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Ridley Scott May Still Be Working On Alien: Covenant 2

Though Katherine Waterston hasn’t heard anything concrete about Alien: Covenant‘s rumored sequel, some new details have surfaced thanks to a recent report from Deadline. Allegedly, Ridley Scott is still in the process of developing a follow-up to 2017’s oft-maligned sci-fi prequel.

While evaluating the production assets involved in the Disney/Fox acquisition — which was completed earlier this week — Deadline wrote the following:

Ridley Scott’s Scott Free seems also a good bet to stay: beyond the next Aliens installment that he’s working on, Scott is expected to next direct Merlin, a live-action movie on the formative years of the wizard, for Disney.

It’s no secret that the British director has been extremely vocal about his desire to return to the iconic horror franchise, which he helped kickstart back in 1979. Not only does he have a plan in mind as to where he wants to take the series,
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Why the Arrowverse Needs to Defeat the Big Bad Once and For All

Dave Golder Mar 22, 2019

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad wolf? Not the writers of the Arrowverse. But is the Big Bad a plot device that’s had its day?

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

The Flash has a new showrunner next season, Eric Wallace. One thing foremost in his mind as he starts planning out the show’s sixth year will no doubt be, "What can we do that’s new and interesting with the Big Bad?"

Here’s a suggestion: don’t have one.

With Arrow coming to an end next year, it’s a perfect time to shake up the remainder of the pocket universe that bears its name. And one way that the remaining Arrowverse shows – The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow – could inject some new energy into their storytelling is to let go of their dogged reliance on that staple of fantasy TV series – the season-long baddie.
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Depraved Tackles the Frankenstein Myth at this Year's Wtf!? Film Festival

Larry Fessenden (Wendigo) is already moving onto his next project, after his work on Jenn Wexler's The Ranger (2018). His latest film is an adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, which was originally completed over 200 years ago. Depraved will have its World Premiere at the What the Fest!? Film Festival, in New York City. The film stars: Owen Campbell (Super Dark Times), Chloe Levine (The Ranger), Alex Breaux (Bushwick) and Joshua Leonard. Wexler and Joe Swanberg (V/H/S) are also producers on this film. Now, a teaser trailer is available for Depraved here, via Fessenden's Glass Eye Pix production house. Most should be familiar with the Frankenstein or the Prometheus myth by now. This time, Alex is walking alone after a fight with his girlfriend. He is stabbed in a random attack. When he awakes, he has become something or someone else. His body parts are stitched together, by a Ptsd suffering soldier.
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19 TV Characters Who Would Stab You In The Back

Traitors, betrayers, backstabbers -- they have reservations to dine with Judas and Brutus, but when it comes to TV they're a necessary evil. Their ability to pull the rug out from under our heroes is what keeps us glued to our screens. Finding out if they will reign supreme or finally be outwitted is what keeps coming back for more. 

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Why do they do it, we ask. Some times there are sympathetic or tragic motives. Others delight in being a card-carrying villain who brings chaos to the realm. Many do it for riches and power. Whatever the reason, all we can do is watch in awed horror as they commit one unspeakable deed after another.   

Traitors come disguised as all sorts of characters: saintly doctors, childhood friends, or grandmas raising a pack of kids all on their own.
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Shaw Was Still Alive and a Major Player in First Draft of Alien: Covenant

One of the biggest complaints Prometheus fans had about Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant was that Elizabeth Shaw (played by Noomi Rapace) was killed off before the movie even began. It was a surprise considering Prometheus set her up as a Ripley-esque character, someone we expected to be a common thread throughout the prequel series. All […] The post Shaw Was Still Alive and a Major Player in First Draft of Alien: Covenant appeared first on Dread Central.
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‘Adopt A Highway’: Ethan Hawke Shines, But Logan Marshall-Green’s Directorial Debut Is A Little Lost [SXSW Review]

As the guy who looks a little bit too much like Tom Hardy, actor Logan Marshall-Green (“Prometheus”) often suffer undue, unfair criticism from facetious, lazy writers (ourselves included; especially when what’s meant to be a dumb joke is taken too seriously) But after finally, and deservedly, breaking through with exciting style in 2018’s surprise smash hit “Upgrade,” he has proved his acting chops and has become a guy to keep an eye on.

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Noomi Rapace’s original role in Alien: Covenant detailed

After taking centre stage as the franchise’s lead in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus back in 2012, Noomi Rapace was originally set to continue exploring the story of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw in what eventually became Alien: Covenant.

However, Scott’s plans for the sequel changed and Rapace found herself relegated to the briefest of cameos and a quick appearance in an online prologue/short entitled The Crossing [watch it here], with her character killed off screen between movies.

