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Big city girl and small town boy
MIssM1911 October 2021
This can be found as "Love on the road" but I watched it as "Making Something Great"

Abby (Cahill) has a tv show that does makeovers for restaurants. The network wants to change the format a bit so they send her to another state, most specifically to a tiny town called Lawrence, to this 50s diner called "Rocko's" owned by Tom (Hutch)

There isn't much to point out. These two have enough movies of this type, whether is Hallmark or not. Individually, they work. As a couple? I do believed there was a spark of chemistry but not enough scenes to fully develop it. I would have liked more funny moments or laughs.

This follows the typical formula, and that includes the ending. One of them hears something and misunderstands the situation, the other leaves town and we all know how it ends.

The ending, in my opinion, was waaay to perfect. They usually are super happy, but this was too much in my humble opinion. So, is it worth it? If you want to watch something sugary, go ahead, you'll like it. But there are probably better movies out there.
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Excellent rendition of the standard hallmark's formula
GalFromSheol15 June 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen many of hallmark's romantic movies with the identical story structure and hooks, this one contains all that but also somehow puts a much better spin on it and it's hard to articulate why.

I've seen the main actress in 3 other movies and I think this is a movie where she has the best chemistry with the male lead. Both of them deliver wonderfully in their respective roles.

It seems like this films pays a little bit more attention to the development of the side characters (main character's shooting partner, aunt/Bill romantic mini-subplot, scenes where main character drinks with her shooting partner while rehashing what has happened in the movie so far) added a bit of a kick to the movie in a way that makes it feel more alive than any of the hallmark movies I've seen so far while still hitting the usual amount of runtime (85 mins).

The sets were well made and didn't have the same on the nose theme or artificial arrangements that are usually so common in hallmark's movies. I'm not even gonna criticize the fact that it was very obvious that somebody scattered sheep feed on the road to film the scene, that's how much I liked the movie.

A film that lives up to its own title.

If you're a fan of hallmark movies, this is a must see. It's filmed by the same director who did 4 episodes of The Expanse (tv series).
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