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If you're an'll need to take a walk
kimbrellsarah8 June 2021
From more of a passive appreciator of Burnham's work rather than a fan, this is a masterpiece. I had been worried about how all that 2020 was would manifest itself in creative works.. put out by media conglomerates (Netflix and its compatriots). I am so grateful that a comedian and artist like Burnham underwent the pain and agony of creating this special. It is raw, truthful, reflective and genuinely funny and emotional. The overwhelming feeling as 'Inside' concluded was gratitude.

During lockdown, I think many of us achieved a depth of emotional disparity and lack of direction that is somehow both unfathomable and universally shared. This captures that. It doesn't shy away from those emotions, it doesn't project false positivity or try to spin a lesson out of all of it. It's the first piece of pandemic media I watched where I said 'yeah, I felt that' followed by 'wow I really have not unpacked everything that that entails'. There is no spin. And that is exactly what I've needed.

I cried for a while as it was concluding and for a while after. It's so poignant because it is so unabashedly upfront in a way that is desperately lacking in the current media climate.

Absolutely anyone will find this relatable; if you're an artist or creator of any form, this hits especially close to home and I would call it a Must Watch. The monumental weight of shifting from making because you love it, to making because it's all you know how to do to process and survive, is flawlessly captured in 'Inside'. I really can't put it into words.

Thank you, Bo Burnham, for creating this genuinely authentic work. In all of its pain, humor, relatability and genuinely beautiful artistry; just..thanks.
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In a show with no audience, you've never felt so present
jackj230 May 2021
Bo's work always causes a period of reflection. It's not that you decide to, but that he forces it out of you, and for this one it is especially true.

If you're planning on watching this special, prepare to come uncomfortably close to some very real and sublime feelings, but meanwhile in awe of how an hour-long creation by one man can bring this out of you.

I can't say much without giving anything away. This special is an incredibly real and honest expression by Bo of the way his creation evolved from start to finish. You'll feel it more than you want to. As unsettled as I've ever been, but my god is it good.
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The most honest piece of comedy I've ever seen
cartsghammond30 May 2021
Waiting for this special had me filled with anticipation, I don't think I've been this hyped for a comedy special before, though I had no idea what to expect at all.

What we received was the most honest, creative and depressing comedy special I've ever seen. Bo blew me away with his talent, with no crew or audience he managed to make a feature length masterpiece, filled with critiques of capitalism, (which was refreshing to see) social media and especially himself.

Bo is filled to the brim with creativity, and this special perfectly encapsulates that. The first half had me dying with laughter, the second had me close to tears. Some would say this is his best special, I might agree with that, but I'm not sure, because honestly it was a lot to take in. I will definitely be rewatching very soon.

Absolutely loved it.

Thanks Bo.
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Not a comedy per se, but a masterpiece nonetheless.
jonnyewers30 May 2021
Exploring mental health decline over 2020, the constant challenges our world faces, and the struggles of life itself, Bo Burnham creates a wonderful masterpiece to explain each of these, both from general view and personal experience.

A beauty to watch.
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Oh Bo
garage_sale31 May 2021
This new offering feels less like a comedy special and more like a fully realized work of art that stands as the culmination of an entire career. It's sensitive and introspective and, yes, also really funny. Here, we see Bo at such a level of vulnerability and chest-tightening honesty, that the urge to jump through the screen and comfort him becomes overwhelming.

He's made his name over the past decade as a sharp-witted and poignant artist - a multitalented wunderkind with a vision far greater than that of a simple comedian. There are, however, demons under the surface. His past material - chock full of sardonic observation and wry self-awareness - has always been tinged with an air of melancholy. This was most glaringly apparent in final minutes of his last Netflix special Make Happy in which we're given a glimpse into who Bo Burnham is. What we find is deeply lost and troubled man who has dedicated himself to his craft in the hope that, by wholeheartedly giving himself to his audience, he may, through them, vicariously experience the joy he so desperately lacks. He's a modern day sad clown - a patchwork of acerbic gags and punchlines that, by their nature or perhaps by their design, cannot stop the underlying pain from seeping through. Inside is Bo's opportunity to further unpack these ideas on his own terms, in his own way. It's heartbreaking and hilarious and disarmingly beautiful.

