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Pretty good and getting better
Carlos Figuera12 November 2009
The writing was a bit weak at first, but it's getting much better. As for the actors, Jenna Elfman is an amazing comedic actress. She could read from the phone book or dictionary and make it sound funny. Jon Foster is also pretty darn good, his character is more quiet and laid back than Jenna's, which makes a great contrast. And the chemistry between them is terrific. Honestly, I enjoyed Jenna Elfman's other TV show, "Dharma and Greg," but there just weren't any sparks between her character and the guy who played her husband. But on "Accidentally on Purpose," you can almost feel the heat between Jenna Elfman and Jon Foster. The supporting characters can be a bit cartoon-like but maybe the writers will figure out what works for them. There is really some funny stuff going on here and I hope the show lasts. I don't want to see it replaced in the spring by yet another season of "Rules of Engagement." Please, NO!!
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Witty and funny romantic comedy that's sexy, and it's nice to see the bright and attractive Jenna Elfman return to TV!
Danny Blankenship20 October 2009
So far this new comedy "Accidentally on Purpose" is witty and funny and also it's nicely blended with romance and sexy appeal. Most of all it's nice to see the return of the cute and attractive Jenna Elfman to a TV series. I always liked Elfman from her "Dharma and Greg" days plus I've admired her sex appeal from certain film roles. Jenna plays Billie a mid to late 30's single woman who lives in the city by the bay San Francisco, CA. And Billie is a successful film movie review critic for a local newspaper however she's just broken up from her older and happens to be boss boyfriend James("Melrose Place's " Grant Show). So then Billie fishes the waters and she hooks with a young and hot boy toy Zack(Jon Foster) who's somewhat of a young slacker type she certainly robbed the cradle, however her pleasing night of unprotected passion leads to an unplanned pregnancy and strange roommate relationship with Zack. Along the way this relationship is challenging and trying as each are friends, yet they are exploring the fields with other people the jokes and one liners of this show may seem repetitive yet I find them witty and crude with sexual humor. As clearly the angles of sexual frustration is felt in Zack and Billie's relationship. And good supporting turns are given from Ashley Jensen as Billie's elegant and sexy female friend Oliva and it's funny and somewhat of a pain to watch Lennon Parham as Billie's comical and mentally challenged lonely sister Abby. Overall this show may not be a mainstay, still I like it as it's blended with enough sexy humor and wit to make any comedy fan watch. And it's a real treat for any Jenna fans to watch as it's nice to see the cute and attractive Elfman back working on TV.
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Love it!
ams198430 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This show is funny. It has (until now) a pretty straight forward plot, but that doesn't mean it's bad. The actors, especially Jenna Elfman is delivering a great performance just as we all know and love about her. I hadn't seen much of her since Dharma & Greg, but it's like she never left.

The supporting actors are a well balanced add to the show. The Scottish lady (Ashley Jensen) is hilarious and the loser friends of the guy fit this show like a glove. I first had my doubts about the guy (Jon Foster), especially considering Jenna Elfman, but after the second episode I think he has what it takes to make it work.

I do wonder if the show can grow into a regular, seeing the plot doesn't offer us much to go on at this time, but it definitely has great potential!
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Reasons why I liked the show
danad9228 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Amazingly even for me, I pretty much liked the show. It is really funny, due to the extraordinary plot and the starring actors. Jennna Elfman is wonderful as always and the supporting actors make a good play. Being in the role of a single 37-years old woman, pregnant with a much younger guy's child points out even more evidently Jenna's comic talent and makes her look glamorous on screen again.

Important to mention are the funny jokes and hilarious situations mixed with some real, serious occurrences like pregnancy, marriage and relationships. The show could easily relax everyone and remind him to always look on the bright side of life :)
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Might be too early for that, but so far it's great
audrulyte29 September 2009
Well, it might be a little bit too early to say that as all I've seen was pilot plus next episode, but I really loved the show. It's really a good comedy and delivers some pretty good jokes as well as I do love the main plot. Kind of usually we get this plot on how a girl meets a boy or vice versa and how they start moving towards some kind of relationship. And in this show we get a one night stand which leaves a much elder woman pregnant and a guy ready to step in for the role of father. So how does a relationship built on that works? So far it's been funny and really entertaining to watch. Hopefully the script will continue to deliver a good laugh and funny situations. So as so far it was a really good entertainment 10 out of 10.
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It isn't so bad!
Syl22 September 2009
Jenna Elfman can make this sitcom work if she has a great supporting cast. She plays an older woman about 37 who gets pregnant from a one night stand with a guy that she just met. She expects that he would go away but she was wrong. The father of her baby grew up without a father and doesn't want the same for the baby. Jenna's character has him move in with her platonic. We'll see what happens in the future with this show as it progresses. It's not as bad as it looks but Jenna Elfman is a great comedienne and she could pull this off. Her supporting cast isn't as memorable but they'll grow in time. I thought the show was okay for a pilot episode. It's not as bad as a lot of other sitcoms on the air. I am glad that CBS maintains the traditional sitcom with an audience and a set.
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Love it, probably a little ahead of it's time!
Samantha Cham9 December 2013
Billie is so Cute & real! Zack is so Hot! I love the show, but I've just watched them now. I think the material was probably too ahead of it's time in 2009. If this show was made this year. People in general will understand them more. The last few years TV have changed a lot. The plot is sweet the jokes are very funny. Sometimes little dark for general Mid Americans. I'm from New York, I love it! Too bad they only made 18 episodes. I do find the taste of TV or movies are not the same across USA. Which make sense when we all have different ways and standards of living! But I also find most shows are too dump for me to watch. LOL Especially reality shows.
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I think the entire show was an accident
thenar27 September 2009
I love Jenna and I had great hopes for this show, but it was tedious rather than funny. Jenna is a great talent and took the show "Because I wanted to make people laugh again." Unfortunately she got stupid material rather than clever humor, which she's so good at. The supporting actors seemed okay too. It was just bad material and the premise is a little thin to make an entire series about. Sure you could develop the human relationships, but I didn't really care about any of the characters...why would I go through the pain of getting to know them?

