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That Date...
Monte24 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Margaret Sterling (Elizabeth Rice) is in for a shock. As Roger Sterling (John Slattery) examines his daughter's wedding invitation, he exclaims "November Twenty-third." We get a split-second closeup of of the silvery parchment. The invitation bears the date of November 23., 1963. That places her wedding on the Saturday that John F. Kennedy will be assassinated.

I cannot help but wonder if the series will try to do a treatment of the assassination over an episode or two. It seems so outside the scope of the rest of the show. It seems to prefer interpersonal and stylistic themes over the historical. The series did, however, spend an episode on the night of the Kennedy versus Nixon election.
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Strangely Under-Rated
borowiecsminus8 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
According to the lovely users of IMDb, this is the sixth-worst episode of the show. Well, I'll agree it isn't one of the best, but just up to this point, it's not in the ten worst, and that rank can only get more favorable.

I'll grant people that this episode isn't particularly fast-paced, nor is it particularly exciting. But it's early season Mad Men. If every episode was a crisis, it would feel like the Season Endgames were nothing different. Openings, like in chess, need to take their sweet time to show the viewer how good things are while whispering "just you wait."

The high point of this episode is the writing, done by Cathryn Humpus and Matthew Weiner. The low point is the directing.
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Joan Harris thrilled me!!!
My brother gave me this third season...l though well let's see this show even been a second hand box...when l watched the first episode l found it very interesting mainly because the series is settled in the sixties, where the people used to smoke to much,women wants work and all those women's costumers very unique from that decade and the beauty Joan Harris who is woman's dream of the sixties with big breast and very very sexy...anyway this kind of environment thrilled me...this episode is low that previous but still good....let's see next one!!!
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