... conveniently enough... the only women left are the lower-income ones with less than squeaky-clean rap sheets and demeanors. While stopping to get wine on the way back to her house to continue venting, Emily and her gang run into the victim of her rapist jailbird brother and proceed to bully and harass the Asian woman and her sister.

At this point, you know two things: Em and her posse are not exactly rocket scientists and they're not playing with full decks, either. Their combined IQs might barely edge into the triple digits. And this is a huge problem, as their group psychosis drives them off a metaphorical cliff from which there is no return. Oh yeah, for us either.

So, in creating this parable against hate, racism, etc.... de Araujo has invited us --- via her script and her characters --- to form more stereotypes against women in particular (like they're irrational, emotional, reckless), and against low-income "white trash" types as well... to what purpose? That's what I can't figure out.

Let's be clear. There is no stimulating, edgy, or otherwise "deep" interplay between these women after they transform into The Gang Who Couldn't Pillage Straight. The guys of Reservoir Dogs would get Nobel prizes in comparison. This isn't David Mamet or Neil Labute... it's not even Camille LaPaglia. Without any further character development or dialogue, what we're left with is a plausible plan of organized carnage, incompetently executed by reprehensible characters, that devolves into a painful-to-watch, though well-shot, trash fire.

The twist ending does provide a bit of satisfaction, but by then, I was past the point of caring. It was refreshing though, as many have stated, to see something not drowning in Hate-Male, for a change of pace if nothing else. But the fact that only the men in this picture seem less crazy and even occasionally decent... that makes Soft & Quiet even more confused and disturbing.
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Good job with the single take approach, but...
bnitcamela4 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This just wasn't a believable story. Minor spoilers ahead.

This one started off on a pretty creepy and interesting premise. Several white women in some random upper Pacific northwest town get together to discuss their ideas about racial animosity and ethnostates. Since I hadn't really read any reviews past the headline (or spoilers) I was very curious where this might lead given the universally high scores from critics.

Without giving away too much, the problems for me started once they ended up at the local grocery/convenience store and confronted two Asian women; one of whom was a victim of rape committed by the lead character's brother who we are told is in prison. The store scene is when we find out why. At this point in the movie, the women (and one husband) begin to make very stupid decisions that were totally unbelievable for real world characters of their age. Needless to say, it continues to spiral downward and out of control for them as the decision making gets even more incredibly stupid and lacking any logic or realism.

Then there's the relationships/dialog. The way the lead's husband was portrayed could not possibly represent a real life archetype - as both seemingly tough and down to earth but also susceptible to the absolutely ridiculous and unfounded, immature and laughable insults his wife begins to lay on him in a sort of cuck-guilt trip. And of course it all works. He goes along with a totally hare brained scheme for a "prank" and the director expects us to believe he's playing a believable character because he comes up with one decent, non-dumb (if you're part of a budding criminal enterprise) idea. Nonsense, LOL. Any halfway sane man would have laughed at this woman and said c'ya. But of course the director also did a good job of laying the groundwork by choosing the most attractive actress she could and building up to this moment in which we're supposed to believe that the poor dope, who was clearly out of her league, would go along with anything just to keep his (infertile?) wife around, no matter now frickin' ridiculous.

Once again, things devolve even further into a messy and utterly incomprehensible situation whereby a "prank" carried out by several middle aged and Gen X/Z women goes horribly wrong.

I think I know what the writer/director was going for here, but it failed. The hope was to create a scenario that started off seeming so real but ended up becoming so far fetched that it would resonate with critical audiences in the same way as "Nuevo Orden" (New Order) did. The problem here was that they took it too far. No reasonable person in that situation, no matter how bigoted or uneducated, would ever do anything remotely that mind blowingly stupid. There would have been too many "wait, should we really do this-es" along the way for it not to end up just a conversation among some overly racist women over some wine.

