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"X GAMES 3D" -- Adrenalin Junkies on Parade = [ In theaters for 1 WEEK starting 8-21-09 ]
jimchudnow-120 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
In 2006, I shot digital video of bikers riding down a long ramp & doing flip stunts in the air as they jumped over a canal in Amsterdam. I was reminded of that in seeing this limited-release film by ESPN which highlights that & other competitions at the 2008 summer X-Games XIV in Los Angeles. With documentary footage including some interviews, it shows how various athletes trained for the games & the actual competition in bikes, Moto-X, cars, skateboards & even a bit of the winter version with SHAUN WHITE on a snowboard. The guys (especially TRAVIS PASTRANA who's in the Rally X car race) readily admit that it's all about the ADRENALIN rush they get from what they do, as they eagerly push the "envelope" to see what humans can accomplish. As one says, you never want to come in "2nd".

They go thru grueling practices & frequent injuries trying to expand what can be done in their sports. You can see KYLE LOZA perform the never-before-done "Electric Doom" Moto-X stunt, which he said he needed to do to get money to help keep his home. The end highlights an incredible long-ramp Big Air jumping competition between world-class skateboarders BOB BURNQUIST, JAKE BROWN & DANNY WAY (all of whom deeply like & respect each other) & how they keep outdoing each other as they fight thru pains and (in the case of Way) broken bones to try to win.

Altho the 3-D was fairly "mild" & could've been used more effectively, it adds to the enjoyment of the fascinating & well-filmed footage. For some unknown reason, Disney is planning to release this for just 1 WEEK in theaters, so, if you're interested, don't procrastinate!
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X Games...save your money to put toward your next entry fee
Anniston27 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
We are a motocross family, so this is written from the point of view of someone who has watched X Games for years.

The 3D aspect is amazing. Nothing like a bar grip "coming off the screen" to start a movie! I am not a fan of the inflated price for a 3D attraction, but left happy to have paid it because if this was not a 3D film, I would have been bored.

I have to assume that the target audience is people who don't care to know what makes extreme sport athletes tick, and simply want to enjoy 3D viewing, containing amazing footage of a sport they can only imagine doing. Young boys will eat this up like Gogurt.

If that is all that is intended, they are slapping the sport in the face. This movie falls short in properly introducing the average Joe to a complicated, exhilarating sport that is has as much heart as it does action.

In the first minutes, Kyle Loza, looking more like a vampire than the Christian he is, delivers an awkward quote, to the effect of him not loving what he does, staring death in the face only to stay in the house he's in. Awkward timing for a negative tone-setting comment. I can't imagine a lay person hearing that and being compelled to squash any negative misconceptions about extreme athletes. A mainstream extreme sports movie should strive for that.

FMX fans will agree with the question, "Why no Nate Adams?" Sure we see a 360 by Nate, and his name can be read in digital in the Staples Center. But there is no direct mention of him or his achievements in the sport.

We are then afforded X Games Best Trick footage with Scott Murray. He is an amazing guy. While there are arguments within the FMX community whether the "one trick pony" deserved an X Games spot two years in a row, attempting to duplicate Pastrana's 2007 double back flip, the film misses a chance to give viewers a brief Murray bio. His story is unique to FMX and X Games.

Pastrana's double was shown, in all its glory. One of the best aspects of him landing it was his embrace with his mother, as he kept telling her he was sorry. Amazing footage…but not in the movie. Parents and spouses are not heard from. X Games athletes are asexual orphans, forced to lean solely on each other for support, aren't they? Present was Ricky Carmichael. Sure, he is worthy of his "G.O.A.T." moniker. However, it was not given to him due to accolades at X Games. His Motocross and Supercross stats are listed, and his venture into racing cars is talked about so fast, that even I, knowing the full story, was left thinking, "How the hell did we just transition to talking about him doing Step Up?" Make no mistake, I love RC doing Step Up. But, come on, this event does not deserve the minutes awarded to it in the film when BMX is absent.

Travis Pastrana was amply talked about, but, again, too much history omitted. I don't think there was enough about his legacy in X Games, nor was there proper appreciation paid to what he has done in his short 25 years on Earth. I guess the fascination lies in how soon he will kill himself instead of all he has accomplished.