Inside left me with the sobering realization that Bo may never return to performance after this; that this special was his swan song to a 14 year comedy career and, perhaps, an admission that a life lived on stage and in the spotlight may never be compatible with his own happiness. The selfish part of me hopes that this isn't the case, that this special marks the beginning of a new era of creation and expression for Bo. But deep down, I know that whatever Bo feels he must do to calm his inner disquiet and find the peace he's been searching for for so long - that's what I want him to do.

I just dearly hope he's happy.
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Genuinely Speechless
breanna29972 June 2021
I've never felt more immersed in what's supposed to be a comedy special. I didn't touch my phone the entire time, I was totally fixated on it. I love how it was streamlined but yet it was choppy at the same time? It felt very, very real. To be stuck with Bo in that little room and watch his sanity seem to dissipate was extremely relatable to everyone in quarantine the past year. And I appreciate that he never holds back with his lyrics, he tells it like it is. Also, the cinematography was incredible? I almost couldn't believe he did the whole thing all by himself. I would watch it again just to enjoy the lighting, focus, framing, and colors of the shots. Then again to solely focus on the lyrics. And again to solely focus on his sanity. You've outdone yourself again, Bo. Thank you.
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Should I be doing comedy right now?
murrayjwisdom30 May 2021
The answer is yes Bo. Throughout the pandemic, I would just watch and listen to Bo Burnham shows and music as a means to cope with the world outside my apartment and within the conflict going on inside of myself. I don't want to go too into depth on the new special, it's something to watch for yourself and experience. But, in my honest opinion, this special is Bo's best work. The Satire and the very real, silent transitions, really show what is going on inside of Bo's mind.

Also the fact Bo made this special himself shows the level of talent is beyond his writing.
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utkarshrocks-4874830 May 2021
Truly a masterpiece. Dont watch it thinking its funny.
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Never felt so bad watching a comedy. I LOVED IT
fbcxxw1 June 2021
This special was hauntingly beuatiful. It is the type of film you put on, hoping to get a laugh. But instad you find yourself falling deeper and deeper into a rabbithole of a depressed mans mind.

It is brilliant. You will get some laughs, and some deep reflections over the past year.

The kind of film that you need to "walk off" after finishing it.

Hope you are well Bo.
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The man who sang that "art is dead" has once again proven himself wrong
simonlegosson30 May 2021
I really don't even know what to say more than that this might be one of the best, if not the best thing mr. Burnham has made.

Thanks Bo.
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Interesting circumstances pave the way for an interesting special.
H4wke30 May 2021
Bo Burnham is a comedian, an actor, a director, a writer, a sock puppet lifeline, and - most importantly - a YouTuber.

It's been 5 years since Bo's last special Make Happy, a show in his relatively unique style of comical music/orchestrated lighting and sound gags. Bo does not provide the usual stand up fare, and he is all the better for it. After panic attacks, Bo turned to writing/directing the well received Eight Grade a few years later. And now he's finally back, amidst a pandemic.

But, this special is different. It is no joke that I think him being a YouTuber is the most important skill for this special. It's written, directed, shot and edited by the man himself, with what seems to be few touch ups with colour correction and help with production. It plays like an incredibly well made YouTube video, and I don't mean that as a slight, far from it.

'Inside' carries satire, social commentary and honesty. It makes fun of social media, it allows time to process the more introspective points he makes, all while being incredibly visually creative.

What sets this special apart from his other work is how casual it seems; it showcases the DIY aspects of production. Equipment is regularly shown laying about, he controls the lighting during his performances, the list goes on. But don't be fooled, this took a long time to make and thankfully it shows.