This film could have been done a lot better. Critics are obviously (over) praising it for the technical acumen that the production crew put forward and the all-too-contemporaneous messaging about how some casual racism can end up having real bad consequences if not held in check and shared with the wrong people. At the end of the day, none of it was believable, and I'm a viewer who likes being shocked and made to think about things. As examples I hold most of Michael Haneke's films in very high regard as well as the previously mentioned "New Order" or "Irreversible" or even "Deliverance." In this company, "Soft & Quiet" falls flat. I was checking my phone messages starting about half way through and didn't get emotionally involved at any point in the film.

6/10 - Good first effort marred by some ridiculous and, at the present time, all too typical (reverse) virtue signaling. If you want to make a movie about racism and bigotry that really hits home, try making it all more believable.
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Silent wells are deep
kosmasp23 March 2023
No pun intended - and it is actually something that means that you should not be fooled by the looks of something. Or the sound of it/them. Just because someone is rather quiet and does not really stick out in the crowd ... does not mean, they are not problematic. And the movie is able to show us an ugly side, with not an ugly face (again no pun intended).

And we learn early on, that something is not in order with our main character. Why would she say that to the little girl? Why would she want to make a scene, make another human being uncomfortable? Well if you understand how racism and discriminatory behaviour works ... you will understand in a sense. It is the fear - it is not being well and not being leveled about one self.

There is a lot happening - and things that you may not see coming ... or see coming ... whatever the case, seeing it, is a whole different story ... again no pun intended ... crazy may not be enough to describe the ending ... don't be fooled by the smiles ... they are a mask.
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what's the opposite of "safe space?"
A_Different_Drummer3 November 2022
Not for snowflakes, easily triggered college kids or adults who are now addicted to the pre-digested, pre-censored, groupthink that dominates most of today's social media. This is, to borrow the title of a classic Monty Python film, something completely different. So different that, in the opinion of this reviewer, it would never have been greenlighted as a series. Or a mainstream feature. Only the strange and largely undefined world of indie cinema could have produced something as unexpected as SOFT & QUIET. Off the top, newcomer writer/director Beth de Araújo deserves praise for demonstrating how effective "single shot" filming can be to enhance exposition in a story which leans more towards a stage play than an action or horror film. At least initially. For the first hour anyway. If you check the External Reviews, you will see that even experienced reviewers had trouble finding words to describe this odd counter-culture, counter-genre, brutal deconstruction of Political Correctness in all its terrible glory. Not your typical horror film. Not your typical anything. ((Designated "IMDb Top Reviewer." Please check out my list "167+ Nearly-Perfect Movies (with the occasional Anime or TV miniseries) you can/should see again and again (1932 to the present))
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Vancouver7719 January 2023
Well, the acting is well done. But I am not sure what the point of this movie was. It made my skin crawl. Who wants to watch the absolute worst of humanity engage in depraved acts? Who wants to be entertained by the expression of base, indefensible thoughts? I was hoping this movie was a thriller, or perhaps suspense but it is none of those things. Nor is it a "cautionary tale" or something that leaves you with some kind of valuable take-away or message. Perhaps it intended to be "thought provoking"? If you consider certain behaviour abhorrent, you don't give it air-time, you don't give it "space" in our society & you certainly don't make entertainment out of it. I am not sure how this movie got funding, why the actors would want to participate, or why anyone would want to watch it. I had to fast forward through it to make it to the banal ending. I am not sure how it presently has its high rating because there is little to redeem this movie. I gave it 3 because the acting was decent. I hope the director and screenwriter find a way to merit their existence on earth going forward, because this movie is a complete waste.
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The first in years
caracrow7 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This was the first movie I've watched, in years, that has left me physically nauseated and disgusted. Even after I have finished the movie, the scenes still play in my mind.

This is a true horror, that situations like those actually happen; that someone so close minded and evil, could commit such a heinous crime.

The reality that every scene portrays is astonishing, from their plan going awry, to each woman encouraging and reassuring each other that, 'It's going to be okay'. They even began placing the blame on the victims.