Well, thanks to creature designer Carlos Huantes, we now have some insight into what was originally in store for Shaw in the first version of Covenant – a.k.a. Alien: Paradise Lost – with Huantes telling Hn Entertainment (via Collider):

“Prior to the black goo genocide, I know that in the script I had, the early script, there was the story between Shaw and David, and how and why David got reassembled. That story happens at
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Apple recruits Brie Larson for CIA drama series

After soaring into cinemas this weekend as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, actress Brie Larson has now signed on to produce and star in an as-yet-untitled CIA drama for Apple.

As revealed by THR, the series will be based on the real-life exploits of CIA operative Amaryllis Fox, as told in her upcoming memoir Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA.

Described as “a provocative and contemporary look at a young woman’s journey in the CIA, told through the prism of her closest relationships”, the project has received a straight-to-series order from Apple, which snapped up the rights following a competitive bidding war.

Megan Martin (Animal Kingdom) is set to write the script for the series, as well as executive producing with Larson, Michael Ellenberg (Prometheus) and Lynette Howell Taylor (A Star Is Born).

Oscar-winner Larson previously appeared on the small screen in Showtime’s United States of
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Denis Villeneuve’s Creature Designer on the ‘Arrival’ Alien Idea That Didn’t Make the Cut

Denis Villeneuve’s Creature Designer on the ‘Arrival’ Alien Idea That Didn’t Make the Cut
Moviegoers might not recognize the name Carlos Huante, but anyone familiar with the works of Denis Villeneuve most certainly loves his work. Huante is a creature designer who has worked on Villeneuve’s “Arrival” and “Blade Runner 2049,” plus countless other films such as “Star Trek Beyond,” “Prometheus,” and “Hellboy.” In a recent interview with Hn Entertainment, Huante confirms he’s already met with Villeneuve to talk “Dune.” But the most interesting thing about Huante’s interview are some tidbits on the work that went into creating the “Arrival” aliens.

The aliens in Villeneuve’s 2016 cerebral science-fiction movie “Arrival” are known as Heptapods. The film features two such creatures, nicknamed Abbott and Costello. The Heptapods look like a cross between a squid and a spider, but Huante said that wasn’t always the case. During the creature design development phase, Huante said he tried to push an abstract design of
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David S. Goyer Wanted His He-Man Movie to Be a Lord of the Rings Sized Epic

&#8232As you probably know by now, Sony has a new Masters of the Universe movie in the works. Screenwriter David S. Goyer was originally set to pen and helm the reboot, but then he had to drop out due to "other commitments." And today we have word that this might not have been the case. As is usual with this kind of deal, it looks like there's a bit more to the story.

Creature designer and former Ilm artist Carlos Huante recently spoke about his time working on the David S. Goyer version and said it was a more colorful and fantastical version of Lord of The Rings.

&#8232Specifically, Huante said this.

&#8232"When they called me to work on the film I was very happy... I worked on it for several weeks and the script that Goyer had, he was directing and he wrote the script, was great I actually thought it was really good,
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Creature designer reveals Noomi Rapace's original role in Alien: Covenant

  • JoBlo
Ridley Scott returned to the Alien franchise in 2012 with Prometheus, and although I certainly had my issues with the film, I did quite enjoy it and was looking forward to discovering just where Scott would be taking the sci-fi epic next. Prometheus concluded with Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and David (Michael Fassbender) taking off from the planet Lv-223 with the intention of reaching…
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Noomi Rapace’s Original Role in ‘Alien: Covenant’ Revealed

We now have some clarity on what was originally supposed to happen to Noomi Rapace’s character in the Prometheus sequel Alien: Covenant. Indeed, when Ridley Scott returned to the sci-fi genre to make the Alien prequel Prometheus, Rapace was the new face of the franchise, filling the shoes of Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley in a way. Prometheus ended with Rapace’s Shaw and the disembodied head of Michael Fassbender’s David heading off to find the home planet of the Engineers, but Scott’s version of what happened next changed wildly throughout development. In the finished version of …

The post Noomi Rapace’s Original Role in ‘Alien: Covenant’ Revealed appeared first on Collider.
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Cph:dox unveils 2019 competition line-ups including new Ai Weiwei refugee doc 'The Rest'

Cph:dox unveils 2019 competition line-ups including new Ai Weiwei refugee doc 'The Rest'
Ai Weiwei film is a companion piece to Human Flow.

Copenhagen-based documentary festival Cph:dox (March 20-31) has revealed its line-up of competition titles for 2019.

Notable world premieres include The Rest, the latest feature from Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei. His previous feature, refugee crisis doc Human Flow, premiered at Venice in 2017 and won multiple awards.

The Rest is a parallel work to Human Flow, again focusing on the refugee crisis, but this time in line with the voice and experience of an individual refugee. Edited down from 900 hours of footage, the film depicts those living in political limbo in Europe,
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Every Alien Movie in the Franchise, Ranked From Worst To Best

The Alien franchise is one of the least consistent in story and tone in Hollywood history – it jumps from director to director, planet to planet, character to character. The only reason it can get away with this is that it is essentially a series of movies about a species.

