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Christopher Mintz-Plasse: Ed



  • Charley Brewster : You read way too much Twilight.

    Ed Lee : That's fiction, okay. This is real. He's a real monster and he's not brooding, or lovesick, or noble. He's the fucking shark from Jaws. He kills, he feeds, and he doesn't stop until everybody around him is dead. And I seriously am so angry you think I read Twilight.

  • Charley Brewster : Wait a minute. You get deliveries this late?

    Peter Vincent : Yeah. Um, no. I don't know.

    Charley Brewster : Oh, shit. No. You said that guy could come in. That's a...

    Ed Lee : [interrupting]  That's an invitation, airhead.

  • Ed Lee : I really hate to be the one to tell you this, but that guy - your neighbor; yeah, he's a vampire, man.

    Charley Brewster : My neighbor?

    Ed Lee : Yeah.

    Charley Brewster : Next door?

    Ed Lee : Yeah.

    Charley Brewster : Jerry. I just met him.

    Ed Lee : Okay. Jerry.

    Charley Brewster : That is a terrible vampire name. Jerry?

    Ed Lee : I didn't name him, man. I'm just reporting the facts.

  • Ed Lee : You know Adam's missing, right?

    Charley Brewster : What do you mean Adam's missing?

    Ed Lee : I keep trying him. No texts, no phone calls, nothing. I don't know if you were paying attention to roll call, but he's not the only one that's gone.

  • Ed Lee : What the fuck happened to you? We were inseperable.

    Charley Brewster : Yeah, well you know when my life started to get better? When I stopped being friends with you.

  • Ed Lee : You want me to go tell your pals how well we really know each other? The LEGO contests, the Farscape conventions, the costumes?

    Charley Brewster : Please, stop.

    Ed Lee : Or how about that one time you took my Stretch Armstrong so you could tie it around your balls and jerk off for an hour?

  • Ed Lee : [to Charley]  Really, can we pretend for one minute that you're not a complete douchebag?

  • Ed Lee : [to Peter, over intercom]  Hey, are you enjoying your panic room, master of darkness? God, you are such a pussy. I love it!

  • Ed Lee : You know, I expected more of a fight from you, Brewster. Girl's made you lazy in the head. Pussy will do that.

  • Ed Lee : [to Mark]  Don't you have some sluts to go fuck?

  • Ed Lee : [after Charley grabs an axe]  Nice weapon there, Squid Boy!

  • Ed Lee : I am seriously so angry that you think I read 'Twilight'!

  • Charley Brewster : You read way too much Twilight.

    Ed Lee : Twilight? That's fiction! This thing is for real!

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