Inside has Bo being more straight with the viewer. This is without a doubt his most honest and revealing special. Now some people could see the intermittent 'real' moments as disingenuous, as Bo did indeed control everything that was shown. Personally I like to think that he wouldn't be making this if he didn't genuinely feel this way.

Inside is an aptly named, entertaining special. It made me smile, it made me think, it made me want to be a better person. I hope Bo does well for years to come.
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A Masterpiece
kstark200030 May 2021
"Inside" is silly and absurd at times, yet manages to also be chilling and haunting. It is a deeply authentic look at what Bo is going through, and is relatable as well as scary.

I was awestruck by its beauty both in terms of tone and cinematography.

Devastatingly beautiful.
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I had to go take a walk
acjacobsford3 June 2021
I've been a fan of Bo all through 8th grade and highschool (about to end junior year now), and this is truly his best work, not even that, it's truly him.

I had a creeping sense of unease the entire time I watched this, knowing Bo, I knew the ending was going to hurt. Still, after the hour and a half long special ended, I immediately got up, grabbed my keys and went for an hour long walk. I needed to think about what the hell I just watched.

It was funny, horribly raw, interesting, colorful. It brought me back to the periods of time during the pandemic where I was intensely depressed. I would have loved to watch this during those times, and I know I will return to this special the next time I fall into a depression. Bo understands art, and I felt like he was looking into my soul, every time he made fun of himself for the harsh criticism he had for his own art. For being hyper aware of being pretentious, of being scared of pride.

Picking every little thing apart only leads to spiraling, and then the sad, dull realization that in order to make art, to make your true art, you'll have to roll the dice on being pretentious and being beautiful.

Self hatred is so common among artists, I see it in myself and in my friends. Sometimes it feels like people are so scared of being proud, they'll kill themselves instead.

Ah, that was a ramble, how about I just say this. Watch this special if you want to have an internal crisis, but for the love of gods if you are an artist, watch this special.
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A Terrible Idea, Executed Brilliantly
lars-1728230 May 2021
I've really enjoyed Bo's stuff over the years, and seeing how he's gone from a youtube comic, to stage comedian, to stage performer/comedian, actor, and director... I can't say that I'm shocked that he stayed in his house for a year in pursuit of creating something artistically unique. The result is a brilliant mix of comedy, honesty, and the slow and visible decline of a man's mental and physical health as he struggles to create something funny, smart, and (probably unintentionally) progressively dark.
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diditocecchetto30 May 2021
It's definitely different from his other specials, but it's fantastic, though provoking and it looks amazing.

Also, I hope his metal health is better, or at least getting better.
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Made an account just to talk about how good this special was
adrianapuangpia3 June 2021
Like other users said, if you have watched his previous specials or shows this will truly resonate with you. This is one of the most special things I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing and not only made me laugh but caused me to reflect on so many things. It's kind of funny that I came here trying to tell the world how unique this special was, and yet, when I try to put it into words, it is unfathomable. Loved every second.
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As unendingly hilarious as it is existentially terrifying.
matthewssilverhammer16 June 2021
If Lynch or Herzog sculpted a stand-up comedy film, this might be what it would look like. However, to describe it purely as "stand-up" is silly. It's a millennial musical, a deconstruction of post-modern art, a documentary on the life of a content creator, a Muppet-level genius combo of cynicism and sincerity, a feature-length "Too Many Cooks," & an emotional roller-coaster of uncomfortable relatability that's full of literal jaw-dropping segments.
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meccaneer8 June 2021
I've rated 513 movies on imdb. There were only 3 I rated as 10 and I just added a fourth. Please watch, laugh, and cry.
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It isn't funny but amazing
wobbe-664769 July 2021
Bo Burnham does what I have never seen before... he encapsulates what it means to be alone and vulnerable.

I know that life sucks and we are all here together on this rock, but this show puts a feeling to it, a feeling we all pushed down because life sucks and then you die.

