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jotix1005 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Jonathan tries to talk to Suzanne about their separation. She doesn't want to discuss anything with him. At that point, he gets a phone call from a woman interested in securing his services. As it turns out, it is a woman who agrees to see the aspiring P.I. in a bar, after seeing his ad in Craigslist. They decide to meet at a bar. Jennifer, the would be client, wants Jonathan to investigate whether her boyfriend Gary is cheating on her. Jonathan is having white wine, trying not to complicate his resolution on drinking less.

His friend Ray has been having stomach problems. He asks Jonathan to accompany him to a colonic spa where he is supposed to go for a treatment. Little prepare Jonathan for what happens to Ray afterward. On the subway ride home, Ray feels an urgent need to find a bathroom to ease the sensation he is feeling. Luckily, they make it to their final destination.

Jonathan awaits for Gary outside his office. He follows this man as he goes shopping at a Duane Reade-type store, where he gets a few items while checking on Gary. The chase ends up as Gary is seen going into Saint Marks Church in the East Village. He asks what the event is all about, but no one tells him. As the session ends, he is shocked to see Gary and Suzanne emerging from the temple together. He follows them into a diner in the area where he confronts them. Suzanne confesses that Gary has been listening to her telling her situation with Jonathan! Jonathan goes to visit George Christopher. He is horrified when he discovers a big herpes sore on George's upper lip. George wants Jonathan to punch him in the mouth so that it would appear as though he was involved in a fight because he has an engagement at the Public Theater later that day. Jonathan, who is horrified he would have to use his bare hand when hitting his friend, is given the maid's gloves to do his thing. When they meet again, George shows Jonathan the NY Post gossip column where they talk about his bout with herpes.

"Bored to Death" is a welcome series from Jonathan Ames, whose persona is used for the main character in the show. The three principals are excellent and they impersonate people that anyone can identify with. This New York based series is shot on location, for the most part. Like all successful series, they follow a story line, in this case Jonathan's failure to control his drinking and his on and off relationship with Suzanne. This installment was directed by Alan Taylor.

Jason Schwartzman makes a great depressed Jonathan. Zach Galifianakis makes a good Ray and Ted Danson is an asset for any show. We also enjoyed Olivia Thirlby, who was seen as Leah in "Juno", a bright addition to this program. Kristin Wiig does well as Jennifer.
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