The filming style was an excellent choice, with the camera panning to a blank wall, the water or the bodies in the trunk. The way the film director choice to silence one scene but allow only the audio to play with no clear visuals was an amazing way to leave the audience alone with their thoughts, to process the chaotic situation unfolding before us.
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No depth to this movie
kjjames8114 January 2023
While I liked the real time element with this movie and the first fifteen minutes were very close the the knuckle when the women were having a meeting and talking about what most people think about what is happening in the world now, this wasn't hard to watch, just listen to what they say.

Then the whole film and the intentions of the script writer goes out the window, in fact the whole film becomes a rushed revenge thriller.

This made me think that the people responsible for this movie didn't know where to take it.

The revenge bit was all rushed and the reasons behind it was also rushed.

This film has no depth whatsoever, after watching it I came away thinking I did enjoy it but I wouldn't recommend it and I wouldn't watch it again, why?

Well the whole film felt rushed from beginning to end, such things are left unanswered such as why did it happen to the Asian woman, what happened to the husband, why was the ex prisoner so much off the handle, these are just some of the questions that don't get answered, there are a lot more, you will know what I mean if you waste your time watching this movie.

This movie could have been a lot better, in fact it should have been on for longer and then it could have been given more depth.

Overall the choice is yours if you want to see this movie but don't believe the high ratings, this movie is just another revenge thriller and there are better ones out there to view.
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From start to end it was gripping...
contactmaz6 February 2023
Well, that was surprising!

I saw a trailer of the film and it looked ok'ish and the rating looked ok on IMDb saw I thought I would chance it and watch the film. From the first few minutes I was hooked. What I thought would be a boring first 20 or 30 minutes was pretty good with all the females having an excellent script and the interplay between them was superb. Then, it got really interesting. In addition, the way it was filmed was very good and the shooting was really excellent. One particular actress was very good (the crazy one) as was the blonde. In fact, they were all very good and I was surprised at some of the ratings and reviews it had received. From start to end it was gripping and the ending was just 'so unexpected'! I highly recommend this film, a really captivating film.
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Karens Gone Wild
pjtrekker13 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
An irredeemable and offensive turd of a movie. Tried to be a cinema verite with its supposed one take for the entire movie. Two things: if you want it to appear like a real documentary don't add a soundtrack. Secondly, if this was all one take in real time, how is it possible to to from morning to night?? The acting was actually decent to be fair I know it's trying to expose the racism in America but this felt like an updated version of Last House I'm the Left. It will leave you angry and disgusted which I suppose is the point but so what? Do we need this trash? How in the name of god Ilis this entertainment? Maybe if you get off on watching car accidents then this movie is for you.
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Birth of a Nation
gabni28 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
A bunch of Karen's instigate and execute a hate crime breaking numerous laws, including murder. The ending leaves you hanging ... putting you in the shoes of the powerless who do not believe in the justice system, because perpetrators of violence against minorities often escape punishment. The ending, rather than offer hope for a future comeuppance, is a dog whistle to leave no loose strings. This movie just stirs up the pot and leaves a mess for the audience to clean up. It's shocking, agitating, and unbalanced. The way it was filmed, as if you were a fly on a wall, watching the events unfold, immerses you into the film, but it's a ride you wish you sat out half way through.
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this is really scary
elle-six11 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I love horror films but this is one of the scariest ive seen all year. No ghost, no monsters... just humans. Scary humans.

The movie started off with a gathering of friends that seem like regular people, till they reveal the berry pie. Then you hear someone saying "cant take a joke?" or something to that effect. I didnt know what i was watching, to be honest cuz i didnt really read the synopsis. Probably the best way to watch a film? Or not. Anyways, i really thought the pie was a joke and then the friends would probably murder each other due to some misunderstanding or whatnot. Boy, was i dead wrong.