It didn't make me cry although it was close because i felt his pain and strive for a better world without the need for exploitation of the lower classes. I may read too much into this but the suckpuppet messed me up.

To describe my feelings about this show... it is the most millennial thing I have ever seen and it makes me moist... 90% on the moist scale.
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Know that he kept it real, know that he delivered a masterpiece!
gretchenbarretto30 May 2021
This was brutally honest, catchy, uncomfortable, vulnerable, hilarious, and beautiful.

Oh, and definitely intelligent :) Thank you, Bo.
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Hilarious. Genius. A Time Capsule.
timmyhollywood31 May 2021
If, after we finally vaporize ourselves, the aliens who eventually come to visit and excavate our past would know all they needed to know about this moment in time if they watched Bo Burhnam: Inside.

I was at times laughing hysterically, other times struck silent, but I was constantly gripped by this guy's prescience. His talent, yes - he has heaps of talent and certainly years of practice as a musician. But his insight into the culture - damn.

His filmmaking skills, too. Burnham's live stuff has always been "meta," but editing his own material, he's layering in ways that make your head spin. Burnham is like a Socratic philosopher, a social critic, a song-and-dance man, a filmmaker, and a kid all rolled into one. When he did the Twitch stream bit, playing a video game of himself, I had to call my 16 year-old son into the room. I mean, just genius. Amazing and hilarious.

Burnham has woven something special here. Part of the "meta" -- that we see his journey making the special. But Burnham is always performing -- isn't he? So when the special dips into darker territory, when it shades over with bits about suicide, and panic attacks, and losing his mind -- is Burnham acting? Is it all a bit? Is he just looking to counteract the goofy, lighter fare with something heavy? Or is there something real trying to come through? This thing he plays peekaboo with, his shadow self, is it what I think it is?

Maybe all of the above?

He'd make fun of me just for asking these questions.

But then he'd be serious. He'd get that I get him. Or would he? I love that he used "derealization." Goddamn. This was a tour de force. For real. He's like a da Vinci. We're lucky to have you. Bo.

Thank you.
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The First of His Name
shldnhix10 June 2021
This is the best and only of its genre.

"Inside" is not a comedy special...well it's a comedy special the way "Bohemian Rhapsody" is a rock song. If we went through the pandemic for this, I dare say it was worth it.

I know of Burnham and had maybe seen a quarter, I think, of one his his specials one time. I had a feel for his comedic niche, but was utterly unprepared for this.

It is jaw-droppingly, life changeingly good. It is uncategorizable. I shall be returning to it from time to time, now in its entirety, then in installments .

In case you did not know or it hasn't really registered, whilst the rest of us got fat and zoomed, this savant wrote songs and bits and commentaries and jokes, transsubstantiating a, what,18'x10'? Flat into a concert hall and club and disco and the outdoors and comedy club and our conscience and his frantic infra-red and ultra-violet qualia. He edited the damn thing and has a Jesus beard to show at the end of it all. We see it grow.

It is rich and funny and spartan and harrowing and as zeitgeisty as it gets.

Burnham is in his own league here, his own sport really.

I really should stop now, it's easy to gush and go on and on

Watch it and laugh and cry and wonder.
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Undoubtably the most hypnotic thing I've ever seen
knorton-8773621 July 2021
This is a true masterpiece.

I had no idea who bo burnham was before I saw this special.

It blew my mind. I've never watched something that left such an impact on me.

It's left ripples for weeks.

An absolute golden masterpiece.
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booknerd-6467131 May 2021
Not what I expected and uncomfortable to watch in the best possible way. Perhaps the most authentic, raw and relatable piece of art I have ever seen.
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Bo Burnham is a human being.
thekure2330 May 2021
This performance encapsulates the feeling of isolation, depression, desperation, in such a resonant way that you can't help but laugh and feel.

Bo Burnham is the most human entertainer out there. Love your stuff Bo, I'll take 10 more with you.
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