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MPAA Rated R for language and some sexual content

Sex & Nudity

  • A married man and and his mistress are laughing and "playing" sexually. the both have their underwear on. the man grabs the woman a few times and spanks her. there isn't anything truly sexual or explicit. it is implied that they are in a sexual relationship.
  • A man open's a box with a latex dress in it and holds it up and looks at it (it's presumably for his mistress).
  • A teenage boy gives a teenage girl a quick kiss as they sit on the beach. she runs off and he chases here. he gently tackles her and she explains they can't do this.
  • A woman is shown putting on her shorts/skirt. the camera follows up her leg and you see a glimpse of her panties.
  • The teenagers above briefly make out at a theme park.
  • A married man gives his mistress a necklace and puts it on her. He then gives her the latex dress he opened earlier. She then comes out in a robe and gives her son and his friend money to go to the pier. She leaves the bedroom door open and her son sees the man tied up to the bed. It clips to her laying on him and they kiss. Then he asks her to get up and untie him. She is wearing the latex outfit (shows some cleavage, but nothing else, no nudity). He leaves and the scene ends.
  • A cross dressing man is "arrested" after approaching another man on a park bench at night. The man then is seen without his wig in the next scene bargaining with another character.
  • A woman stuffs clothes in her pantihose. Her panties are seen.
  • A woman opens a "vibrating" box and pulls out a gold vibrator and holds it up to inspect it.
  • A teenage boy comes to a woman's house and it's unclear if he thinks they are going to have sex or if he's come for mission work.
  • A teenage boy is taken hostage, and made to take his clothes off to switch clothes with another. He's chest is seen, and he has a towel around his waist.

Violence & Gore

  • A boy talks about being bullied at school.
  • A boy's nose bleeds.
  • A teenage boy gently tackles a girl in the sand.
  • A man get's angry and slams a teenage boy into a cabinet and yells at him. The boy knees him in the crotch. The boy then grab's the mans gun and makes him kneel on the ground while they continue to argue. The boy leaves with the man's gun.
  • A man and wife argue and he slams some thing on the counter.
  • A police officer throws a teenage boy on the ground and punches him.
  • A boy shoots a gun and a sign of a man's face he doesn't like.
  • A man hits a boy in the head with a gun. He then threatens the boy with the gun.
  • A wife finds her husbands stash of pornography, and sex toys.
  • Two teenagers with guns rob a place. One of them gets shot by the police.
  • A woman puts a plastic "bag" over her head to try and kill herself. She is interrupted.
  • A teenager is held hostage, made to strip and tape a paper sack over his head.
  • A woman shoots a gun toward the police and several police shoot at her house. She is later shown on her floor with a blood spot on her chest from being hit by a bullet.


  • Foul language in scenes with arguing: F***, S***, etc...

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The female lead smokes cigarettes throughout the movie.
  • A group of people watch tv while drinking beer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • See violence and gore section.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • After getting married two teenagers kiss (while presumably naked), though are only seen from the shoulders up. They are then shown from the chest up taking a bath together. No "parts" are shown.

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