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This is an average addition to the genre that is only worth watching if you're a horror genre enthusiast
kevin_robbins30 April 2022
The Cellar (2022) is an Irish horror movie recently added to Shudder. The storyline focuses on a family that moves into a unique house in the suburbs with their little girl and boy. Shortly after moving in the little girl disappears. As they coupe with the loss the mother finds strange marking all over the house and as she researches them she discovers her house may be a vessel to something much bigger and discovering what that is may be her only hope of finding the missing little girl.

This movie is directed by Brendan Muldowney (Love Eternal) and stars Elisha Cuthbert (House of Wax), Eoin Macken (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter), Abby Fitz (Redemption), Tara Lee (Moon Dogs) and Dylan Fitzmaurice Brady (Tides).

This movie does have some unique elements within the storyline that are well done. There is really good use of sound to create jump scares and intense circumstances. The horror elements were lacking and I was disappointed so many scenes were shot so dark. The acting is really good and the family dynamic is well established so better horror elements could have made this very good.

Overall this is an average addition to the genre that is only worth watching if you're a horror genre enthusiast. I would score this a 5/10 and recommend seeing it once.
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Worth watching
domialenic16 April 2022
I found this movie quite entertaining. There is not a lot left in this type of movie that hasn't been done or hasn't been seen before. Especially the old, big and lonely houses that harbor some dark secret. That's why I probably gave it a better rating (6) then it actually deserves. So, although the whole thing was rather generic. I found especially the first half of the movie quite entertaining, the ending though rather confusing.
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Good third act, but what a chore to get there
vasiln14 April 2022
An "evil house" film that is occasionally Lovecraft-adjacent, Cellar's story has good bones but little meat, and I was more than once reminded of Mitchell & Webb's "Lazy Writers."

Add to that constant attempts at suspense that fall short because there aren't any stakes. The overbearing score, always letting you know to Be Really Scared Now Okay! Doesn't help. The first two thirds of the film felt like padding, like B-roll repurposed into something usable after the budget ran out.

But when we finally get there, it's actually a pretty good ending! And the acting is adequate, and the production values are good. They just should have left half of this on the cutting room floor.

Okay for a movie you watch with friends, fully intending to talk over half of it.
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Could have been a 10
delilahsamson-3037215 April 2022
Love creepy house movies, could have been super spooky. It was let down by the parents "what were they thinking" or not in this case. Who leaves their children in a huge old house the day after they move in, to pitch an idea at work???? The acting by the "mother" Elisha Cuthbert was great. The father was sleepwalking through the whole movie, literally no point having him. Good concept, unfortunately, lack of budget and character development let it down.
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Let X = X'
begob16 April 2022
When her daughter disappears in the cellar of the family's new home, a mother suspects the arcane symbols left by the previous owner are the key to finding her again.

Ambitious horror that feints toward sci-fi through quantum physics but ends up in metaphysics. The quantum idea is brought in through the touching use of Schrödinger's Cat as a metaphor for the plight of mother and daughter, but it doesn't really inform the story. Instead, we're presented with mathematical language as a means of imposing order on chaos, but which opens the door to an evil from another world. The evil has to be confronted on its own terms, which takes us into the other world, where we find the opposite proposition: mathematics shows the way to an eternal reality - the ideal form of what we only perceive in our world as shadows, but a horrible ideal.

It's Plato according to Lucifer. There is some internet-research guff about alchemy and the Knights Templar, when direct reference to Pythagorean mysticism would have been more interesting, but the guiding motto Dissolve and Coagulate is an application of the theory of forms, in which a thing is mirrored back from the other world in its real essence - in this story, the essence of evil.

That's how I read it, and the intrigue grows as the plot unfolds, but getting there is a mixed experience. One mark of a good horror is how we're taken through the looking glass, from safety to mortal danger, and here the trick is pulled off with chilling simplicity during a phone call - excellent bit of sound design. The climax heaves into view with twenty five minutes to go, but its energy builds with style into a grand vista of eternity in hell. Whew!

On the downside, much of the screenplay is cliche, from the sullen teen, to ye-olde-house (ludicrously over-sized), to the marketing babble of the irrelevant boardroom scenes. Underlying all is the fact this story is a retread of Poltergeist, so confining itself to a variation rather than presenting something fresh. Also a few threads that should have been snipped off: the reference to anarchism, which seems to become conflated with the nihilistic ankle tattoo, and the gratuitous Hitler quote right before the explanation of the Hebrew letters. (I hope it's gratuitous, because it does chime with Plato's view of democracy.) They made the same mistake in The Exorcist. And is direct police involvement really needed? Entia non sunt multiplicanda.