I blame first the network executives who seem to have not a clue with some of their choices. Then, the producers for poor decisions along the line. The problem is THEY thought this was funny. Figure that one one out! Ether that or they think we'd think it funny which is pure disrespect for the viewer...they must think were all idiots. I quickly removed it from my Tivo list.
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Who gives shows like these 10 stars?
merv-albert15 February 2010
Really? I just sat through CBS' Monday lineup and did not laugh once. I've peeked in on a few of these shows and have never been able to make it through any of them. Including the "#1" Two and a Half Men (don't get me started). This Show Accidentally on Purpose is terrible. The writing is awful. Listen people, plugging in a laugh track every 4 seconds does not mean it is funny. That is the main reason why laugh tracks are used, for the people that watch this garbage know when they are supposed to laugh. Awful. A half hour I will never get back. These actors may be good comedic actors, but nothing can make this material funny. This is common denominator comedy for mass consumption. It amazes me that these shows get so many viewers. Maybe it shouldn't.
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Decent show
MatthewLong2328 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I recently bought this show on DVD because I heard good things and I heard there was somewhat of a conclusion when it was cancelled. It's the story about Billie who is a 37 year old movie critic at a newspaper. She used to go out with her boss but left him, when he wouldn't propose to her. On a random night she meets Zack who is only 22 years old. They hook up several times and she finds out she is pregnant. Zack wants to be involved but she finds her lifestyle and his is extremely different. They somewhat like each other but she has a rule to not hook up with him. This show is kind of like the movie Knocked up in that 2 people who don't know each other well find themselves pregnant and try to make it work. It has some good laughs in it but I wouldn't call it a great show by any standard.
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Accidentally bad, or bad on purpose?
sixstring-123 September 2009
Oh dear... I've had so high expectations, and after having watched the pilot episode, I was so disappointed.

Not just because Jenna Elfman is not that fresh, bright, brilliant actress I fell in love with instantly after one episode of "Dharma And Greg"... but because the show brings absolutely nothing new, nothing fresh, nothing original.

Too bad, because this could be funny actually, if we would see it for the first time... But after about five hundred repetitions of the same situation, same joke, same phrases, seen hundreds of times in different sitcoms and movies in the past 10 or 20 years... it's just dull, boring and annoying.

Jenna Elfman - of course - is immensely charming and cute and still beautiful, but it's simply not enough. It's actually almost painful to watch her trying her best to save this sinking boat of a script, and she's not doing a bad job with it either, but she is simply unable to carry the show on her shoulders. The rest of the cast is not even worth mentioning, including Doug Savant, unfortunately.

All in all, less than mediocre script, unimaginative execution overall, very disappointing. I'm surprised if this show is going to live to see the end of the '09-'10 season.
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I tried. Can't watch anymore.
motorhead8502129 September 2009
I had high hopes for this show.

Jenna Elfman was great in Darma & Greg. She was even great in her two-parter 2 1/2 men.

This show is not funny. 95% of the time, this show is not funny. Not even close. It's like they thought all they had to do was plop down a Scottish accented-woman next to Jenna, and watch the highjinks unfurl.

I've watched 1 1/4 episodes. I won't be watching again.

BTW, The only saving grace to this show is Nicolas Wright as Davis. The guy was really funny in the 1st episode, fairly funny in the next. And that's the problem with "Accidentally on Purpose". he's the only person who says anything FUNNY. (And he's the only reason I gave this show 4 stars).
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It hurts to write this. It hurts worse to watch this show.
tmcdaniel119 October 2009
If some of the other reviewers are like me they did not relish giving this show such poor reviews. I think most of us know Jenna Elfman is capable (when in the right circumstances) of being a fine comic actor.

However, this thing is just ugly. These are the kind of people in town that I struggle to keep away from. Not that all my friend are perfect (or me) but, these people seem to lack redeeming qualities. If we see their good side, it is only for a moment before they lapse back into behavior that swerves between the pathetic and the vile.

