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  • As the time that people flash forward to approaches most of the flashforwards seem that they are about to come true. Someone phones in a bomb threat to the FBI. As most people evacuate a group of gunmen disguised as bomb squad technicians slip into the building, don masks and begin hunting Mark. After disposing most of the gunmen, Mark realizes that another blackout is about to happen in a few minutes. He warns Wedeck who attempts to get the word out to everyone else. With a few seconds to go until the blackout Mark sees gunmen approaching his office. Determined to survive he leaps from his office window, attempting to reach a helicopter which is hovering nearby. In mid leap the blackout hits. We see fragments of images include a blanket which says "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015" and also a clear scene of a teenage girl, apparently Charlie Benford, telling an unseen person that they found her father and he's alive.

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