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Better Movie than the reviews would have your believe,
conleytgwinn3 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Fair warning - I am still a sucker for Hallmark original movies, including this one. Take my rating with the usual dose of salt.

Many reflections on how to handle this sort of gift, but I finally realized that I liked the movie more than most of those reflections; certainly better than the previous ratings. Eddie Cibrian did better than expected in the role of the accidental recipient of the gift. Most other players were unexceptional at worst, perhaps even adequate.

The script did not adequately explore the interactions with the patients, especially the one(s) who rejected the healing; but compensated by posing a question for all of us: how WOULD we deal with a similar imposition given the natural wont of others to make their need our mandate? I think the movie shows a reasonable reaction: hide the gift, use it when needed but do not allow the existence of the ability to be seen by others.
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Good film for family and anyone wanting a good story
kingdaviduk2 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is a film about a man who one day discovers he can miraculously heal people by touching them, after having a fall from a roof. The film shows just what it would be like to be a healer, and in the case of Buddy, it is not without its cost. He feels dizzy and faint after healing people. Plus there is the frenzy of locals who want healing, who surround him in a shop and are so desperate to be healed they offer cash. He heals a couple of people and then retreats outside as he cannot bear it any longer.

It very much reminds me of Jesus Christ, who was surrounded by masses of people wanting to be healed, and at times just wanted to get away from them all. At one point, Buddy goes to see his local church minister, who tells him that the healing ability is a gift from God.

Buddy eventually discovers a woman who can heal, although when he meets her, she claims to be someone else and that the woman he seeks died.

I don't want to give too much away of the plot, but it does have a happy ending. The film made me feel good, and also made me think about what it would be like to be a healer, to become an instant celebrity or in demand because of the great gift.

God does give gifts to people, maybe even sometimes the ability to heal. This film shows what it would be like, especially for a person who does not know how to handle such a gift. It is a great responsibility, and also a burden that Buddy that must learn to deal with.

In the end Buddy figures out what to do, in an ending that gives hope. The old man, Buddy's adopted father, has cancer and had refused healing from Buddy. But I think that the ending showed that he was going to be healed, because Buddy was then in control of his ability.
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The pros and cons of being a healer
phd_travel17 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Likeable cast makes this miracle healing movie quite watchable and less superficial than usual for a Hallmark production. Eddie Cibrian plays a janitor who is about to get married. He falls and hits his head. After almost dying he recovers and is able to heal plants animals and finally humans. It's quite engaging in a wish fulfillment kind of way and it got quite interesting as the pro and cons of being a healer come into play. The story comes together quite nicely in this accident prone town. One fault is the cheesy songs used in the soundtrack.
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Healing Hands- Don't Play the Lord With Me **1/2
edwagreen17 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Since when does a good adopted boy refer to his adopted parents as my uncle and aunt? They got him at age 3 so they can earn the respect of being called parents. What's with the writer here?

The picture is really a soap opera, and not a good one either. While it's true that the acting is good, this idea of a near death experience allows our young man, engaged to be married, the ability to heal people. Naturally, everyone flocks to him and this causes problems. Thank the Lord we're not dealing with Elmer Gantry here.

There is just too much going on. Uncle Norman is stricken with cancer and by the end, the girlfriend is also in a terrible accident leaving her on life-support. In the middle, he saves a young girl hit by a bicycle, his friend who gets a nail through his finger, and even the family dog gets into the act.

Then there is Mrs. Feguson who is terminally ill and doesn't want his help. Ferguson's husband, who knocked on our hero's door, to aid the terminally ill woman, calls him a fraud when the woman dies because she didn't want to be kept alive!

Of course, our hero loses his power and "Uncle" says,"I should have allowed you to cure me when I had the opportunity." The reply is the typical rally around the flag boys.
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Engaging Hallmark special, better than most
mightythor4710 August 2020
Eddie Cibrian is a janitor who recovers from an accident and discovers that he has acquired healing powers. The movie explores the implications of his new-found gift, especially the cost that it imposes on him and the people close to him. Cibrian is likeable and carries the movie gracefully, with an adequate supporting cast. "Resurrection" (1980), with Ellen Burstyn, is a superior movie that explores most of the same themes on a much deeper level, and packs a far more powerful emotional punch. But "Healing Hands" will always have a special place in my heart because of the circumstances under which I saw it -- on vacation with my 1-year old grand-daughter, who is just acquiring many of the abilities that I find myself gradually losing as a septuagenarian. "Healing Hands" resonated with that situation and gave me a perspective from which to accept generously, even embrace, the inevitable process of aging. My nine stars are a personal tip of the hat for that gift. You can't ask for much more from a movie.
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