A blatant omission is Sal Masekela, long time X Games host. He is an excitable mainstay of X Games, second only to the action itself. His presence in a movie about X games was limited to him hugging Wey. Uh, o.k.

Women's' Moto X was introduced in 2008. But one would not know that per the movie since the only female featured was Pastrana's rally side kick. Watching this, one has to listen closely to know that the X Games has any significant history and progression worth mentioning at all.

Lack of history and influential names in the sport getting a nod convince me that producers did not want to shell out much dough to have more athletes appear. Surprising since the footage was already shot (less interviews) and there was not much editing done to what originally aired on ESPN.

I felt cheated.
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X-Rated Action Scenes Boost "X-Games"
zardoz-1325 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The daredevils that derive their kicks from jockeying bicycles, dirt bikes, skateboards, snowboards, or hurtling their souped-up mini-cars around closed-course race tracks are thoroughly obsessed with X-treme sports. They rarely seem concerned about breaking bones as they strive to top themselves as well as the competition. Indeed, one sportsman says as he snaps on his helmet, "I gotta go try to kill myself." The trouble with director Steve Lawrence's big-screen ESPN documentary "X-Games 3-D" (**1/2 out of ****) is that only X-treme sports enthusiasts will have the patience to sit through 92 minutes of these harebrained heroics. While the visceral thrills of watching these guys perform audacious stunts on incredible courses has some appeal, it is the lensed in 3-D look that gives it its edge. Otherwise, "X-Games 3-D" qualifies as a synthesis of hero-worship and promotional video.

Scenarists Greg Jennings and Lawrence are more concerned with allotting each participant equal time that it never occurs to them to capitalize on the competition in the games. Instead, we have interviews dispersed throughout the documentary that basically say the same thing. Meanwhile, the catchy but execrable narration would send an English teacher into fits of apoplexy. Narrator Emilie Hirsch of "Speed Racer" must have been paid well to utter such absurdities as "he treats gravity like some people do evolution, as only a theory," or "the present is past; only the future has currency." Jennings and Lawrence provide only thumbnail sketches of the participants and they rattle of those inevitable sports clichés that do little more than scratch the surface.

Lawrence descended on the 2008 X-Games in Los Angeles and deployed ten 3-D camera crews to record some 50 hours of footage. When he doesn't lens the arena events, he cross-cuts to the training regimens of his athlete. "X-Games 3-D" has its share of ups and downs like the ramps on which the skateboarders and motorcyclists perform. When the athletes are in motion, this Disney distributed documentary generates enough momentum to keep your eyes glued on them. Otherwise, there are only fleeting moments—as ABC-TV "Wild World of Sports" used to say in the 1960s—of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Indeed, "X-Games 3-D" qualifies as a best of sports video. We never see the scoreboard that the contestants stare at after each competition. Moreover, we have no idea what the judges base their decisions on when they tabulate the numbers. Instead, Lawrence confines himself strictly to those contestants and doesn't get very far under their collective skins other than to show their fatalistic outlook.

Nevertheless, the dynamic photography is a definite plus. Sometimes, you feel like shrinking in your seat as you stare over the shoulders of the skateboarders before they plunge down steep ramps at harrowing speeds with nothing between them and the curved wooden surface of the course but gravity. Watching them leap one ramp to execute "360s" and even "520s" before touching down on another ramp is enjoyable. Sure, sometimes they land hard and lie there, but they always manage to regain their footing and limp off for another day.