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So, as long as that species is in it – and even that element is played fast and loose, according to Prometheus – the movies can pretty much go anywhere they want. The Alien movies have dipped in and out of quality over the years, with both masterpieces and duds in the franchise’s timeline. So, here are the Alien Movies, ranked.
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'Russian Doll' review: This unusual Netflix series on death and depression is brilliant

NetflixThis edgy series about a woman who finds herself dying numerous times has several layers to it.Saraswati DatarWhat can be worse than dying on your birthday? Dying multiple times and knowing any minute could be your last, or not knowing how to escape the endless loop of inevitable deaths? These are just some of the dilemmas that Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) faces in the new Netflix original Russian Doll. Nadia is celebrating her 36th birthday with her friends when she decides to leave with a man named Mike (Jeremy Lowell Bobb) she meets at the party. Hours later, while looking for her missing cat Oatmeal, she is hit by a cab and lies dead on the road. Only she isn’t. She finds herself alive again, back in her friend’s bathroom at her birthday party. Thus begins a loop where Nadia finds herself dying in a series of unfortunate accidents,
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Rumor: 2 ‘Alien’ TV Series Are In The Works, One At Hulu

With Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox going through later this year, perhaps no franchise is at a greater crossroads than the “Aliens” series. Director Ridley Scott tried to revamp the series with his “Prometheus” trilogy, but the second installment of the series, “Alien: Covenant,” was essentially a huge disappointment, grossing less than 1979’s “Alien” and 1986’s “Aliens,” even when unadjusted for inflation ($74.2 million domestically).

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The Witch Arrives on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack Plus Blu-ray and Digital April 23rd

The critically acclaimed film, The Witch comes to 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack (Plus Blu-ray and Digital) on April 23 from Lionsgate. Relive the terrifying experience of witchcraft in this soon-to-be horror classic!

One of the most original horror films of the past decade has never looked so good as when The Witch arrives on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray and Digital) April 23 from Lionsgate. Directed by Robert Eggers, winner of Best Director at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, this supernatural horror tale stars Ralph Ineson, Katie Dickie, and up-and-coming star Anya Taylor-Joy in a “breakout performance”, and has been hailed by Indiewire as “the most exciting and genuinely horrifying American horror film since The Blair Witch Project.” Experience four times the resolution of Full HD with the 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack, which includes Dolby Vision®Hdr, bringing entertainment to life through ultra-vivid picture quality. When compared to a standard picture,
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Noomi Rapace to star in supernatural drama Lamb

Noomi Rapace is heading back to Scandinavia for her latest project, with Variety reporting that the Prometheus and Bright actress has signed on to lead the cast of the supernatural drama Lamb.

The film is being directed by Valdimar Jóhannsson from a script he has co-written with Icelandic author Sjón, and will follow “a childless couple, María (Rapace) and Ingvar, who are sheep farmers in Iceland. On Christmas Eve they find a newborn who is half human, half sheep. Longing for a child of their own they decide to keep the lamb-child and raise it as their own regardless of the consequences.”

“A script like this is rare and I directly felt that I had to do it,” said Rapace. “I’ve never done anything like this before and I can’t wait to sart filming and go back to my roots in Iceland.”

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James Cameron Teases Involvement In ‘Aliens’ Franchise & Possibly Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien 5’

In his promotion of “Alita: Battle Angel,” a movie he produced for Robert Rodriguez, James Cameron has been dropping lots of little nuggets about new franchises he’s cooking up. First up, the easiest one with the fewest details is word that Cameron could be trying to work his way back into the Aliens franchise. How will that work?

Read More: Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien 5’ Is Officially Dead After The Film’s Time “Has Come And Gone”

Well, for one, Ridley Scott had his shot with his two “Prometheus” films and while he promised three, maybe four films, but after the dismal performance of “Alien Covenant,” and Scott moving on to other projects (he’s shot one since and has since moved on to a “Gladiator” sequel), it appears his new ‘Alien’ world is dead.

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Noomi Rapace Boards Supernatural Drama ‘Lamb,’ Sold by New Europe (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Noomi Rapace Boards Supernatural Drama ‘Lamb,’ Sold by New Europe (Exclusive)
Noomi Rapace has boarded Valdimar Jóhannsson’s supernatural drama “Lamb,” which New Europe Film Sales is selling at Berlin’s European Film Market.

The pic marks Rapace’s return to Scandinavian moviemaking following Hollywood movies like Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus,” with Michael Fassbender, and David Ayer’s “Bright,” alongside Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

Lamb” is the story of a childless couple, María (Rapace) and Ingvar, who are sheep farmers in Iceland. On Christmas Eve they find a newborn who is half human, half sheep. Longing for a child of their own they decide to keep the lamb-child and raise it as their own regardless of the consequences.

Rapace said: “A script like this is rare and I directly felt that I had to do it. I’ve never done anything like this before
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