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Still not there
Tweekums20 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
It seems like they have been about to land on Venus for the past couple of episodes and they still aren't there yet. This episode opens with Rollie in gaol after hitting the girl on a bike while drunk driving; he is eventually released when Goss pulls some strings but is disturbed by Goss's suggestion that he should carry on as if nothing had happened even though the girl is still in a coma. Meanwhile back on the Antares Paula is having a crisis of faith revealing that she first thought Beta was God for selecting her and showing her an hallucination of something she believed was a miracle, however after failing the lander tests she doesn't know what to believe and is forced to discuss matters with the ship's doctor. On a more light-hearted note Zoe is having difficulties deciding what her first words should be upon stepping onto Venus. Once again as well as current day events we see flashbacks of training where Jen is having difficulties coping in a sensory deprivation tank... while there is no doubt she will succeed in the end these scenes do show how she got together with Rollie.

Overall a fairly good episode although I admit to getting rather impatient for them to finally get down to Venus and find Gamma, with only two episodes left it doesn't look like they will get to spend much time down there.
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