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  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Share Friday, June 11, 2010 at 6:24pm Q: WHAT IS THIS MOVIE ABOUT?

    A: Pulled between his strict Muslim upbringing by his father and the normal social life he's never had, Tariq Mahdi enters college in a state of confusion. New relationships with Muslims and non-Muslims alike challenge his already shaken ideals, and the estrangement with his mother and sister troubles him. With the help of new friends, family and mentors, he begins to find himself and open up to an Islam he hasn't been exposed to. But when the attacks of 9/11 happen without warning, he is forced to face his past and make the biggest decisions of his life.

    We're going to put a Trailer up as soon as we finish with the behind the scenes episodes of "Making MOOZ-lum" you can watch them here:

  • The misspelling of the word Muslim has to do with the misunderstanding of the faith. A large majority of the population either mispronounces the word by saying Muz-lum, Mooz-lum, etc. Given the current state of affairs in the media regarding Islam/Muslims being extremists/terrorists, etc, there's also a great deal of misunderstanding about the faith itself. Mispronunciation of the word Muslim as "Mooz-lum" is also often used in a derogatory context to refer to a follower of the religion.

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  • It will be coming out February 11, 2011 in the following cities: Atlanta | Chicago | Dallas | DC | Detroit | Houston | Los Angeles (Covina) | Los Angeles (Orange) | New York | Philly | San Francisco

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