The biggest problem is with the orchestral music effects, which overwhelm the experience. Perfectly good for the grand climax, and I'm complaining not about the manipulation but about being made conscious of it. So for the first twenty minutes it's all squealing violins and moaning cellos, even playing over the spooky old voice recording - why ruin one sound effect with another? I recently came across the same problem in The Golem, and it grinds my teeth.

The performances are OK, but I felt the lead didn't convey enough terror in her search for the daughter - too composed. Nothing remarkable about the camera work, although the depiction of the other world is impressive. Surprised that mirror imagery wasn't used to support the central idea.

Overall: Valiant failure to overcome early problems.
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Hide and with Baphomet!
kuarinofu24 April 2022
The Cellar (2022) is a full-feature adaptation of an older short film. The latter is available on YouTube, it's simple and moderately effective.

It feels like an ambitious undertaking to bring such a short and simple story to a full-feature length. I can't say they have succeeded.

There are two significant problems with this film:

1) The time in the beginning that should've been used for character introductions just wasn't there. They rush straight to a scary cellar.

2) Since there was no build-up, the middle part got too long and featured the same scenes repeatedly with no progression.

I did enjoy the ending, though. It just goes completely off the rails. I still have no idea what the point was with all those numbers and counting. It looks like it was just color, never really adding up (pun intended) to anything.

This is the first time I have seen Elisha Cuthbert act in a long time, and now she plays hide&seek with Baphomet, shuts doors on it, and hits it with a flashlight. This is surreal.

Overall: nice (although basic) atmosphere, empty, senseless mystery, only one real character.

Film's achievements: parents of the year, Baphomet hide and seek.
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This film should've remained in.....the cellar.
wisemanfromtowne14 April 2022
A gazillion close up shots of Cuthbert a little boy with a nice haircut, a rebellious daughter who had five minutes in the entire film and a clueless dad, did nothing for this super meh long and drawn out story. This film was dreary, lackluster and melodramatic. Watch with the volume down, with subtitles on and turn on some music and you will still be able to follow the story. And all of those nonsensical close up shots on Cuthbert's face only proved that she is old.
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Watchable, give it a chance.
sergeboudin11 May 2022
Nice plot, I let myself be tempted. Sincerely, I had a great time in front of my screen.

The film is intriguing and we want to know what's going on, it's well done. It could have been better because certain ideas could have been better exploited. Some scenes of the films, or visions are still very distressing and disturbing. Conclusion : not bad, could have been better, but it's watchable, yes.
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The dissolution of the chemical wedding
drneglector-3419814 April 2022
A family moves into an old house with Hebrew letters carved above particular doors. The letters Lamed (L), Vav (V), Yod (Y), Tet (T), Nun (N) spells Leviathan, which is the demon that is spoken about being the beast. When the daughter disappears the mommy starts connecting the dots and begin to realize that she needs help in order to save her family from an ancient demonic entity that uses the house as a gateway.

This occult themed movie got satanic and alchemical elements throughout and comes across more like a thriller than a horror. If you are expecting gore you will be disappointed. It builds up tension till the last horror-part concludes.

If you are into horror and the occult in general you will probably like this one.
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The Whole House
jeroduptown6 May 2022
The Cellar starts with a worn-out premise, but then kinda loses its way somewhere between mathmatics, leviathans, demons and record players. Along with the awkward writing and ubrupt plot transitions, when the true evil appears, you're pretty much tapped out.
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slow burn movie
kaefab22 April 2022
The movie is slow going not really horror as mentioned, almost nothing happens and in the end you are confused even more.