Since some of the reviewers already talked bout the story, im just gonna say this is some disturbing content. Its because it feels very real to me. The one-take treatment makes it more believable. All it takes is an instigator, and a bunch of like-minded mob. Just like bunch of drunk guys throwing furniture into a pool... but instead of that, we get sober hateful ladies conducting misdemeanor that escalates to murder. All in the name of so-called "entitlement". And they are proud of it. Proud of messing with people that wronged them.

Yep. This film scares me more than ghosts. I liked it.
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Tedious message movie with nothing new to say--read first paragraph before renting, skip the rest if you don't want it spoiled
wytsharkmedia24 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Not a horror movie, and lacking in any semblance of entertainment value. This movie is like being trapped in a junior high auditorium being lectured on the evils of racism...with a bunch of tired cinema-verite tropes and manufactured outrage that feels about as genuine as the canned laughter on an 80s TV sitcom.


Labeling this a horror movie is about as deep a stretch on the genre as I've ever seen. This is not Martyrs or Speak No Evil--which is the kind of breathless, 'I can't believe I sat through this' buzz this film is getting. I was bored and irritated. Once the central theme is revealed, it's basically racist idiots being racist. Period. You get to watch obnoxious, unlikeable, characters do horrible, stupid things for 90 minutes without any empathy or insight to engage you other than being dutifully outraged.

Big surprise: the world has racists in it. And they might be your kid's teacher, or the woman running the neighborhood store. Which would be interesting if the film explored the intricacies of racism and how its tendrils spread, and the economic and cultural elements that allow it to take root and grow. But instead, we get a 'shooting-fish-in-a-barrel' diatribe wrapped up in a one-take gimmick that just feels like smoke and mirrors to distract from how thin the story is.

The central characters are so odious from the start--even before it's revealed that they are Nazis--I'm left with no emotional stake in the proceedings. Everything that follows just feels like the filmmakers patting themselves on the back for how 'daring' they are, instead of trying to navigate an emotional thread that will resonate and create real dialogue.

If only there was a movie that lured you in emotionally, with a charismatic central character who earned your empathy, who then traversed a tragic arc spurned by their racist underpinnings, only to come out the other side with true perspective and regret. Imagine how haunting, shocking and satisfying that would be. Oh, wait--they made that movie. It's called American History X. Watch that instead and skip this one altogether.
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Soft and Quiet came out punching hard and I liked it.
rcr-375106 November 2022
I watched this knowing very little about it and was knocked straight on my backside. Just in the first 40 minutes, I haven't heard so many red pills dropped in ANY form of modern media since American History X.

Was... was this supposed to be a parody or satire? If it was, then ironically they wound up presenting the unfiltered truth. Every single thing was true. I'm *hoping* that was perhaps the point, covertly disguised as satire, in order to make it more digestible for the zombie general public. Whatever their intentions, I liked it.

That alone deserves a higher score, but let's talk about the rest of the movie. The beginning already won me over so of course I continued watching with much anticipation.

The remainder was good, but not without problems. The acting was well done. Very natural, and therein lies the catch because they act exactly as you'd expect women to behave.

Basically the film boiled down to 1½ hours of four women loudly, hysterically clucking like chickens. And the way it was shot was strange. Kind of like they shot it with a moving HD camcorder. The result was too chaotic for comfort. Too disorderly.

Have you ever watched a jerky recorded video of somebody's birthday party on your 70-year-old mother's cell phone with the volume blaring at max? You'll get a similar sensation watching this movie. Maybe this was a conscious artistic choice. I don't know, but it was not pleasant on the senses.

There are several other plot issues that require you to look past but the ending was surprising. It's worth seeing at least once.

Due to the ending I find myself wanting a sequel somewhere down the line to see how these girls clean up this mess. The cliffhanger is almost too good not to continue the story. I need to know what happens.

I'm gonna give seven stars out of 10 for this based film. I was impressed with the start but have to make some deductions for the other stuff. It's watchable and enjoyable but not perfect.
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