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all the clothing is brand new
A_Different_Drummer2 August 2022
There is low budget, and then there is ultra low budget. In ultra low budget you can avoid awkward wardrobe/continuity issues by stopping at the nearest TARGET on the way to filming and get everyone brand new duds. At the 20 minute mark we go to a really boring flashback. The reason flashbacks exist is to break up the exciting action scenes so the audience can catch its breath. Not to connect one boring segment to another. I could go on, but you get the point.
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Risk of the Job
nogodnomasters15 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
A jewelry store robbery goes bad, but they do get away with the diamonds. One of the robbers wants all the diamonds for himself, which turns out to be about everyone as the killing starts.

One of the robbers (Ryan M. Shaw) was used as a punching bag for no reason other than being annoying. Katie Keene provides eye candy. The plot and script was as bad as the acting. One you can avoid and not miss anything.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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We've seen worse, but not much worse
supermellowcali4 August 2022
Avoid! There's nothing new here, just old faces you recognize but can't think of their name because you never knew it. B action stars with slower action than ever, worse accents than ever (Luis!!! Why???), and more nonsensical story than ever. The impression I got was that the script came from a night of these guys of grasping for random story ideas to get some work and make some money over (cheap) beer, and one of them said he knows a guy that can spit out a script for them in a couple weeks. And they did, and it's ridiculable. Hopefully this is their last one.
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BandSAboutMovies5 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
A violent gang of crooks gets the word that after a botched heist that they must find and eliminate the man who betrayed them and stole the money.

Louis Mandylor plays Trent, the leader of the gang, Daniel Baldwin is the shady man known as Boothe and Gary Daniels -- yes, the direct to video action star! -- is as close to a hero -- well, maybe not -- as this movie gets as Alex, the wheel man upset that a diamond heist has ended up with dead innocent people.

Now the hot-headed Killian (Ryan M. Shaw), the injured Geoff (LeJon Woods), Alex, Zarina (Zhuzha Akova) and Hayden (Chris Torem) head to get their money, but things go even worse from there.

Directed by Mark Savage -- who made Painkiller last year -- from a script by Ben Demaree and a story by Jeff Miller, this movie takes its low budget and reminds you of the crime and martial arts movies we rented when we could still go to a physical store and get five movies for five dollars.

I'm all for more Gary Daniels. I've been a fan since Fist of the North Star.
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A Polished Turd
jmroberts703 August 2022
Just a couple minutes in, and I was already saying to myself, "Wow, this is a bad movie!" And 90 minutes later, nothing gave me reason to think otherwise.

This movie does have fantastic lighting, a well-composed dramatic soundtrack, flawless camera work, and excellent location for the shoot. And still, it is just polish on a turd. At the core, the story itself is just awful. Characters come and go with mere seconds of establishment so the audience cares for no one at all. I can't blame the actors outright but the performances were far from believable. Dialog was choppy and made little sense, even the editing left much to be desired in how the story flowed. Numerous continuity errors were just par for the course at that point. Even the fight scenes were reminiscent of old Jean Claude Van Dame movies with exaggerated, blocky movement that no one actually does. Alas, I watched it to the end to see if the fullness of this dreadful movie and it did not disappoint. I found very little redeeming value in this production. How it was funded and approved I'll never know. Don't waste your time.
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