I guess i would pass this movie its a waste of time.
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A good slow paced movie.
jp_9123 August 2022
"The Cellar" is a movie unfairly classified as average and even bad, the truth is that it is quite good. Its script raises issues related to mathematics and the occult, successfully brought to the screen, sometimes some dialogues or the background of a character may be illogical or even silly, but the execution of the story full of mystery is worth it. The filming locations are perfect and along with the cinematography they give a good gloomy atmosphere. The special effects are good, giving one of the most gloomy and realistic representations of the devil in cinema. Elisha Cuthbert's performance is dignified and believable, after becoming a teen icon in the 2000's and a quintessential Scream Queen, she returns to the horror genre after going unnoticed during the 2010's; the rest of the cast gives decent performances. The film would have been much better if they had cut the scene of the devil's claws on the door, and then being hit with a flashlight, this scene detracts from the film's realism. "The Cellar" has negative points, but the positive ones it has are more, the story moves slowly but wraps in its mystery. A classic of the 2020's.
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Generic Formulaic Occultism Fail
Tweetienator11 June 2022
Watching The Cellar won't kill you, I'm relatively sure about that, but it also won't scare you the least bit (but maybe in the case that you are haunted with something like a cellarphobia it may be a different matter). The movie got a few okay dark atmospheric moments, acting and production are also okay, but really, there is no real reason for the movie's existence or why you should watch this one - but The Cellar may be useful if you need some background noise while writing your next novel masterpiece or surfing thru the sales of some online shop of your choice. The "occult" in this movie is also rather just a melting pot of very superficial cliches. Verdict: meanders somewhere lost between below average and average. Exact rate: 3.5 points.
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Love it
yusufpiskin23 April 2022
This movie reminds me of cheap 80's horror movies with its Theme, use of camera and sound engineering, use of music. Probably cheap horror movie lovers like me enjoyed this movie a lot. I hope Shutter continues to make movies like this.
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Somewhat familiar at points but still has a lot to like about it
Arriving at a house in Ireland, a strained family trying to get through the move is disturbed when their daughter disappears inside the house, and when the investigation into what happened unearths a terrifying secret inside the cellar must race to stop it from destroying the family.

Overall, this was a solid if somewhat formulaic genre effort. When this one works well is due to the rather impressive atmosphere this features beings around the house. The creaky floors and Gothic layout look suitably creepy that something is going to happen which is all enhanced by the early scenes of the house going dark in a blackout caused by a supernatural force. The setup to the sequence and the payoff with the phone-call help to enhance the atmosphere greatly leading to the rather chilling disappearance that takes over the rest of the first half as they search the house and the rest of the area to find her. This is all played extremely effectively to wring the emotional weight for all it's worth. There's a lot to like here as well when they attempt to track down the clues surrounding the disappearance and the connection to the house. The gradual discovery and unraveling of the clues about the houses' origins and past history are incredibly chilling and far more involved than expected as the inclusion of occult practices into the matter. Not only is this incredibly fun to see play out in practice but also sets the stage for a series of fun encounters that also focus on offering a great conclusion to the setup provided. The finale offers quite a lot of unexpected encounters and setpieces that bring about some chilling focus away from the haunted house work that's been in focus until then, getting this to end on a high note and really has a lot to like. This one does have some minor drawbacks that hold this back. The majority of the issues here stem from the overly familiar and hardly original storyline at work here. It's yet another in a long line of haunted houses involving an unlucky family moving into it unaware of a dark history inside which is done countless times in these kinds of films as the first half is way too familiar. The other minor issue here is a rather troublesome and expected part of the genre in their highly controversial decision to remain in the house for as long as they do, as the disappearance and series of accidents that take place are more than enough to get them out early on yet the decision to stay makes no sense. These are the few issues that hold this one down.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Violence.
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Horrible yet spooky
idonotexist6 May 2022
Not going to mince it here. This movie is pretty creepy mostly because of the sound work, and it does create some suspense in general.

That's the good. The bad? Everything else. Cliched plot, cliched locations, cliched backstory, incomplete character exposition, generic evil mojo prophecy, irrational cast. Expressionless and unbelievable.

Acting itself is bad. Just flat out bad.

It gets a 5 because it was creepy throughout but it has nothing beyond going for it. Just don't focus on anything else and you will be alright. In fact, turn the video off and just listen to the sound. Pretty much no change to the entertainment value you'll get.
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Relaxing and peaceful documentary drama
zhivago9727 August 2022
The cellar is about how to select the best real estate and find a forever home that is beautiful perfect in every way. Finding the perfect home is hard to do, and this movie highlights the experiences of an average couple searching for their dream home.

Although the home is perfect in every way, the couple has some minor marital problems. The woman is selfish and can be cruel. Her husband is very open minded and easy going, but he is addicted earthly pleasures, and pleasures of the flesh. But together they go about building a meaningful life in a very large and fully furnished home. And they are livid above their means. After many comedic experiences, they each overcome their flaws and learn to devote all their time toward restoring their new home.

If you like antiques and peaceful movies, you will love the cellar! It's full of so many happy surprises and moments of bliss. Plus being partially a documentary, it is a good educational experience about the world of real estate and finding the perfect, forever home. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the field of real estate.

After watching this movie, you will be inspired to find your own Irish mansion with its own special cellar.
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Generic and stereotypical entity in the basement movie...
paul_haakonsen17 April 2022
When I stumbled upon the 2022 horror movie "The Cellar" from writer and director Brendan Muldowney, I have to say that my attention was immediately caught by the movie's cover/poster. Plus, the movie's title was also an interesting one, as cellars can be spooky places.