The personalities in "X-Games 3-D" are pleasant enough. Nobody here behaves badly compared with the psychos in the infinitely superior 2005 documentary that Henry Alex Rubin & Dana Allen Shapiro made about paraplegic wheel chair soccer "Murderball," but then nobody here is as memorable as the "Murderball" personalities." Veteran skateboards Danny Way, 35, and Bob Burnquist, 32, look a mite long in the tooth to be doing this nonsense. Nevertheless, they perform with enviable skill and their gyrations as they soar aloft on their skateboards approaches poetry in the few moments that they defy gravity. Way jumped the Great Wall of China with a broken ankle. Twenty-two year old redheaded Shaun White alternates between skateboarding and snowboarding, while 29-year old Ricky Carmichael leaps his dirt bike 33 feet in the air over a barrier. Carmichael is casually referred to as 'GOAT' or Greatest of All Time when he performs. Travis Pastrana ranks as probably the most competitive of the bunch, struggling to complete double back flips at Moto X events on his motorcycle as well as entering Rally Car Racing. Pastrana is the craziest of them all, having broken his pelvis, back and knees, with in the words of Carmichael suffering from "too many concussions to remember." The 3-D technology and the gravity-defying stunts make "X-Games" worth watching, but the lulls between those stunts siphon off the movie's momentum. Happily, however, the action wraps up dramatically with some superlative skateboarding as Donnie Way crashes as he comes down on the ramp after a 360. The medics escort him off stage, and everybody agonizes over his absence. Miraculously, Way ignores his doctor's advice and hauls himself and his ailing foot back out to perform the 360 again and it is an impressive maneuver.
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great documentary great 3D
jaemiewaters3 February 2012
it is a great documentary and it is a great 3D movie if you like sport movies than this is the movie that you have been asking for it has all the things a movie needs X Games 3D The Movie is a hit if you like Tony Hawk he is in it and this movie is the real deal you just have to see this wonderful movie that everyone will be talking about that is how good this documentary really is and how ever doesn't like this movie give it a second chance because it is a awesome movie and you will really enjoy it it is a great 3D movie and it is a great PG movie this is the real deal go see this amazing movie today it is worth the money X Games 3D The Movie is something that you just have to see it to believe it now go cook some popcorn and watch one of the best 3D movies ever made you will enjoy this awesome movie it is the bomb it hits a home run and it is a knockout but you will like it and enjoy it it is something that you just have to see it is a money making movie have a great day
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Strictly for X-Games fans
Jackpollins22 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see X-Games 3D: The Movie as a big fan of both the X-Games and 3D. I, personally, was not disappointed. That's because I'm an X-Games fan. If you don't know the X-Games, or you don't like the X-Games, then this is not your movie. Also, if you like the X-Games, you will not be disappointed, but the 3D doesn't offer that much, and is a little head-ache inducing. It's extremely interesting for X-Games fans, though, and it's nice to see the X-Games not only on camera, but off camera. There's a lot of amazing stunts and interesting stories from Danny Way, Bob Burnquist, Travis Pastrana, Kyle Loza, Shaun White, and Ricky Carmichael. The movie is so interesting, but don't hold your breath waiting to see it, just be happy if you're able to see it in the one week run. It's a fun film with plenty of interesting stuff to offer, it's not gonna disappoint X-Games fans, it will hold their interest, but it won't be anything new or groundbreaking. It's a film you should see, and it will definitely be a great movie for X-Games fans, and X-Games fans should definitely check it out, but if you're not an avid X-Games fan like myself, it's simply not worth it, and you should probably avoid it, not at all costs, just try to avoid it.
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What does "one week only" mean?
skj-1922 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I checked the spoiler box only because this comment may spoil somebody's desire to see the movie. I interpret "one week only" as "Get as many people as possible into the theater before word-of-mouth kills this stinker." If I'm proud of my product I want to make it available to as many customers as I can, for as long as I can, so those who like it can tell the world how great it is. If the guy running the medicine show is telling the crowd they'd better buy the miracle elixir before it's all gone, I figure he's fixing to skip town before the outraged suckers send the sheriff after him. Maybe after this picture has been out for another day or two there will be pages of ecstatic paeans to its towering status as a classic of cinematic art. In that case I will stand corrected.
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its a GREAT Movie
xmountaindewmanx28 August 2009
I thought this movie was COOL. I don't even do any of the sports but i love watching the x games each summer and winter, if u like the x games u will love this movie. Its also in 3D. The movie shows every sport that is in the X games. This movies was very entertaining and the 3D made it even BETTER. I don't understand why people gave this movie such bad of review maybe its because they don't like action sports like that or something. I think Disney and ESPN made a wonderful and very entertaining movie for people. The movie was well done for sure. My only advice to is to go see this movie if u can because its great. Also, I think their will be a DVD of this movie but I'm not sure.
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