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(I) (2012)

Sean Harris: Fifield



  • Charlie Holloway : These are images of archaeological digs from all over the earth.

    [pointing to different images] 

    Charlie Holloway : That's Egyptian, Mayan, Sumerian, Babylonian. That's Hawaiian at the end there and Mesopotamian. Now this one here is our most recent discovery, it's a thirty five thousand year old cave painting from the Isle of Skye in Scotland. These are ancient civilizations, they were separated by centuries, they shared no contact with one another, and yet...

    [he gathers the hologram images to line up and he goes through each one] 

    Charlie Holloway : The same pictogram, showing men worshipping giant beings pointing to the stars was discovered at every last one of them. The only galactic system that matched, was so far from Earth, that there's no way that these primitive ancient civilizations could have possibly known about it. But it just so happens, that system has a sun, a lot like ours. And based on our long range scans, there seemed to be a planet. Just one planet with the moon, capable of sustaining life, and we arrived there this morning.

    Fifield : So you're saying we're here because of a map you two kids found in a cave, is that right?

    Elizabeth Shaw : No.

    Charlie Holloway : Yeah. Um...

    Elizabeth Shaw : No. Not a map. An invitation.

    Fifield : From whom?

    Elizabeth Shaw : We call them Engineers.

    Fifield : Engineers? Do you mind, um, telling us what they engineered?

    Elizabeth Shaw : They engineered us.

    Fifield : Bullshit.

  • Janek : Just got a ping about one click west of you.

    Millburn : What do you mean "a ping"?

    Janek : Well, whatever that probe is picking up, it's not dead. It's reading a life form.

    Fifield : What?

    Millburn : Okay, what you mean, "a life form"?

    Fifield : Is it - Is it moving?

    Janek : No, I don't think so.

    Fifield : No, Captain, you're obviously not seeing what we're seeing down here. But if you were, you wouldn't be talking about a bloody ping, yeah?

    Janek : I know, boys. Your signal has been coming in sporadically since the storm hit.

    Fifield : That's no good to us down here, Captain! Is it - Is it moving? Are these things moving?

    Janek : No. No, it just disappeared, actually. Must be a glitch.

    Millburn : What do you mean, "a glitch"?

    Janek : All right, boys. Sleep tight. Try not to bugger each other.

    Millburn : Captain, what do you mean, "a glitch"?

    Fifield : Millburn. What does he mean? Wait. Now, he said - He said one click west, yeah?

    Millburn : Yeah.

    Fifield : Now, we... We don't want to check that out, do we, huh?

    Millburn : Shit, no.

    Fifield : Where are we gonna go?

    Millburn : East.

    Fifield : Yeah, east.

    Millburn : A fucking glitch, man. "Pings, glitch, life form." What the fuck?

  • Fifield : Look, I'm just a geologist. I like rocks. I LOVE... rocks. Though it's clear you two don't give a shit about rocks but what you do seem to care about is gigantic dead bodies. And though I don't really have anything to contribute in the gigantic DEAD BODY ARENA... I'm gonna go back to the ship. If you don't mind.

  • Fifield : Can you get a message to the scientist and that zealot girlfriend of his?

    Janek : Mmmm hmmm.

    Fifield : You got a pen nearby?

    Janek : Nope. Nope, think we got it.

    Fifield : Tell them I said #static interference# themselves.

    Janek : #Laughs#

    Fifield : Copy?

    Janek : Copy that. Alright boys, keep your head down and we'll come and get you in the morning.

  • Millburn : Is that tobacco? Is that tobacco in your respirator?

    Fifield : Yeah, sure.

    [takes a puff] 

    Fifield : Tobacco.

    Millburn : On the behalf of scientists everywhere, I am ashamed to count you amongst us, Fifield. Really.

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