I had never heard about "The Cellar" before watching it, so I wasn't sure what I was in for here, aside from it being a horror movie. And being a horror movie that I hadn't already seen was essentially enough to make me sit down and watch the movie.

The concept idea of the movie was interesting, and the synopsis was selling the movie well enough. But I have to say that writer and director Brendan Muldowney ended up delivering a rather bland, if not actually boring, horror movie. It was one that was playing on all generic tropes for a movie with an entity that stalks a family. So, yeah, you're not in for 1 hour and 34 minutes of revolutionary horror cinema.

The atmosphere in the movie was good, but that was actually all that "The Cellar" had working for it. The storyline was generic and stereotypical. The acting was actually bland, which was somewhat of a disappointment to me. And for a horror movie, then "The Cellar" felt like something that belonged in the 1980s, with the slow pacing, the scenes shot in darkness and the fact that you hardly get to see the entity.

"The Cellar" was a disappointing horror movie, and the movie's cover/poster was actually the best thing about the entire thing.

Sure, the movie was watchable, but barely adequate for a single viewing. And believe me, this movie does not have the contents to support multiple viewings, as it almost didn't have enough to support the first viewing by itself.

My rating of "The Cellar" lands on a generous four out of ten stars.
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Better Than Expected.
fatfil-414-45179717 April 2022
I always approach these channel commissioned Movies with some apprehension. In my book, Shudder has a 50/50 strike rate. However on this occasion I was pleasantly surprised. It is not one for those who seek action in every frame and gallons of blood. But this really intrigued me. And I found myself caring about the characters. And really wanting to know what happened. Although the ending was not a shocker, it still left me wondering. For those who are into the supernatural rather than the supergraffic.
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better than average Shudder production
LazyDaisee-3688227 April 2022
Its a made for tv horror so don't expect the best horror film ever made

But the film is better than most of what Shudder throws out and there were some good moments.

Overall if you are a horror junkie then you will have seen a LOT worse than this.
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Maths Madness
Pairic31 March 2022
The Cellar: A family move into an isolated Irish Manor house, as could be expected the teen daughter Ellie (Abby Fitz) isn't enamoured with the change. Things take a turn for the strange when Ellie disappears in the basement while on the phone to her mother Keira (Elisha Cuthbert). The cellar itself and the steps down to it exude a sinister creepiness . We are off on a journey through possession, the opening of gates between dimensions and the discoveries of 12th century alchemists. But the Demon and poltergeist effects in this case are connected to medieval mathematical formulae. In the name of Schrodinger I compel thee! Begone! Some good shock scenes but most of the horror here is psychological. A bit uneven, at it's worst when dealing with Keira's viral marketing campaigns but returns to the promise of the opening with a cataclysmic finale. Written and Directed by Brendan Muldowney. 7/10.
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Hard Pass
Draysan-Jennings19 April 2022
The say you can tell if a movie is going to be any good in the first 15 minutes. Well it only took me 5 to realize this was going to be terrible. Slow, dismal and boring is the perfect way to describe this film. 3 stars.
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Leave it with me
confirmeddeath18 April 2022
I was wondering if that phrase had any meaning, "leave it with me", no. It didn't have any meaning. The writer/producer, person in charge uses that phrase and instead of having different characters use different phrases, they all used the one that he uses in life... Rant about "leave it with me" over.

The movie was predictable partly due to having read the description before having seen it. And even more predictable, horror movies nowadays rarely have a happy endings. They never get away from the monsters, so it was quite apparent what was going to happen.

And I don't know what kind of parent would go through hell to get their kid back from hell... well, actually, the kind of parent that would encourage their kid to go to figurative hell to turn the lights back on instead of telling them it's OK...
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I'm kind of a horror connoisseur.
staciarose2023 April 2022
While this is slow, parts of it are unnerving. The stairs. The counting. Things that come out of the dark.... Maybe it's because I watched it at night with headphones on. Also, haven't seen Elisha Cuthbert in years! I didn't recognize her.
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Not bad but could have been better.
deloudelouvain8 May 2022
I can't say I was watching this one on the edge of my seat but there was some good suspense every now and then, mostly due to the good soundtrack. The horror is mild, should have been more graphic to make it better in my opinion. Now it's all too much suggestive horror scenes, which isn't bad but I just prefer the more graphic scenes. The acting wasn't bad at all, certainly not from the mother and kids, the father on the other hand was just okay. Was I entertained though? I can say yes, but that's also because I like to see my wife scared whilst watching a horror movie, which is entertaining in itself. Could it have been better? For sure but I'm not going to complain.
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