The Jenna character seems entirely out of place as someone who is old enough to know better than to give the advice she does. Yet, she seems to delight in playing to the weaakest and most immature sides of her "friends" personalities. When she does this with her baby, he will likely grow up to be Andy Dick. Not the Funny Andy but the Creepy Andy.

This is an entirely different setting than D&G where everyone's flaws were drawn clearly yet, (nearly)everyone had something admirable about them (even if was by accident). Most of the people in AOP strike me as younger, slacker (and even more immature) versions of the D&G characters: Jane and Pete Cavanaugh. If they were your absolute favorites, maybe AOP is for you.

Have only been able to stand watching most of two episodes. The thing too often veers into creepiness due to the repellent characters and the howling bad writing. Painful.
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I can't believe it's NOT butter
throckmorton-215 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is almost the worst show I have ever seen, and I watch LOTS of television and have since the early 1960s. Gilligan's Island is deeper than this show, but without the almost non-stop sexual cliché' bad joke innuendos. Holy Crapfest Batman! Are these really good actors delivering unbelievably bad performances or really BAD Actors delivering really bad performances. It's just too hard to tell! I know the writers are Drunk on Boons Farm Apple wine because the jokes are old and stale like that stuff was back during the Nixon Presidency. What a waste of time, money and laugh track. I mean only a Laugh Track laughs at this , ahhh thing.

I am sorry to everyone for going so easy on this disaster of a show, but I guess I am in a relatively good mood in spite of having just watched the 15th episode which brings me to another, ahhh thing. Isn't 15 the cutoff for garbage in the TV sitcom World? I thought that after 15 shows you pull crap like this out by it's roots so it will never grow again.

I hope you guys at CBS find something decent like a Cop Show or Lawyer or Doctor Show to take it's place. There aren't enough CSI type shows on the air you know. Why not CSI, Lance Link style? You know, with Chimps doing all the acting and voice-over artists getting all the money. That would be a hoot! Actually that's a pretty good idea! Anywho, I really can't believe it's NOT butter because it's still on for some reason. Somehow I can envision everyone connected with this show pushing a shopping cart filled with empty Cans and Bottles to the local Grocery store for the deposit money because that's their only source of income in the future unless they learn and write something funny real soon!

The spoiler is that I mention this as a CBS Show. That sure spoiled it for me anyways!
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everybody nice but not enough laughs
SnoopyStyle19 August 2013
Billie (Jenna Elfman) is a 30something professional movie critic. Her co-worker Olivia (Ashley Jensen) is her best friend. She wanted more commitment causing her boss and boyfriend James (Grant Show) to dump her. While she's out drinking with Olivia and her safely-married sister Abby (Lennon Parham), she meets 20something Zack (Jon Foster) and his slacker friend Davis (Nicolas Wright). Billie and Zack have an one-night stand. She gets pregnant and he insists on being involved. He moves in.

Everybody is funny, likable, and pretty. The situation in this sitcom is a little awkward but still workable. However the writing is just not funny enough no matter how hard the actors try. I guess the sit is OK, but not enough com. Maybe they just need more slapstick. This got canceled after one season. It's probably as much as can be expected.
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Very good comedy
Stacey Ingram15 November 2011
I loved this series and I was so disappointed that it was cancelled. The bounce between Jenna Elfman and Jon Foster is pure magic, not to mention what the supporting cast brings. All in all this is a wonderful watch and you are likely to be disappointed when you reach the end of the series, the connection that is felt between the characters is very rare and few shows manage to acquire this. Practically everyone will enjoy this as the humour involved contains different aspects therefore everyone will fall in love with at least one if not all of the characters. I've watched the series over and over again and I'm still not bored, definitely worth the watch.
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Accidentally funny
vivatonal28 February 2010
I watched the first 5 minutes of the first show and was immediately turned off, which I literally did to the channel. I changed it! This show appears to be vaguely modeled on Dharma and Greg, which was funny, until the producers added a baby to the plot and ruined that show.

The acting is TERRIBLE. The writing is plain stupid, and the characters' delivery of the dialog is strained. I hear the actors' minds saying, "I'm trying so hard to be funny. I hope the audience thinks I am." I have forced myself to watch the show a couple more times. Was just a stupid as the first. The lady with the fake accent is retarded. The roommates are a waste of space and should be blacklisted, so they don't act on any other shows.

It appears my suffering will be over soon. I've seen ads for "Rules of Engagement" (which IS funny) in the same time slot as this idiotic "sitcom." I thought "What about Joan" was a bad as a sitcom can get. Congratulations for the producers of Accidentally on Purpose to prove me wrong!
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royaabdoly18 January 2010
one of worst i have ever seen. if it was not for its time slot it would have been cancelled long time ago. it is not funny and they are forcing the issue with corny laugh tracks. stop the show and let the poor woman have her baby may be she do a better job.the character have no feelings or funny things about them maybe for the boyfriends friend. the secretary is not funny and what is it now with all the shows that there must be somebody with British accent in them? and i this show the secretary is from Scotland, ha ha ha funny. most of the actings are bad except for miss elfman which i can say is the only good point in this sitcom.
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