The Way (2010) Poster

(I) (2010)

Yorick van Wageningen: Joost



  • Joost : [Tom & Joost walk into town, Tom passing Sarah, seated, & Joost stops to introduce himself]  Hi. I'm Joost, from Amsterdam

    Sarah : Dutch, eh? Got any drugs?

    Joost : [shouts ahead to Tom]  I love this woman!

    Tom : It wears off quickly, I promise you

    Joost : [to Sarah]  What are you looking for?

    Sarah : Something to help me sleep. I've been having trouble, the last few weeks

    Joost : I have some Ambien... or perhaps you'd prefer something stronger?

    Sarah : [shouts ahead to Tom]  I love this man!

    Tom : It wears off quickly, I promise you

  • Joost : I tried to quit once. But then I thought, "Why?" My grandmother, she drank and she smoked her entire life, and she lived to be 103 years old. Now what does that tell you?

    Sarah : It tells me that everyone who is trying to quit something always has an ancient relative they use as an example of why not to quit.

    Joost : I suppose that make me into a cliché, then.

    Sarah : You said it.

  • Joost : What, you can do this on a bike? Why the hell are we walking? Oh that's ridiculous man.

  • Joost : Would you like to try some of this?

    [offering Jack, who has complained of writer's block, a hand-roll of marijuana, tobacco, hashish, or some combination thereof] 

    Joost : It's Turkish; I hear it's good for writer's block.

  • Joost : I bought same liquor. Orujo. It's from Galicia. It's made of eighteen different herbs, and so secret that has to be squeezed by blind monks.

  • Joost : I needed a new suit anyway.

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