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(I) (2012)

Rafe Spall: Millburn



  • Janek : Just got a ping about one click west of you.

    Millburn : What do you mean "a ping"?

    Janek : Well, whatever that probe is picking up, it's not dead. It's reading a life form.

    Fifield : What?

    Millburn : Okay, what you mean, "a life form"?

    Fifield : Is it - Is it moving?

    Janek : No, I don't think so.

    Fifield : No, Captain, you're obviously not seeing what we're seeing down here. But if you were, you wouldn't be talking about a bloody ping, yeah?

    Janek : I know, boys. Your signal has been coming in sporadically since the storm hit.

    Fifield : That's no good to us down here, Captain! Is it - Is it moving? Are these things moving?

    Janek : No. No, it just disappeared, actually. Must be a glitch.

    Millburn : What do you mean, "a glitch"?

    Janek : All right, boys. Sleep tight. Try not to bugger each other.

    Millburn : Captain, what do you mean, "a glitch"?

    Fifield : Millburn. What does he mean? Wait. Now, he said - He said one click west, yeah?

    Millburn : Yeah.

    Fifield : Now, we... We don't want to check that out, do we, huh?

    Millburn : Shit, no.

    Fifield : Where are we gonna go?

    Millburn : East.

    Fifield : Yeah, east.

    Millburn : A fucking glitch, man. "Pings, glitch, life form." What the fuck?

  • Millburn : Is that tobacco? Is that tobacco in your respirator?

    Fifield : Yeah, sure.

    [takes a puff] 

    Fifield : Tobacco.

    Millburn : On the behalf of scientists everywhere, I am ashamed to count you amongst us, Fifield. Really.

  • Millburn : Cut it off! Cut it off!

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