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The Upside of Uploading

Okay, so you've got your Web series written, cast, shot, and edited. What now?You've got to get it online if you want the YouTube generation (and everyone else) to see it. That's often the most daunting of all the tasks you face as a producer, as it's the most hidden and least like anything else along your path to digital stardom. Let's try to make it as simple as possible.Tim Street, vice president of mobile video for mDialog and a video blogger at 1TimStreet.com, says that if you want everyone and their brother to see your masterpiece at its highest quality, the final file format needs to remain native. In other words, if your aspect ratio is 16:9, for example, don't letterbox your video; keep it 16:9. And don't make the resolution too high, he adds. There's no reason to go beyond the normal YouTube high-definition standard
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